Thursday, July 18, 2013

I am in love

I am in love with him
I can’t hide it
Can’t fight it
And surely can’t deny it
It’s truly no one’s business
To know any details
Of our love
It’s only between the both of us
Because what we have, marinates my soul
Makes my heart smile
Each moment I long for him
Lust for him
Desire to touch him
Can’t stand a moment without him
Miss him the second he leaves
Even when he just walks into another room
Not a moment goes by that he isn’t on my mind
He is my tunnel vision
The only man for me
The only man who can make me feel like this
The only man who can make me love like this
The only man who has me in totality
No other could compare
To the way he balances my equilibrium
And calms my spirit
He is the yin to my yang
My total opposite
The completion of my circle
The air in my lungs
The beating of my heart
The blood that flows through my veins
The muse of my poetry
The feelings of my emotion
The love I radiate
I am in love with him