Friday, April 5, 2013

I'm just saying-5/30

I know the exact moment that you started to look in her direction
Even when you tried to fake it, I felt the disconnection
I understand you were trying to make the right decision
Finding the fit for you that you envisioned
I am not at all mad at that, I just wish I was made aware
The truth I could have bared
Especially when I specifically inquired
Instead I grieved over emotions that for you expired
Maybe you were trying to spare my feelings
I know I got caught up too soon in our dealings
But you gave up too easily, went running over issues that could have
been resolved
I just wish I knew your feelings for me had already dissolved
The issues that you expressed with me
You didn’t have an issue with her doing the same for all to see
What’s done in the dark always comes to light
Momentarily my vision was blurred but I have regained my sight
My gut told me the truth, without your confessions I already knew
I wish you and her nothing but the best and hope that she is the one for you
I let you go some time ago because it was what was best for me
And was upfront and honest when I found the one who gave me futures I
could foresee
I just wish you could have done the same
And wouldn’t have passed me all the blame
Instead of truths delaying
I am more than happy for you, I am just saying

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Reggie said...

I can feel the anguish in this, nice post.