Friday, April 30, 2010

His Voice-Friday's 55

Good Morning All!  TGIF!!!!!!!!  I just wrote this one for G-Man's Friday 55!  FYI- I added an awards page and picture page, the links are displayed at the top :)  I am sorry to inform you that I removed my "Sexual Healing" section of my poetry.  I have chosen to keep my erotic poetry private.  I have to keep some things personal :)  Have a blessed and wonderful weekend!

His voice makes my heart skip a beat
Sending chills from my head to my feet
My stomach fills with butterflies
Vibrations felt through my thighs
Senses alert
He is the whip cream to my dessert
Tasting his essence
Feeling his presence
His voice comforts my heart
His voice is assurance when we are apart

Thursday, April 29, 2010

His Battle

Good Morning All!  I just got finised writing this, inspiration came from a gospel song I heard driving to work this morning.  It spoke volumes to me with what I am dealing with.  Still learning to Let Go and Let God...It gets hard at times because of daily stresses and issues arrising.  But my faith carries me through.  Knowledge is key to your relationship with Him.  Just knowing the basics of what is pleasing to him is just not enough to sustain you.  Reading your bible is so important.  God speaks to us through His word.  Everything I read, speaks to my life and gives me guidance with whatever I am dealing with at that moment.  People say God doesnt reply back to their prayers, maybe you just arent listening...God gives us answers in the most unlikely way, we may not reconize because we are not familiar with His voice.  He sends confirmation but we ignore...Until we cant ignore anymore...Until He breaks us down and we have no one else to turn to.  Dont go to Him ONLY in your troubles, Praise Him for His blessings.  ALL blessings originate from HIM, give Him the glory!  Have a blessed and wonderful day!

His Battle

Let go and your joy will be complete
Dont just fall in defeat
Your troubles make you stronger
Dont hold onto the guilt any longer
Repent your sins
And your peace will begin
Never give up hope
Whatever it is, you CAN cope
Set your mind at ease
Dont question God's expertise
Stay in fear of His reign
Allow His glory to attain
And His knowledge to excite
Realize that its just not your battle to fight

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Thoughts-Guest Poet Tanaesha Leak

Here are a few of my daughters fresh poems written within the last two weeks that I thought I would share.  She does have my account passwords and log in info and does read your comments :)  Come on now and give my baby some confidence so maybe one day she will create her own blog....But other than my posting her poetry and my eyes, NO ONE else has EVER read her poetry...She refuses to share because she is very shy...So come on and tell my baby what you really think of her words :)


Cloudy night
Rain falling from the sky
Kinda dark outside
Lights set dim
All I can do is think of him
Bringing smiles to my face
Thoughts of him brightens up my day even then
He was the Prince to my Cinderella story
Cant remember one bad memory
Until the very end
Choas overthrowing my thoughts
Afraid to step foot to him again

Emotionally Confused Syndrome

I am emotionally confused
Is it my heart that is bruised
So many thoughts flowing through my head
Just want to fall asleep in my bed
Dodging the craziness ahead
But tears I will not shed
These issues are scaring me
Emotions that I dare not to see
To my confusion there is no key
Why wont these problems let me be
Can I put this to an end
Why to me it repeatidly sends
To my heart there is no kin
In my mind this is a trend
Having this Emotionally Confused Syndrome

Wait & See

Shallow days
Dark nights
Storming and raining
Hurting and crying
All over the world
But my heart I still depend on
To move me towards the light
The dark and storm I fear
But I shall move forward
Eventhough it feels like it
My life is not completely over
You have not totally crushed my heart
It still beats
I dont need you
Or your so called "love"
But still I cant wait to hate you
And break through these emotional changes
But now when I hear your name
I think to myself, "What a waste of time"
But when I see your face
My heart stops
What a shame
But even through my heart is torn
I will move on
And you will see
How much better of a person
I can be
Without you
And the next will heal
And put back together
What your love has broken
Just wait and see...

By Tanaesha Lashaye Leak

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Free Falling

Free Falling

Sick and tired of stressing
Constantly assessing
Damage already done
And all thats been left undone
Wondering how I am going to make it
Not understanding how the pieces are going to fit
Letting go
Even though the debts are still owed
Having faith that HE will provide
Closing my eyes and opening my arms wide
Feeling assurance in His calling
Letting completely go and free falling

Into God's loving arms...

Monday, April 26, 2010


Dedicated to Steph!  I KNOW you can make it through!  We are both going to get through, even if we have no idea how...


Scared not knowing
Not sure where I am going
Not sure how I am going to make it
Feelings as I want to quit
But know I cant allow myself to succumb
Knowing there is more I want to become
I just need to make it past this
Knowing I cant afford to remiss
I am learning how to wait
Attempting not to fall for the bait
Things are looking grim
Stepping out with faith as my limb
Knowing He is faithful and His words are true
Knowing He WILL carry me through

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Sugar Coated

Sugar Coated

Thoughts continuously flowing
In my head
Pouring out of my soul
Like sweet sugar coating my words
Sprinkling your heart
With purple rain drops
Comforting your spirit
Calming your doubts
Dismantling your fears
Your mind drifting
Into my world
Heeding my lessons
Feeling my passion
The heat rising from my veins
The steadiness of my heart beat
Compassion for my pains
My journey to inner happiness
Presenting my life through my words
Sugar coated



The pain and troubles have already been endured
Now you have grown and matured
Move on and wipe away your tears
Resist by overcoming your fears
Dont allow them to consume
Dont ignore the flowers bloom
Enjoy the beauty bestowed before you
Defy evil plans being construed
Stay in search of things that bring joy
And rebuke the things that destroy
Listen to that inner voice
Happiness is a choice

Wednesday, April 21, 2010


My taste is what I chose;

The sour, I was already prepared for
The sweet, my mouth watered for
The bitter, may not be what I planned for

Life brings the sour, have your sword battle ready
Sweetness isnt always steady
The bitter came unexpectedly, but you have been through worse already

Now your tastes have been defined
Chose to savor the tastes being refined
And learn the lessons being presented
Grow and learn what can be prevented
Outcomes are not always similar
Know your taste buds so that they are familar

Monday, April 19, 2010



All of my pain, released
No longer allowing past hurt to hold me back
Half of my responsibilities, released
No longer taking on other responsibilities as my obligation
My burdens, released
Not allowing others to bring me down with them
My hesitations, released
No longer wasting precious time second guessing
My doubt, released
My faith assures me
My worries, released
No longer stressing over the uncontrollable
My fear, released
Knowing God will carry me through
My self-consciouness, released
Walking with my head held high
My insecurities, released
Truly loving me in totality
Drama, released
Not allowing drama into my life any longer
Headaches, released
Previous stress not affecting today
Obligations from others, released
No longer taking on others responsibility
Heart-aches, released
Not allowing heart-ache to prevent future love
Disappointments, released
No longer allowing others to take my joy
Expectations, released
Giving it ALL to God, allowing His will to control

Friday, April 16, 2010



Within the Word, God provides comfort and peace
As an armor to make it through
Giving strength to maintain until your problems cease
Allow Him to use you
To assist others in their fight
Allow your testimony to provide confirmation
And comfort that everything will be alright
His Word gives us hope and inspiration
A law of His instructions to live by
Remain faithful and obedient
Inner strength He will supply
Your relationship with Him is the main ingredient
To peace and happiness
Take comfort in His assurance
And the knowing that He will bless
And provide endurance

Thursday, April 15, 2010



My world is flipping upside down
But I see the pieces of the puzzle falling into place
Listening to the sounds
Of your voice and recognizing your face
Leading me through the fires
Protecting me from harm
No longer living through desires
Not falling for the devils charm
Finding strength within
That I never felt before
You are the only one I can depend
To open closed doors
I never thought possible
Each day no matter the circumstance, I praise your name
And you show miracles that were once impossible
Now, my life will never be the same

Wednesday, April 14, 2010



I have learned a lot in my lifetime
And ready to learn more as I climb

I have literally been through hell and back
Constantly fighting away the devils attack

Each day as I pray for relief
I am learning to have confidence in my belief

That He will carry me when I cannot walk
Knowing that He will be my voice when I am unable to talk

Discovering the path that He is leading me toward
Opening doors that were once ignored

Exploring my own inner happiness
He completely fulfills leaving no room for emptiness

Giving God my everlasting trust
Allowing Him to correct the unjust

Tuesday, April 13, 2010



Your sorrows are forgotten but still remain
Currently not driving you insane

Deep within they are bleeding
Giving power while misleading

Intoxicating your inner thoughts
Leaving you completely distraught

Even more confused
Ego continues to bruise

Drink after drink
Mind and heart no longer in sync

Puffing and passing
Memories still harrasing

Too blasted to even care anymore
Feelings totally being ignored

Now able to sleep without nightmares
Victory declares

One more day concluded
Horros eluded

But still slowly eating at your flesh
New problems continue to manifest

Nothing to look forward to
To the bottom of the bottle you subdue

Awake and start the routine again
Now your sanity depends

On these chemicals you're using to set free
Still trashed with debris

Sobriety never again tasted
Lifeless life remains wasted

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Snowed In

Snowed In

Refridgerator stocked, awaiting the upcoming snow
Excitidely anticipating the beauty thats well known

As the snow flakes kissed my cheeks and landed on my nose
A cold shiver throught my body arose

Feeling as I did as a young child
Snowball fights reconciled

Sleigh riding until our fingers and toes were numb
Laughing at how wet and cold we had become

Childhood memories rediscovered
Cars and homes completely snow covered

Emerging winters peak
Snowed in for over a week

Feeling caged in
Boredum settling within

Now, awaiting this mess to melt
And summers shunshine again felt

Wednesday, April 7, 2010



Soft whispers in my ear
Ignoring the sounds that I hear

Heading in the direction I feel
Forgetting nightly to kneel

Stressing because nothing is going as planned
And I dont quite understand

Not happy with the person I became
But still I dont hear Him calling my name

Daily He makes His presence known
The inevitable postponed

Until we have no choice but to turn to Him
Bringing light to what was once dim

Overwhelming feelings
Of an inner healing

Letting go of personal expecatations
No longer worrying about complications

My path is now clear
Allowing His word to adhere

In His joy I rejoice
Reconizing His voice

PS:  I just took the pic above this morning in the bathroom at work playing with my camera phone :)  I took a bunch more but this is the only one that came to my email as of yet, the others are taking forever....

Monday, April 5, 2010

Do I Love You?-My Daughters Poetry

Do I Love You?

Do I love you?
I dont know
Do I love you?
I'm so confused
I have never been in love
So how would I know?
This feelin' I have for you
I cant explain and cant let go
No one else can come close
When I'm with you I get so quiet,
I dont even know why
Maybe its because you take my breathe away
The second I leave you,
I get so confused
When we seem to part and you are out of my sight
I start to miss you
When I talk to you on the phone,
Your voice makes me melt
The sad part is that officially your not even mine
But I could care less about them other girls
They mean nothing to me
I've known you for so long, almost all my life
I should be over this feelin' that I feel for you
But I'm not, it just gets stronger
And I am scared
I'm scared to open up to you
Cuz I'm scared to love
But most importantly I am scared to love you
And I dont know why
I know you told me you would never do me wrong
And thats what I am scared of
I am scared because I know you would never hurt me
That terrifies me
Do I love you?
I'm not sure
Do I love you?
I think I do
But now the question is how do I show you?
And what would you think?

Shadows of You

I sit and wait by the phone,
Day and night
Just to hear your special ringtone,
That I will never recieve
I miss your company
Can we atleast be friends?
Where is your sympathy?
Is it even there?

I still hear your voice in my head
As I sit and lay in my bed,
The same place where, before
Many messages from you were read
Shadows of you raoming around in my head

I dont want you back
I just want your friendship
Which is what we lack
Like we had before
I sometimes wish I could
Go back in the past
And make our relationship last
But until then
Shadows of you are roaming around in my head

By: Tanaesha Leak