Wednesday, April 21, 2010


My taste is what I chose;

The sour, I was already prepared for
The sweet, my mouth watered for
The bitter, may not be what I planned for

Life brings the sour, have your sword battle ready
Sweetness isnt always steady
The bitter came unexpectedly, but you have been through worse already

Now your tastes have been defined
Chose to savor the tastes being refined
And learn the lessons being presented
Grow and learn what can be prevented
Outcomes are not always similar
Know your taste buds so that they are familar


25champ said...

This post applies to most of us. We bette get familiar with our taste otherwise we are bound to repeat the same eating habits.:) great post!

Brian Miller said...

nice...lot of truth in that taste and how we deal with them...

Rajlakshmi said...

well that makes me wonder what my actual taste is :) nice one

Indi said...

I look forward with tasty breath to your next word..... I taste the sweetness of your breast, tickle the senses through my tongue, taste your ever sexiness eat you, this is where we belong...



Paul Wynn said...

Jstar, your picture from the profile, you kind of look like Tina Fey! Learn what can be prevented .. I like that ..

Jannie Funster said...

I really like this!!

LOVE that line about having your battle sword ready -- brings to mind so many thoughts. Our battle swords could be kind thoughts and deeds. And probably are!!



Jannie Funster said...

Oh, cool blog design, never saw one like this. And I've seen a LOT of blog designs!! :)

luna12780 said...

I guess my comment didn't make it to your page. I really liked "Taste" and I think the words you speak are true. It's good insight for those who may not have thought about it yet. Really nice choice of words and topic. :)

Jingle said...

very sense making and it is beautifully written,
you shines!
what a taste of poetry!

Jingle said...

I am excited about your participation,
hope that you enjoy the fun!

in general,
for the first week,
you are encouraged to visit 12 participants from my list,
I saw your comments,
thus you are doing an awesome job!

Miss.Stefanie said...

This sure was a tasty post mi amor!

Meagan said...

Reminds me of the saying "leaves a bad taste in my mouth" Life's do's and don't, what taste do we choose?

Great Post,

Sakhi. said...

this was something new...n i loved it....thnx 4 commenting!!

1ManView said...

Don't forget the taste of the flesh, and the taste of ones soul...

Thanks for stopping in, and I do understand about your comments, but I do miss them... lol ...

Taste is the theme of my poetry this week... looks like we are on the same page...

Have a great week...

Mike Minzes said...

Well done!

Unknown said...

Very beautiful JStar.
I see a lot of improvement in your blog.Wonderful.
Happy Thursday!
Mine is here

Ana Goncalves said...

Very wise truths of different experiences of taste, in the journey we are in.

Beautifully expressed.

Wisdom will continue to pour as you flow.

Many blessings.

JStar said...

Champ-Yes, I made that mistake repeatedly, until I got tired of being sick and tired and defined and refined my taste

So true, Brian!

Thanks for stopping by Rajlakshmi, It took me years and years of mistakes to discover my taste….

Very sexy Indigo :)

Just slightly Paul, our noses and face shapes are different LOL@me having to google her…

Thanks for visiting my blog Jannie, stay as long as you want :) very true! But it can also help in fighting the battles of the world that we face on a regular basis. :) Thanks, I just close it because its purple….I found the layout on a blog site…

Luna, a pleasure to have you here! Thanks, I am glad that you enjoyed :) Stay tuned for more to come

Thanks, as always Ji! I am honored to be included in the Poet’s Rally!!! I have found sound talented writers via this rally!


Exactly Meagan!!!

Sakhii, your blog is such a pleasure :) Thanks soooo much for stopping by!

1manview, yea, I miss the erotica as well…Your poems bring vivid images!! Yea, I saw that our sense of taste is being presented in different ways :) *wink*

Thanks so much Realliveman! Always a pleasure to hear from you :)

Thanks Shakira, I am sharing my journey to growth with all those who will listen :)

Thanks Ana for stopping by! And giving me wonderful compliments! You all make me so honored, witnessing that “They really like me :)” LOL

sssdawna said...

I like this one : ) and your layout too