Monday, March 26, 2012


May God rest his soul, but Trayvons purpose was to change laws by being a martyr
For all of the other senseless murders and souls lost
I am reminded of my dear friend shot in the head in front of her 6 yr old daughter
An argument over ten dollars had a higher cost
And all of the other thousands that are never covered in the news
The lady I never knew but the gun shots and her screams still echo in my head
Hate and racism is bred, and society is our muse
It can happen to anyone, so please to allow that invincible attitude to have you mislead
It's hard to fear your daughters being raped and your sons being killed
Just by hanging with friends or going to the store
All we can do is pray over our kids and be confident in the lessons we instilled
As we send them out to learn the cruel lessons of this world as they explore
Tears drop and my heart breaks for every parent that has lost a child
For them my heart bleeds as I clutch my own
Words can't fully express all the feelings inside of emotions compiled
Just opening our front door is sending our kids out into the unknown

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

All I Need

My heart is already spoken for and taken
Yes, I am a flirt by nature but dont ever be mistaken

You truly have no chance
I am completely satisfied in my romance

In each moment, he takes my breath away
No temptation can ever lead me astray

He fulfills in places I didn’t know existed
Wondering why for decades I resisted

He has that power over me that no man can compare
It was always so much more than a casual affair

I have wanted him since I was a kid, so now I am holding on tight
With a future together within sight

My expectations he always exceeds
He is and always will be all I will ever need

Monday, March 19, 2012

Move on

You get on my damn nerves thinking you ran this
Now all you can do is sit back and reminisce

You tried to step up only after I stepped off
You took my kindness and thought I was soft

The thing is, I know my self-worth and love me
No sense in prolonging what's already clear to see

No, you don't get the satisfaction of one last time
You can't bribe me because I don't want you to spend another dime

I am tired of the texting and calling
Thinking for your tricks and lies I am falling

I have moved on and my happiness is killing you
Disregard the plans and schemes you are trying to construe

I am so over you, you just don't know
My standards for my man, your so below

Be lucky and grateful for the time you did have
But your tears and begging are so sad

This conversation has been permanently adjourned
Find someone else to harass and please move on

Wednesday, March 7, 2012


Hello All! I have been soooo busy lately! With work, and my poetry readings have been very consistant. ALSO I am a grandmother now :-) Haylee Lanae was born 2/29/12 and was 7 lbs and 5.6 oz She is the joy of my life. I have been asked not to post pics so I will post just two of her hands and feet. I so need to write. So much has been going on I havent written since my last post a little over a month agao.