Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Catch me live on air

Don't miss out! This show is going to be nice! And what a perfect platform from such an amazing poet!


These streets are taking our babies, dreams now hopeless and gone
New generations learned from the lessons we passed on
Still heartbroken over the robbing and killing over tennis shoes
The streets I see, don’t even make it to the news
But some mistakes you can’t come back from, we don’t have nine lives
Inexcusable acts of desperation are means to survive
But senseless acts of greed distorts minds
Mothers grieving for children who didn’t even make it out of school
Cruel intentions with fires fueled
Taking away futures no longer able to live
Misdeeds not able to ever forgive
Justice not always the conclusion
Retaliations are street justice delusions
To save our own life, we look the other way
While images of what we witnessed replay
Their screams haunt our dreams
While inside, our tears stream
It’s our way of life, all we know
In this society distorted minds only grow
Sirens become familiar and are disregarded
Shots leave the bloody pavement charred
Kids not expecting to make it into adulthood
Living for the moment, not caring about what could
Selfish behavior taking what doesn’t belong
Peers influencing what’s all wrong
Why have parents stopped trying
Morals no longer being enforced and applied
Single mothers struggling to provide
Leaving no time to guide
There are not enough mentors
To set examples and gives hopes to explore
This repeating cycle never ends
Only strengthens
Violence is never the answer
Just motivation for escalations enhancer
More roles models need to step up for our youth to mimic
If enough people cared, this wouldn’t have to be our epidemic

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Souls Joined

We were young and in love, but still didn’t have a clue
Our intentions and heart were always true
The love was so intense, and will always be
Life got hectic and we both made mistakes…Love was not a guarantee
That everything else would fall into place
These were feelings we never felt before… a love that can never again be replaced
We loved hard and fought harder, misunderstanding each other
We rushed into it all and was still learning one another
We didn’t know how to balance life and love
We took our frustrations out on each other instead of together rising above
We can’t dwell on what ifs or should haves
And cannot blame others for the mistakes made on our behalf
I believe everything in life happens for a reason
We learned what to do and not to do in our learning season
From day one we have always had an unexplainable bond
That will live on in this life and beyond
Our words even before spoken, we could translate
One thing we can never deny, we were true love at first sight…soul mates
I still feel you; sense your emotions even from afar
With memories of us, I still wish upon the evening stars
My only regret, is that love was not enough to persevere
Life just got out of control and with our plans interfered
I just wanted to let you know that I still often think of you
And you will always hold that special place in my heart, which belongs only to you
A love that is true never goes away
Our souls will be forever joined…now and always

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Empty Promises

Teardrops stain my pillowcase of what was but is now gone
The aching refuses to subside, there’s no reasons left to hang on
Unforgivable actions force me to leave
Happiness has been deceived
Lies replace truth’s intent
Love in this case, misrepresented
Empty promises, wasted time, dreamless dreams
Silent screams
No erasing mistakes and rewriting scripts, the damage has been done
But yet, the stars still shine and the morning guarantees the rising of the sun

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

My friend…my love

I had a crush the moment I laid eyes on you but always kept my distance
The way our hearts palpitated in our presence, secret desires denied existence
First and foremost we have always been dear friends
You are that one I trust and turn to, your advice I graciously depend
It is amazing to discover we both have hidden feelings
Taking things to the next level is now anxiously appealing
I value all that we are and never want anything to come between all that we have established
But just being next to you my doubts have been relinquished
Your words clutch my inner core as your voice awakens with secrets that encrypt
Inspirations plot our unscripted manuscript
Of yet to be told stories compiling with each feeling and thought
Taking our time to learn how to love one another as growth gradually allots
Uncontainable emotions make it harder and harder to resist our physical temptations
Our first kiss replays in my mind causing overwhelming head to toe tingling sensations
You’re warming embrace leave footprints that linger when you are no longer near
Dreams become reality as our visions form clear
Lost in the seas treading uncharted waters of the familiar but new in every way
Intimacy demonstrates all that our hearts want to convey
Even before penetrations enter the equation
Mutual respect outweighs our undeniable lust filled persuasion
Excitement rushes in and my stomach does turns and flips
The world around falls in darkness illuminating my beating heart into an eclipse
I am ready to put forth the effort even though there is no guarantee
Because to be in your arms is the only place I want to be
The only place I feel safe and free
To give all of me
My friend, my love
And all else thereof

Friday, February 1, 2013


Enlighten your mind to the realities hidden in plain sight that is there for the reading
Don’t give into the lies the government and society spew, its purpose is misleading

The history books only tell us the sugar coated falsies they want us to believe
As we know Christopher Columbus didn’t discover shit; he enslaved, killed, raped and thieved

But yet his misdeeds are celebrated as a national holiday
Wars of greed are the foundation our history and country was built on, the lies being fed to lead our minds astray

My forefathers disgust me; the inhumane acts leave me tearfully angry and speechless
And if slavery’s indescribable horrors weren’t enough, whites still continue to oppress

Who the hell told them they were better than all other races, scared of what they didn’t know and couldn’t comprehend they overtook and controlled
Thinking 40 acres and a mule could make up for all they did and unselfishly stole

Fast forward a hundred years and society hasn’t made much progress, racism still breeds
Assonating Abraham Lincoln, JFK, MLK and Malcolm X over the fight for equality eliminating their dreams as the pavement their blood still bleeds

Global warming causes these tsunamis’, tornados, hurricanes, earthquakes and flash floods that are happening so often we are unsuspecting of what the next natural disaster could be
Just like Atlantis one day California will be taken over by the sea

Revelations is coming to pass as we speak and we don't even recognize His words coming to life right in front of our eyes
We are too blinded by what they want us to see we don’t realize that right under our nose constructing plans devise

The government is not what you think it is, who is really pulling the strings may shock some
In today’s music we are being brainwashed with messages disguised by the beat of the drum

The secret society won’t be so secret coming on a scheduled day soon
The world will be ran under a familiar but new moon

Society disregards all that our Father has taught us; Proverbs rules of life are being exploited
And all that is right is being avoided

God gave no mercies to the blatant wickedness of Sodom and Gomorrah
He warned us that this time around there will be no Ark hand-built by Noah

There will be no preconceived knowledge of His coming
The evil this earth is plagued with is increasingly growing at a rapid pace and in God’s eyes displeasing and unbecoming

As it stands today are you truly ready for Judgment Day
In front of Him, you cannot explain all of your sins away

Praying for forgiveness without repenting is purposely defiant
The Basic Information Before Leaving Earth (BIBLE) is our only definite all that we should be reliant

Yes, it was written by man but you best believe it was Godly inspired
And these laid out instructions are what is required

Prepare yourself now and live everyday as you are intended
Read for yourself and apprehend

To have the “fear of God” is a promising reality and from his wrath meant to frighten
His Word is our guide and for all purposes to enlighten