Thursday, April 18, 2013

Poetry Month Haiku's

Our Place-16/30

Take me away to
Our special place just us two
With no one around

Let me love you-17/30

Lead me to your heart
Engulf me into your spirit
Let me love you all

I feel-18/30

The way I feel for
You, can’t be described with words
Only feelings felt deep

Tuesday, April 16, 2013


My heart is heavy
Innocent lives lost, unknown
Reasons plague my thoughts

Monday, April 15, 2013


Enjoy life today
Tomorrow may never come
Don’t live with regrets

Rain rain go away
You are making it hard to
Keep my eyes open

Love me-14/30
Love me with each breath
Feel me within you, embrace
Me into your soul


The rush of being on stage
With everyone focused on hearing what you have to say
Delivering a message, releasing your emotions
Over and over going through those motions
Showing your vulnerability, revealing the inner you
Still nervous each and every time, but the vibes get me through
Reliving those moments with each line you spit
To touch a heart makes it all worth it

Friday, April 12, 2013

Cliff Diving-10/30

I feel as if I am on the edge of the cliff, trying not to fall just yet
But my heart has a mind of its own and tends to forget
I hear echoes from a distance of love calling my name
Even though it’s not quite official; I am already yours and you are mine, I have proclaimed
We know what we are and what we feel
The passion between us is beyond surreal
You consume my thoughts and each second that passes I want you even more
There are so many things that with you I can’t wait to explore
Your calm and collective nature is very attractive
Around you each and every one of my senses are reactive
The way your mind flips and turns takes me on a ride
Trying to see life through your eyes leads my vision to open wide
The attention to detail you have with me retains my constant smile
Your balance and eclectic spirit resides in harmony and peace
A peace that calms me but yet causes the palpitations of my heart to increase
Your open mind knows my flaws but still wants me just as I am
Holding back my emotions for you is like my pinky pushing against the force of the Hoover Dam
My grasp is becoming weaker with each nanosecond that passes
Circling hearts only displaying as the steam fogs the glass
I feel as I am on the edge of the cliff, trying not to fall just yet
But my heart has a mind of its own and tends to forget

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Pussy Poets-9/30

You seduce unsuspecting women with each line you write
Each syllable you recite
Getting them caught up in your fairytale
As soon as they like or comment you go in on inbox and email
Then start stalking all of their pictures and notes
Trying to mesmerize her with tempting quotes
All the while, you are doing the same with all the others
Making them feel special one after another
Women of different circles and area codes
Because you don’t want your secret exposed
Posting suggestive pictures seeing how many fish in the sea take a bite
Leading her to believe that piece you just wrote was for her, lighting fires to ignite
Burning desires shared over late night phone calls
Day by day slowly breaking her guard down until she gives you her all
Travel arrangements made and the alluring visits seal the deal
Convincing her privacy with their relationship would be ideal
Covering your tracks so the other women don’t catch on
Making love to her body until the crack of dawn
Blind sighting her into loving you
But still baiting the next beautiful woman you plan to pursue
Continuing this vicious cycle of selfishness
With promises of love remised
When you are done with her
You create arguments and lies to defer
List reasons for why she isn’t the one for you
But keep her on reserve just in case you want to come back to
And hit that every once in awhile
Another crossed off on your list to compile
Breaking hearts just because you can
A sorry excuse for a man
And you know it
You are nothing more than just a lame ass pussy poet

I pray-8/30

You will not consume me
I refuse to let you be
The reason for my tears
My haunting fears
And allow my soul to take hold
Of the pain that has already stole
Years of smiles
Provoked depressions bile
Stop attempting to control
And swallow me whole
Memories torture and just won’t fade
I can no longer be afraid
I kneel down and pray
Please Father; take all of this pain away
Don’t allow a momentary relapse
Set the trap
For sadness to overwhelm
And hold me physically in that dark realm
I refuse to go back there
To every detail of the scars I bare
I want to forget and no longer relive
But how do I forgive

Cursed with beauty-7/30

I was always told how beautiful I was for as long as I can remember. But what my father did to me, made me wish I was ugly. The dirty looks from perverted men that haunted my youth and left a disgusting taste in my mouth. Men used and abused me over and over again. My father took innocence from me at 12, then by two grown men my virginity being stripped before I gave consent at 14. It became a cycle repeating two times after. But still I remained trustful until my trust was stolen for the last time. My view on men for years to come was stained by those selfish acts and continued the cycle of pain. All I knew was torture so I numbed my feelings and caged my love while self torture was my form of killing the pain. I have always been told that I have a magnetism that attracts men; I guess that was the same magnetism that grown men couldn’t keep away from a small loving little girl. Disregarding my innocence for their perverted desires those looks I can never forget. I still feel their thoughts when men approach me or look at me like I am a piece of meat. It doesn’t make me feel beautiful at all. This is why I have had trouble with self esteem my entire life. Others see me as beautiful but I view me as tainted and feel like being beautiful has been a curse for me.

Regardless, I still love you-6/30

I still love you wholeheartedly
Still miss the good times we shared
But the bad memories you left me with still haunt
I miss what you were supposed to be
All that you were supposed to teach
But the lessons I learned still trouble me
Caused relationship problems for decades after
I often think of looking for you just to ask why
Or just forgetting the past
I still need you regardless
Need all that you should be to me
Without you, my life feels incomplete
Even though I just can’t forget
I still love you Daddy

Friday, April 5, 2013

I'm just saying-5/30

I know the exact moment that you started to look in her direction
Even when you tried to fake it, I felt the disconnection
I understand you were trying to make the right decision
Finding the fit for you that you envisioned
I am not at all mad at that, I just wish I was made aware
The truth I could have bared
Especially when I specifically inquired
Instead I grieved over emotions that for you expired
Maybe you were trying to spare my feelings
I know I got caught up too soon in our dealings
But you gave up too easily, went running over issues that could have
been resolved
I just wish I knew your feelings for me had already dissolved
The issues that you expressed with me
You didn’t have an issue with her doing the same for all to see
What’s done in the dark always comes to light
Momentarily my vision was blurred but I have regained my sight
My gut told me the truth, without your confessions I already knew
I wish you and her nothing but the best and hope that she is the one for you
I let you go some time ago because it was what was best for me
And was upfront and honest when I found the one who gave me futures I
could foresee
I just wish you could have done the same
And wouldn’t have passed me all the blame
Instead of truths delaying
I am more than happy for you, I am just saying

Thursday, April 4, 2013

That Place-4/30

I just want to get away and go to my special place
Along the water with the breezes brushing my face
That place where I am unable to be disturbed
Phone powered off to prevent any distractions
With my only companions being my notebook and pen
Clearing my mind from all stresses and troubles
Getting lost in my thoughts
Releasing all that has built up inside
To scream, cry, laugh and smile from the inside out
Without advice, opinions or judgments
Even when I have to leave this physical place
I want to take the memories within me
And relive this place whenever needed
Being free to reach into the depths of my soul
Writing out my ideas and inspirations
Just writing whatever I feel
Always writing
From that place

Wednesday, April 3, 2013


Blinded by the facade of you obscured my view
Only showing me what you wanted me to see
Going above and beyond to make my love respond
Persistently pursuing while chasing others undecided in choosing
Reaping the benefits of a relationship while faking companionship
Giving me what I need all the while your lies continued to mislead
If you didn’t truly love me, why did you pretend to love me
I would have respected the truth and my heart protected
You can’t play with emotions and misdirect devotion
Selfish desires can backfire
When you finally realized you needed me, I uncovered your disguise
Saw straight through your falsies leaving my heart displeased
Now you want another chance, on bended knee thinking a ring could enhance
And make me forget the pain of loving you in vain
But the thing is that I love me more and refuse to be hurt anymore
So now I must go and heal, and patiently wait for the one who is real

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Take my hand-2/30

Take my hand and show me the way
Lead me to the depths that take me straight to your heart
Let me explore the cultivations of your minds mechanics
Take a journey through you
Stroll in and out your subconscious
So that I can better understand what makes you tick
The cause of your happiness
The rays of your light
To feel your sadness
Discover what sends you over the edge
Definitions of your anger
Each element that defines you
Leave no stone unturned
I want to know all of you
And love you for who you truly are
With no misperceptions
No clouded visions
That love can shadow
Not interested in your representative
Or any shaded versions of the truth
No one is perfect, I get that
But I want to love your imperfections
And adore that glimmer in your eyes
Melt every time you lick your lips
Be there to pick you up when you stumble
Shelter you from the rain
Become the one you turn to at first thought
You’re Bonnie to my Clyde
The one who will always be at your side
So, take my hand
And I will follow

Monday, April 1, 2013

Distractions- 1/30

I sit in darkness, reminded of my troubles
Distracted by worry; feeling doubts in doubles
Disconnection notices piling up, switches flicker flames into silence
Drowning sorrows with each swig of the strongest liquor; momentarily forgetting its existence
Forced to take in the storms remnants, feeling every strand run through my fingers unable to grasp onto reality
Discontentment scribed in the creases of my frown, tears flow through the eyes of irrationality
Hopes drift softly with the breeze above my head landing on an unreachable branch
Nerves unease by breached obligations of a friendly stance
Gathering my thoughts, rechecking my expectations, whipping away all that is disappointing
Lying prostrate begging my Father for favor through his anointing