Thursday, June 12, 2008


Why do I love you so much
Why do I crave your touch

I know you love me, but not the way you love her
It’s the love I feel from you, that continues to lure

Me back in
Time & time again

I know that I can love you better than anyone can
I was scared in the past and ran

But we always come back to eachother

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I refuse to be number two
No matter how much I love you

Even though I know your heart belongs to me
That I clearly see
But your obligations to her take precedence over me

Until our love can be shared openly
We cannot be…

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A Woman's Beauty

The beauty of a woman
Is not determined by a man
Her beauty can be found in her grace
Not just the beauty of her face
It can be found in her style
It can also be found in her smile
Her beauty is in her thoughts
Not just what she has been taught
It can also be found in her soul
It cannot go untold
Her beauty is within her
She does not need to lure
Anyone, because her presence
It is her whole essence
A woman’s beauty is in her heart
Her beauty is her art

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I feel so alone
Empty, feeling no love shown

Having trouble maintaining
Disappointments leaving stains

I feel like a hollow shell
My heart has too many stories to tell

I am tired of the pain
Hard to remain sane

Not knowing which way to turn
No one else is even concerned

Tired of hurting
Tired of love always deserting

Can’t take the lies anymore
Not sure what my future has in store

Now hurt is all my heart can fear
When will my loneliness disappear

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All My Love

Baby, you hold the love from my heart within your hands
Day by day, and minute by minute; my love for you continuously expands

We have been through more than most could bear
This goes above and beyond any casual affair

I could never imagine, life without you
Pursing the depths of our love that is ever so true

We have an undeniable addiction to each other
It’s unexplainable the love that we share for one another

Your love comforts ever fiber of my being
Its only unconditional happiness for us; that has been foreseen

To you, I commit all of the love inside me
With monogamy forever & always guaranteed

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Always Love You

You gave me your heart, and I gave you mine
We were willing to allow our love to stand the test of time

Our entire relationship was like no other
You will always be my best lover

The intensity of our love will always consume me
I will never understand why we cannot be

My love for you will always be true
My heart will always belong to you

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Are you really ready?

You say you are ready for my love,
But are you really?

Are you ready for the intensity of my love,
Are you really?

Are you even sure what that entails?

You say you are ready for my love to the fullest

I guess only time will tell
My love is and will always me real
I will always tell you how I feel

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Betrayal is the worst feeling
Secrets are now revealing

Deception is unforgivable
You have made life unlivable

The proof is undeniable
You have proved you are unreliable

Stop running the game
You’ve been caught, there is only you to blame

Promises broken
Truths unspoken

I don’t even know who you really are
All I see is a liar

A cheater, a deceiver
Not the once successful achiever

I was fooled into believing
Now I am grieving

Heart broken and torn
Stuck in the heart with your thorns

Something I thought was beautiful
Turn out to the most harmful

What happened to our happy home
Now I am hurt and all alone

Why did you have to lie
Then try to deny

Why did you waste my time
Feeding me all those lines

Why did you have to cause me all this pain
Just because you wanted to do your thing

Why not be straight up and tell it like it is
You dont have all the answers to the quiz

Now it has caught up to you
There is nothing you can say or do
I am through with you

I am tired of you
Everything that comes out of your mouth is untrue

I can never forgive or forget
Meeting you is one of my biggest regrets

Get out and don’t come back
Before I cant take it no more and attack

Now I can see clear and see a different portrayal
You have left me with the worst betrayal

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He was someone I was supposed to look up to
Now, someone I wish I never knew

Someone I was supposed to trust
Personal recovery is a must

Someone that was supposed to teach me how to be an adult
I felt as if I were at fault

What has been done has scarred me for life
Now, apologies will never suffice

You took a piece of my soul each time you hurt me
This burden on my heart I just can’t set free

You were supposed to be Daddy…

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Catch Me

Not quite sure how, I feel these feelings I am feeling
This wasn’t supposed to happen
Due to past dealings
Didn’t think I had it in me
And allow someone in so close to me
Been hurt too many times
Not trying to fall blind
Have no control over how my heart feels
Willing to chance it, to see if its REAL
Whats love if it is never felt at all
Just know I will always be here,
Giving my all

Are you there to catch me if I fall???

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Things have gotten a little rough
But it has only made us tough

Nothing can separate us
We have a genuine love

Things are not always easy
Actions haven’t always been pleasing

Things have been said and done
All we can do is move on

Put the past behind us and focus on our future
Our spiritual growth we nurture

We are in this together
Things will get better

Only if we work with each other
And not against the other

I am here for you, you are never alone
Through all of this we have grown

With the help of God, we can do this
He is the route to all happiness

He will guide us in the right direction
Just as long as we follow his lead and don’t give into the devil’s deceptions

The love we share is a true blessing
Now it is our turn to take control of our destiny

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Not sure what I want
State of confusion haunts
Not sure which way I should turn
Is this a lesson to be learned
What is it that I am searching for
I am not quite sure
I just know that I haven’t found a solution
Is there a possible resolution
At times I just want to scream
Wishing this was just a dream
But that wouldn’t help
This stress is compromising my health
Why do I let things get to me
Why do I let it affect me relentlessly
What would be the best
For me, when will it come together so I can rest
So now I contemplate
Hoping the choice I make wont be a mistake
Not having a clue
Confused and not sure what to do

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Life for me has completely changed
By choice, all the men in my life are now estranged

Was tired of being the one giving
Always the one forgiving

Removing all possibilities off the shelf
I am so much happier by myself

I am learning how to live my life alone
Living life for me and taking care of my own

It was time to break out of that same routine
Looks like I am back out on this dating scene

Meeting different people, enjoying what life has in store
Happiness to the fullest is the road I want to explore

I am the only one who can make me truly happy inside
Unable to share the love within so I keep it confided

Maybe one day I will find someone who is worth my time
He would have to keep up as I continue climb

Right now my life is in my control
To strengthen only my soul

Not looking back but learning from past mistakes
Setting goals and raising the stakes

No more drama left to exchange
My life was due this drastic change

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Caught Up

I know I am not ready for commitment
I still hold in my heart a lot of resentment

From past events
Had me doubting what love represents

I was not looking for anything serious
Because love can make you delirious, angry and oh so furious

But, across the smoke-filled room there you were
I had no clue what was about to occur

The attraction was undeniable
Even though you’re true intentions were unverifiable

Now that time is being spent
Feelings getting caught up without minds consent

Trying hard to pull my heart back
Cannot allow myself to get off track

Enjoying every second of your presence
Caught up in the moment disregarding future consequence

Leaving heart and mind torn
Trying to prevent being scorned

Too scared to put myself out there
Fearful of being left in despair

But these feelings inside grow more intense
Weakening my defense

Now my heart is stuck
Trying hard not to get caught up

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Done with the Lies

Nothing is as it seems
What happened to our plans and dreams

Were they all just a front
To get what you want

What did you think I was ignorant
And would put up with it

Sorry to tell you
That I am smarter and wiser and could see the truth

For what it really was
You thought I would stay just because

You put it on me
You thought I wouldn’t see

Even though you had me fooled for a moment
I could see past your false commitment

Even though you feed me that fairy tale
The truth prevailed

Had me forgetting who I really am
And made me feed into your scam

Putting me down like I was no one
Had me forgetting I was someone

Someone with class
I was someone you could harass

But I regained my true self
And stopped compromising my health

I don’t need anything you have to offer
Now it is my book and I am the author

My story to tell
My chance to excel

I am done with the lies
Stop trying to deny
It is my time to say goodbye

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Do you really know me?

Do you really know me the way you think you do
I don’t think so
Because if you did then your perceptions of me would be more accurate
Instead of being so off base as they are
Makes me wonder what you really think of me
If you can even conceive the thought of my intentions being as such
Like it is even in my nature to do something to purposely hurt you or what we have
Yes at times stress and frustration can make you do and say things that you would not normally say or do
But I am not an evil, conniving or a deceiving person
That just is not in my nature
I would think you of all people would know that but I see that you don’t
I guess that you could never ever really understand me
Understand my thoughts and reasons behind my words and actions
But I guess that since you could never walk in my shoes you can never know
All you have is what you think in your head to be true
But I refuse to admit to something that is not the truth
My life experiences has made me the person that I am today
And since we were raised so totally opposite of each other
There is no possible way you could truly understand me
And what lives inside of me
I try to be upfront and explain my feelings and reasons
But for some reason you do not believe me
Like I would have any reason to lie to you in anyway
I don’t and I would have never married someone that I could not be open with
Someone who I can be me around no matter what
You are the man I chose as my life long partner
I try my best to explain my motives but for some reason you still misperceive
I understand that you have been mistreated many times
But what you fail to realize is I am not anyone that you have ever dealt with before
I think that you hold me accountable for everyone’s mistakes
I do not think that is fair
As much as I have tried to explain you still just don’t really get me
Guess there is not much else to do after I have already spoke from my heart
But I guess you already had your mind made up before you even consulted with me
I guess that two people can never read what is in the others mind and heart
That we only go on what we think but I see we never really know
We only know what we allow ourselves to believe
I am the only one who can know what flows through my veins
What makes my heart beat
What allows air to flow through my lungs
What feelings I feel
What thoughts I think
What makes me whole

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Awakening alone to an empty bed
No more of you’re loving kisses instead

Your belongings are not here anymore
Your clothes are not over in dresser drawer

Your chair looks as if you never sat there
The scent of your cologne no longer fills the air

No more memories to make
Now my heart is in constant heart ache

My love for you still lives within
Moving on, I don’t know where to begin

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Emotional Suicide

Is the only suitable thing for my mood

Nothing against you
There is nothing you can do

This is something that I have to deal with myself
No one else can help

No one can take away the pain
That I battle within, it rains

Constantly, it is hard to control
Not sure what will unfold

I don’t really know how to handle these emotions
I feel as if I am being sucked up by the ocean

It is hard to decipher through these feelings
I cannot explain what I am dealing with

Just understand that nothing is directed towards you
I am struggling to construe

I have declared combat within
Didn’t mean to throw you in the spin

Please do not take offense
Because it seems I am on the defense

But the warfare is being fought
Within me, and has gotten me all distraught

This was not meant to hit you first hand
I hope you can understand

I love you
For understanding and dealing with me, thank you

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I feel like a hollow shell just existing
The pain is beyond resisting

Consuming my thoughts and actions
Trying hard to find a distraction

Which can’t be found
Your lies continue to surround

Not knowing the truth from fiction
Believing your contradictions

I can’t believe you have hurt me once again
You have proven I can’t depend

I have been there through thick and thin
Just so you can destroy me within

Leave me feeling numb
Allowing the pain to succumb

The pain keeps persisting
I am just here existing…

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You show me time and time again
You’re not worth my love
But do I listen to what’s
Thrown in my face
No, my heart over rules
Like a damn fool
Wish I could turn my feelings off
Like a light switch
Is there a pill for that
I must need to see a shrink or something
Cuz I still love your sorry ass
I am a damn fool
For you…

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Wearing what I want
Even if it flaunts
Doing as I please
Never trying to tease
Hanging with the girls
The hair always tight with curls
Not needing a man
Doing it all myself, because I can
Not having to answer to anyone
But myself, not listening to no one
Always being me
If you don’t like it just flee
Going where ever I choose
I am always right and you always loose
I am not trying to please you
Only myself, you can do what you do
And I will do mine
Not worrying about the time
Having much fun
Until I feel that I am done
What I say goes
I don’t just shut up and go with the flow
What I say counts
Expressing myself, not letting the tension mount
Doing what ever my heart feels
Not looking for a free meal
I don’t need what you got
I do for me and mine, and we already got a lot
I don’t need you
I only need me, and I am doing well to
You didn’t think I could
Well you shoulda
I proved you and everyone wrong
I stayed under you for too damn long
Now I got it all
And it’s my call
Coming home as late as I want and lit
Freedom is mine, I just took it

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Good Bye

Now it’s really time to say goodbye
We both know the real reasons why

Now there is truth to my inner fears
It’s hard to maintain and control my streaming tears

I really wish I didn’t have to let you go
I had high hopes for our love to grow

Into a love more beautiful than ever imagined
Loosing you forever was unimagined

Now I feel empty with no desires to move on
How can my love all of a sudden be withdrawn

I just wish you saw how much I truly do love you
I just wish you loved me with half of the intensity my love is for you

Now it’s time for me to step away
If it’s meant to be you will find your way back to me one day

When you are ready to give me what I need
If that day should come, I will be right here for our love to proceed

But if you don’t make it back to me
I will finally realize it wasn’t meant to be

As much as I would love to continue to deny
For now I must say good bye

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I wish for you the utmost happiness
Mind clear and heart free of emptiness

If anyone else cannot see, I can
See that you are a very good man

Your heart is pure
I am sorry for any pain you have had to endure

Your deserve so much more
You are someone I truly adore

Yet you still do not see your true worth
You have been unique since birth

You have so much inside to cherish
Drama and unhappiness should soon perish

Even if it’s not with me
I wish only happiness always for you and your heart to agree

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Happy Mother's Day Mom

Times have been rough but you have always been there
Being my savior in despair

Always giving heart warming advice
No other so-called friend could ever suffice

You are definitely my best friend
Any heart breaks, you will forever mend

On this Mother’s Day I am honoring you
Appreciation that is long over due

Even though right now you are afar
I wish your day is as special as you are

I Love You Mom!!!

Happy Mother’s Day

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I am here...

I know you are in a lot of pain right now
I want you to know that I am here for you always
I can be your shoulder if you should allow
I am willing to help you through these rough days
Words are not always needed to make your heart heal
Just know whatever you need, I am here
My heart is breaking wanting to take away the pain you feel
Although I know your pain will never truly disappear
This hurt will get easier with time
God’s will we may not always understand
Or have his reasoning’s defined
Just remember I am always here extending my hand

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I Commit

We are about to make the biggest commitment of our life
We are soon to be husband and wife
I am as happy as I’ve ever been
With you the rest of my life I plan to spend
I never knew I could ever find true love
I commit my life to you on this special day and every day thereof
I always thought that I would never find Mr. Right
The fire inside of me you ignite
You bring out my inner passion
Accentuate my compassion
Within that I never knew was there
On this day my love I delclare
For the world to see
And envy
What we have people search their whole life for
And never find a love like ours that soars
I promise to be the best wife you could ever dream of
Our love was sent from above
We were definitely blessed
This love we share had progressed
Into something we could have never predicted
Our love is unrestricted
Make sure the lines of communication are always open
Let our love always flow like the ocean
So free and clear
Our souls are bonded now as one we appear
From this day on
I will prove what has been agreed upon
For eternity in our utopia I submit
To you my life I commit

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I miss you
Wish I could kiss you

Love you
Take care of you

I wish I could be with you
Expressing my love ever so true

The pain consumes me
and runs ever so deep

As long as we are apart
Nothing will ever mend my broken heart

It is hard living
without my heart giving

All of the love inside me
To my one and only true love for all the world to see

You will always be within me
No matter where life takes us you will forever be apart of me

Souls interlaced
Hearts locked in this race

Of life, not knowing where we are going to land
In your arms is where I am now banned

But dream of each day of my life
Wishing I was your wife

Living happily ever after
No more tears, only laughter

I really wish I could be with you
I truly miss you

I love you with all my heart and soul!!!!

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I Promise...

These were my wedding vows... If you reconize some of the lines its because I took pieces of the poems I had written for him and combined them into one poem...

Baby, I promise to always love you unconditionally
I promise that I will be the one who shows you a love traditionally

I promise to be everything you will ever need or desire
I promise to provide you with everything that you require

I promise to always stand beside your every decision
I promise to be all that you could ever envision

I promise to show you a love that is ever so true
I promise to show you happiness that is long overdue

I promise to always be honest and never lie
I promise to be the one that you can always rely

I promise to be the keeper of your most private secrets
I promise that you will never have any regrets

I promise to be the protector of your heart
I promise to always finish what I start

I promise to be appreciative of everything you do
I promise to listen attentively to the little details and never subdue

I promise to be there for you when you need me
I promise to never hurt you or deceive

I promise to always pay attention to the hands that are dealt
I promise to love you more and more each day, in sickness and in health

I promise to be all yours
I promise to assist you in your endeavors

I promise to always adore, honor and cherish you
I promise to always demonstrate respect that is due

I promise to kiss away your tears when sadness makes you cry
To make you feel priceless, something that money can never buy

I promise to be your strength when you feel weak
I promise to be the treasure that you so eagerly seek

I promise to be your shield
When you are not quite up to the battlefield

I promise to be your guiding light
When the clouds from the storm send you out of sight

All these things I will prove
Any doubt you have I can surely remove

As I promise these things with a guarantee
I am confident that in turn you can promise the same to me

On our special day, I dedicate my life
To you always as your loving wife

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I Still Want You...

I want you to kiss me passionately like you used to
I want to see you smile again when I am in your view

I want to feel the passion we once knew
I want to forget the troubles we have been through

I want sleepless nights next to you
I want our love to feel brand new

I want ecstasy to the fullest pursued
I want to feel safe to subdue

I want you to completely hold me within you
Feeling your love inside is long overdue

I want our love’s strength to always anew
Baby I still love and want only you…

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I Wish...

I wish I didn’t love you the way I do
I wish I could just forget everything we have been through

I wish I could pretend like these last years didn’t take place
I wish I didn’t have to experience so much disgrace

I wish I didn’t give you the key to my soul
I wish I didn’t give you so much control

I wish I could stop feeling so much pain
I wish you didn’t drive me insane

I wish I knew how to move on
I wish you didn’t leave me feeling so withdrawn

I wish I could see beyond you and me
I wish I could live without guarantee

I wish our love we never pursued
I wish I never ever loved you…

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Intrigued by the depths of you
Got me wondering if I should pursue

Curiosity is getting the best of me
Putting myself out there with no guarantee

I am feeling your sexy style
Hopeful you are worthwhile

Not looking for anything serious
Loving the mysterious

Wanting to know what it takes to make you smile
Levels of you trying to compile

Piecing together the real you
Asking myself if you are true

I have enjoyed time spent
Curious of your intent

Time will only tell
If things will excel or we say our farewells

Actions speak louder than words could ever
Hoping we are successful in our endeavor

Eager to see if you can take my breathe and leave me fatigue
You have me very intrigued…

© copyright Tue Aug 04 17:55:19 UTC 2009 - All Rights Reserved


Aids took you away from me
For all the world to see
You went out of our sight so fast
But you left us plenty of memories to last
It is your gentle touch that we miss
And your cheek to kiss
You are my big brother and I am your little sister
Your horrible death wrecked my life like a twister
I am dealing with so much grief
My heart is in so much disbelief
It’s been almost a year now
But it still feels like yesterday since you threw in the towel
I know that you did not mean the horrible things that you said to us
Even though you gave everyone so much fuss
I know that the pain took over your mind
But there was no cure to find
You once told me that it felt day to day like you were living with the flu
You were no longer the brother I once knew
Your body was in too much pain
It felt like you was just hit by a train
I wished that there was something that I could have gave you to take the pain away
All that I could do is hope and pray
Then that cool summer morning when
God finally called your name
Now nothing could ever be the same
You told mom that you saw Heaven and you did not want to leave us
But it was your time to go, it certainly was a must
I bet that it was a long journey home
Now you have a new place to call your own
Our life here on earth goes on
All we have left to do is mourn
I will definitely mourn you
Until I join you
Now all your son has left is very few memories of his dad
And now he will be forever sad
All I can do is hold him and think of you
I will be sure to let him know what a fine you man he can be too
You will forever be in my thoughts, prayers and my mind
I will always remember and be grateful for the short time...
That God gave us

R.I.P Joe Hurlburt
March 17, 1971 - July 9, 1997

© copyright Tue Aug 04 17:55:19 UTC 2009 - All Rights Reserved


You have always been there as a mother would
Doing everything you could

To make sure I was taken care of
Showing me direction and love

Anytime I was in need, you were right there
Comforting my heart and wiping away each tear

You deserve the biggest bouquet
I hope you enjoy your well deserved Mother’s Day

I Love You!!

© copyright Tue Aug 04 17:55:19 UTC 2009 - All Rights Reserved

Keep Your Head Up

Keep your head up
Don’t let the circumstances bring you down
Even though the problems continue to mound, and don’t seem as if they will let up
Stop focusing on what is around

Those problems can be overcome
Lessons are to be learned
But don’t let tensions overwhelm
Happiness has to be earned

Have faith and hope
Don’t let nonsense break your focus and inner peace
God will help you cope
And the problems will soon cease

Trust in me
I am here to stay
And follow the lead
God will be there to show us the way

© copyright Tue Aug 04 17:55:19 UTC 2009 - All Rights Reserved

Let you go

I love you so much that I have to let you go
Hard to let the pain inside show

You still have so much life to live
Before you are ready for the love I have to give

For you, inside I already carry love
But love cannot always stand above

There are so many things you are destine to pursue
Wanting for you everything that is due

Will always hold onto you in that special place
Locked deep inside my heart, is our personal space

If it’s meant to be, it will be
Our hearts hold the key

Our lives are on separate journeys
Maybe one day, you will find your way back to me

But for now, I have to let you go
Enjoy each day of your life and go with the flow

I love and respect you too much to hold you down
In my heart, you will always be around

We were brought into each other’s lives for a reason
Even if it’s just for a short season

Just want to let you know
Even though I may have to, I don’t want to let you go

I will always love you baby!!

© copyright Tue Aug 04 17:55:19 UTC 2009 - All Rights Reserved

Let's See...

Even though we just met, you’ve got my attention
Got me contemplating future decisions

Not sure what will come our way
Making me curious enough to stay

All other contender’s go unnoticed
To see where this will lead takes higher focus

Not making expectations, just going with the flow
Everything about you, I wanna know

Time is of the essence
Right now, I’m just enjoying your presence

The more time is given, the more is craved
Around you it’s hard to behave

The first attraction was physical
But I want to also stimulate the mental

Learning the depths of your soul
Making happiness the highest goal

Willing to see this through
When you are not around, you got me missing you

Curiosity is getting the best of me
Slowly following your lead

Opening locked doors
With you I may want to explore

I hope you are also feeling me
Just where this goes, let’s see…

© copyright Tue Aug 04 17:55:19 UTC 2009 - All Rights Reserved

Lost in Love

Lost myself in you
Searching for the love that was long overdue

Had me wrapped up so tight
Catching me off guard making me loose my sight

Forgetting who I am to be
Fully trusting you with my heart set free

You had me completely open
Had my heart hopin

It would last forever
The love we shared is now severed

Our love was so intense
Loosing my defense

Two opposites coming together
Thinking we could weather

Anything that came our way
Not knowing we were just prey

Got caught up in this love thing
The depths of our love we would cling

Sometime love just isn’t enough
Love wasn’t supposed to be this rough

We just couldn’t seem to stay on the same path
Couldn’t weather love’s wrath

The troubles our love has cost
In our love we were lost…

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Lost in the clouds

I feel like everything is tumbling down on me all at once
I feel like there is no escape in sight
Everything that could go wrong has in abundance
I do not have the energy to fight
I know I must not give up
But I am not sure what I can do
Why did everything have to be so abrupt
I only wish that I could have everything that is due
Where is it going to come from
I only wish that I had the answers that I need
My body feels so numb
All I have left to do is plead
Please God help me
Guide me down the right path
Assist me in my relief
Give me strength to overcome the wrath
Help me see the light through these rough clouds
I know it’s there I just need to find it
With your help I am sure that everything will be fine
I am putting my faith and trust in you
I know I will see the light in time
I will just leave it up to you

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Love at first sight

It all started with a glance
Momentarily fantasizing about romance

Our eyes were introduced
The depth of your eyes surely seduced

And intrigued
Had me feeling fatigue

Time just stopped
My heart dropped

And the first word hasn’t been spoken
Almost like my tongue was broken

When you finally stepped, not taking me for a fool
I tried to play calm and cool

But my heart was racing
Curiosity tasting

Leading us into invigorating conversation
Leaving me with much fascination

Trying to deny
The strong feelings I felt inside

The chemistry was unbelievable
The emotions were undeniable

Trying not to set myself up for heartbreak
But this seemed different, it had to be fate

Your honesty relaxed me
We were definitely meant to meet

My guards melted like butter
My heart was at a constant flutter

Our minds connected on a journey
You have proved you are worthy

Souls instantly connected
I no longer feel neglected

This is something that had to be pursued
I am diggin your views of life and that sexy attitude

Trying hard not to give in
But I don’t know how long I can hold it in

Finally, your true intentions you revealed
Commitment and love appealed

When you slowly kissed my lips
It felt as if heaven pierced through my hips

Your arms surrounding my body
Your sincerity and warmth I embody

I feel at peace
Emotions continuously increase

In your arms I feel at home
You have shown me that I can never be alone

Now much time has past
Our love is surely meant to last

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Love Overcomes

An argument is always just an argument
There is nothing that we cannot overcome
At times we may have a disagreement
But we can move on
And always forgive
Always talk and work it out
No need to continuously relive
No matter what it is about
We can come to a compromise
If we both work together
No need to bring in outside sources
As long as we confront the problem together
At times we may run into many courses
Struggles and obstacles that test us
For our love will only grow stronger
As outside problems may become relentless
Soon with acknowledgment they will be no longer
Our love’s strength we can always depend
While life in depth we explore
Bring everything forth and reprehend
So we can deal with it at the core
The bond we share
Makes a lifetime happiness inevitable
Nothing else can compare
We are unstoppable
A force to be reckoned with
Nothing else could ever come above
What we have, any problem can be dismissed
Because we have true love

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Love See's No Color

Our love is beyond the color of our skin
Our love comes from within
Didn’t realize that was such a sin
If we are happy what does it matter to anyone else
Just as long as we are true to what is felt
We are not trying to please anyone but our self
Why cant people just be happy for us
Instead of making such a fuss
This is not just lust
This is real love
The long lasting type of love
The kind of love that was sent from above
Why do others feel the need to hate
What difference does it make
To you, why are you so up in arms and acting so irate
I am not in this to hurt you
I am in a love that is so true
Didn’t mean to offend you
I should be entitled to love that is due
And I wish the exact same for you

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Our road has been rough from the beginning
Back and forth we contemplated on ending

A few times said our goodbye’s
But to you my heart will always be tied

We had trouble letting our guards down
And loving as if no one was around

Our child I felt growing inside me
Out of our love our child was conceived

Now together we mourn the loss
Pain is shared, but our love for our child will never be lost

Through time and healing our bond has grown
The strength of our love has clearly shown

We have another chance at happiness
If we allow our love to wash away any fears or sadness

Now we have the opportunity to make things right
Let’s focus on our love and never loose sight

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I am not like anyone you have ever met
But I am someone you may never forget

I take things as they come
I make sure the job gets done

At times I may cause unnecessary stress
But don’t worry it is just a test

I am a very thoughtful person
I like to discuss the problem from the start before things worsen

I don’t have time and energy for drama
Treat me like you would treat your momma

That should be with the utmost respect
Always come correct

I am very strong
I have been done wrong

I have been through too much in my life
I am still here despite

I will not tolerate ignorance
I love to keep you in suspense

I stand up for what I believe
I have many goals I plan to achieve

I am very sincere in my efforts
I am consistent in my endeavors

I am honest and open-minded
I do not walk around blinded

I see the people for what they are
I appreciate the bizarre

I am very dedicated and loyal
Myself I love to spoil

Take time to get to know me before you judge
I will always be there to give you that nudge

I don’t need anyone or anything to define
What flows through my spine

I will always be me
That I can guarantee

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Missing You

God has called his precious angel home
You were always the glue that kept our family whole

You taught me that such big things can come in such a small frame
You guided me into the man I have became

I remember the consequences when I didn’t want to go to school
You showed me education was more important than being cool

You gave us more than we could have dreamed of
You taught me strength and unconditional love

How I can just taste the delicious cakes you baked
I know you will always be watching over me but yet my heart will always ache

For the love you so freely instilled in me
It’s so hard to accept that your soul is now set free

And now we are here to carry on your legacy
And make sure you are honored accurately

My inner tears will never truly subside
My love for you will always live here inside

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My intensions misread
Drama always ahead

My heart crushed time and time again
Always having to defend

Tired of not being taken seriously
Wish thoughts and emotions could be expressed fearlessly

Without misunderstanding my true meaning
Ask before interpreting what you think you are seeing

Maybe truth can shed light
To prevent the upcoming fight

But trust has to be in place
If not then this is just a waste

Why bother making you understand
I am not sure if you ever can

I am always straight up, telling it like it is
Why can’t you see it for what it is

Not what you think or want it to be
Not sure if you will ever see
The true me

Always misunderstood…

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Happy Birthday Mom

Mom, Happy Birthday
Hope you enjoy your special day

Blow out your candle and make your wishes
Receive your blessings and kisses

You have always been there
Your love willingly you share

You have the kindest heart
I could not imagine a life apart

Your guidance and support I count on
The lessons you have taught since I was born

Have carried with me through my years
You have always been there to wipe my tears and assure my fears

You are thoughtful and caring
Always doing for others and sharing

Mistakes you learn to forgive
You deserve the best that life has to give

Thank you for everything you have done for me

Happy Birthday Mom

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You are always there for me
Your love I clearly see

Anytime I have called, you have been there
Showing me how much you care

Your love to me is enchanted
At times I may take you for granted

Unintentionally, of course, it’s just life gets so hectic
And things pop up unexpected

Without you I would not be where I am today
You have guided me through my days

Showing me my mistakes
And putting up with me giving you headaches

I know I have been a handful
But to you I am truly grateful

God has blessed me with a “Mother” like you
Any problem that may arise I am confident that you will see me through

I truly value the love that you share
You are appreciated and I truly do care

I love you Mom!!

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You have been like family for many years
Hearing you are gone brought instant tears

I have been there through the many stages you’ve surpassed
Remembering what we spoke of, not knowing it was our last

Your life was heading in the direction you wanted it to be
Your unique spirit is now set free

We will miss your beautiful smile
Your good heart and most of all, your laugh; all the while

Your spirit through Raven will continue to shine
Your genuine love will remain in our hearts throughout time

Cherished memories of your presence remain
For many now life could never be the same

May God be with your family and friends in this time of sorrow
Your time here God gave us, was borrowed

Now the sadness and pain can never be fully eased
May God rest your sorely missed, wonderful soul in peace

You are gone, but never forgotten…

We love you Morgan!!!!!

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My Husband

You have proved your love for me
For all the world to see

You complete me and make me whole
You are within my soul

Now we are as one
Our future has begun

My love for you is undying
Our goals are underlying

We have before God and our families committed
Our lives to each other we have submitted

We promised love and honesty,
Trust, respect and monogamy

I have every intention on living up to my words spoken
Each and every promise will remain unbroken

Until death do us part
Are the words that remain in my heart

In sickness and in health
Even when there is no wealth

Money can never suffice
What we have doesn’t come with a price

It is felt within
And remember never to forget where we have been

For our road is destined to be long
As years pass our love will grow stronger

This is the biggest commitment of our life
I am honored to be your wife

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My Life

In the beginning everything was butter
A bad word against you I wouldn’t dare utter

Then as things got more serious
You started acting mysterious

I guess you thought you were above me
Just because we had a wedding decree

You thought you could control me
Everything you said, I would agree

You didn’t want a wife; you wanted a servant
I was young at the time and wasn’t very observant

You would leave me and hang out with the boys
Come home late because you wanted to play with your toys

But had a fit if I spoke my mind
Things were ok as long as I was confined

I thought relationships were give and take
But you were full of disappointment and heartache

I expressed my unhappiness so much you had me thinking you were deaf
As years went by it was as if I was already dead

Inside was hallow
Your words became harder to swallow

I couldn’t take it anymore
Tired of my feelings being ignored

I had to get out
I was hurting so bad I just had to scream and shout

So I finally built up the courage to flee
I had to do what was best for me

And do you know what, that was the best thing I could had ever done
Now my life has begun

It is my life to decide
Only my rules to abide

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Your Wife

You are the world to me
I am as happy as I can be
You are everything I could ever dream for
You give me everything I need and more
Your love keeps me going
Your loyalty keeps my heart continuously flowing
With your warm love, We belong to each other
Everything we do we accomplish together
Our love will overcome
Any obstacle, and problem that shall come
Along, baby we can do this
No matter how high the risk
Our love is extremely strong
It will be here for the long
Run, We can accomplish anything we set our mind to
Our love is so deep, years to come it will still seem like new
I promise I will be by your side forever
I could never hurt, deceive or break your trust ever
I dedicate my life to you as your wife
I know this is for life

© copyright Tue Aug 04 17:55:19 UTC 2009 - All Rights Reserved

My Star

You are my star
Even though we are apart
I am always thinking of you
And the places I cant wait to take you
You are growing so fast
Each day that is past
I am missing you more and more
The world is yours to explore
Any way you choose
Problems along the way will introduce
Lessons to be learned
And spiritual growth will be returned
Success is yours for the taking
This is your world to be king
To conquer and rule
Just as long as you do good and stay in school
You are my jewel
My most prized possession
Be sure to follow your passion
Search for your destiny
You will always be the world to me
Your strength is inevitable
Knowledge is ignitable
As long as you are a believer
You will always be the achiever
Stay strong
Royalty is where you belong
Always remember who you are
My star

© copyright Tue Aug 04 17:55:19 UTC 2009 - All Rights Reserved


My love for you runs deep within my soul
My worries and fears, your love continues to console

We have been through our share of adversities
And overcome all of our uncertainties

Your love, I don’t ever want to live without

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One Night

Watchin from afar, waiting for your chance
It all started with a simple dance

Your eyes caught my attention
Curious to find your definition

Wondering the heights
We can reach on the warm fall nights

Just you and me
The pleasure we can receive

Experience the intensity
Forgetting about simplicity

The sexual attraction is undeniable
Sensual pleasure is unmistakably reliable

Waking in your arms surrounding
Within my petite body, climax is arousing

To utopia you continuously send
Never wanting this to come to an end

Pleasure so extreme making me loose sight
Words do not give justice to our one night

© copyright Tue Aug 04 17:55:19 UTC 2009 - All Rights Reserved

One True Love

Am I worthy of true love
Lust is just not enough

I keep meeting the wrong men
Can’t find one I can depend

One I can trust with my heart
One that can’t stand being apart

One who loves me for me
And not what he wants me to be

Is true love just a fairy tale
Am I destined to always fail

Am I meant to be alone
Sometimes I hate to come home

To emptiness
And loneliness

Sleepless nights
Dreaming about Mr. Right

Does he really exist
A man who I simply cannot resist

Where is he hiding
I am tired of all the lying

All the game
Men seem to be all the same

How will I recognize him
Will he be true and go out on a limb

When needed
Will my expectations be exceeded

Is he right under my nose
When will his identity be exposed

When will I find a man to fulfill
And not just a cheap thrill

One man to satisfy my every need or desire
Show me true love that I require

Is there a man for me that will always be monogamous
One man who can erase all of my sadness

One man to share a lifetime of happiness
An eternity of constant blissfulness

Will I find a man who is worthy of
Is there one man who will stand above
Is there such a thing as true unconditional love

© copyright Tue Aug 04 17:55:19 UTC 2009 - All Rights Reserved

Our Reward

My heart is torn
It continuously mourns

Until I can feel your presence
Surrounded in your essence

Dreaming of you
And me, happiness long overdue

Times have been rough
Problems continuing, dealing is tough

Without your love and support
Serenity would be short

You are my guiding light
I thank God to have you in my life

I can’t wait until the day we reunite
Physically reconnected, our hearts recite

Our love that is never in danger
No one could ever break our bond, especially never a stranger

I am awaiting the day you return home
Until then, I could never roam

I will wait as long as it takes
I can deal with my heart aches

Nonsense will be ignored
Just as long as you are my reward

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Dinners by candlelight
Deadlines out of sight
Relaxing walks along the beach
Alarm clocks out of reach
Soft music and slow dancing
No children in the other room ranting
Bubble baths with strawberries and whip cream
Bringing truth to a dream
Rose petals covering the bed
There is nowhere else I’d rather be instead
Enjoying sparkling wine
Making the best of our time
Lying there in your arms
Feeling safe and secure, no fear of harm
Making love is much more than intercourse
Love making all day without remorse
Just as long as we have each other
We have everything, there could be nothing better
Our own version of paradise
Nothing else could ever suffice

© copyright Tue Aug 04 17:55:19 UTC 2009 - All Rights Reserved

Precious Life

Life is so precious
It is something that should never be neglected

Savor each moment
As it is your last momentum

Every second that is past
Treat is as your last

Cherish time spent
Everything has something to represent

Take time and notice the small things
And see what it brings

Once the time is gone
There is no recalling

Always remember as you climb
God only gives us one lifetime

© copyright Tue Aug 04 17:55:19 UTC 2009 - All Rights Reserved

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Soul Mates

I know that this is fate
I know for sure that you are my soul mate
I knew ever since our first date
What has progressed since I could only contemplate
Everything is so familiar
We are too similar
Our souls are bonded beyond belief
Things are so wonderful you have me in disbelief
Finding each other has been such a relief
My search for you has dissipated
You are exactly what I anticipated
Pinch me is this real
You have that unique appeal
You are just unbelievable
It is beyond explainable
We were made for each other
You are my best friend, my confidant as well as my lover
You are everything that I dreamed for
You are everything I need, want, desire and so much more
We share the same feelings, thoughts and dreams
Everything is really as it seems
You can read me
You can really see the real me
We share the same goals
We share the same souls
Our souls are together as one
We are ready to take this plunge
As husband and wife
With you I want to share the rest of my life
We have a bond that we cannot deny
You are the one that I can always rely
No need to fake
Or put on any front, this is not a mistake
It is simply fate
Taking its rightful place
There is no doubt in my mind that you are my true soul mate

© copyright Tue Aug 04 17:55:19 UTC 2009 - All Rights Reserved


You have been there for me whenever I am in need
You have encouraged me to be the best I can be

Even though you are not my birth father
You are in deed my TRUE father

You have been the best grandfather the girls could have asked for
You are always there for them and more

You have guided us through trials and tribulations
And with unconditional love you have shown patience

I know I have been a handful to say the least
Hopefully my wild days have ceased

You have shown me responsibility
And the use of my abilities

For caring for me and my children from the start
I thank you from the bottom of my heart

Happy Father’s Day!

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Stolen Memories

The memories we have made remain within
Our love never had a chance to truly begin

You belong to her, and could never be mine
The feelings I feel inside only love defines

Yearning to feel you next to me
Loving so pure and free

Wanting all of your love to myself
Denying our passion is cheating ourselves

You could never be mine to claim
There is no future for us to proclaim

So now our romance will remain one of those untold stories
As I continue reminiscing on our stolen memories

© copyright Tue Aug 04 17:55:19 UTC 2009 - All Rights Reserved


The pain we have caused has consumed me
Runs inside so deep within me, I can’t seem to breathe

Feels as if my heart is shattered
Feelings up and down, uncertainly scattered

Emotions unpredictable, taking each of its turns
Stability soothing my soul, my heart sorely yearns

Can’t see beyond you and me, why do I have to
Love is not always a guarantee, now there’s nothing further to pursue

Trying to find the strength to put out previously set fires
Not knowing how to move on when it’s you my heart desires

© copyright Tue Aug 04 17:55:19 UTC 2009 - All Rights Reserved


Tear drops slowly falling down my cheeks
Heart breaks with every word he speaks

Knowing it’s all lies
I see the truth in his eyes

Repeatedly trying to convince me
Like I am some fool and can’t see

I can’t believe you would speak to me with so much disrespect
The truth you choose to neglect

© copyright Tue Aug 04 17:55:19 UTC 2009 - All Rights Reserved

Thank You...

Thank you for being there for me when I most needed
Thank you for not running when things got heated

Thank you for listening to me even when I am making no sense
Thank you for standing beside me in my defense

Thank you for holding me when I needed to be held
Thank you for having faith even when I rebelled

Thank you for taking care of me when I didn’t think I needed to be taken care of
Thank you for giving me your love

Thank you baby!!!

© copyright Tue Aug 04 17:55:19 UTC 2009 - All Rights Reserved

Magic Man

What makes you magic
What is it about you that will make me gotta have it

How long will the magic last
Can you guarantee my expectations will be surpassed

Actions speak louder than words
Too many lines I have already heard

My life has seen too much disappointment
I am ready for that commitment

If you can’t guarantee that don’t waste my time
My heart is on the line
I am looking for a love that is sublime

Will you prove each day your worthiness
Are you willing to appreciate bliss

Will you honestly be there when you are needed
Can you really satisfy me indeed

I need justification before I can give my all
I have to protect my heart so I wont fall

Into another trap and cant break free
So it is pure happiness you can guarantee

© copyright Tue Aug 04 17:55:19 UTC 2009 - All Rights Reserved


I am feeling torn
I feel that I can’t go on

I cannot live this
These feelings I cannot dismiss

But I don’t know how to do it on my own
I have depended on you too long

I am very unhappy so I must
Be the only one I can trust

I have finally realized that life doesn’t have to be like this
I have a need to venture and discover happiness that I have missed

We have grown apart, as the years have passed us by
It is unfortunate that we let our love die

I guess I had grown accustomed to this way of life
I had to stop convincing myself that we can live happily as man and wife

It is hurting my children more seeing me miserable
I need to stop waiting on a miracle

I need to step up and take charge
My life is in desperate need of a recharge

I don’t know where to start
But I must follow my heart

I must find happiness within myself
And stop depending on someone else

To show me love that I should hold
No one can take away my precious gold

I just needed to locate it
And to myself commit

Before I can expect someone else to love me
I need to love and respect myself to the highest degree

© copyright Tue Aug 04 17:55:19 UTC 2009 - All Rights Reserved

True Love

Your love makes me feel like soft rose petals falling down my face
Into my heart, blossoming into full bloom, our love is something that cannot be erased
You make my body feel warm inside on a cold winter day
Our love is definitely here to stay
Everyday, all day long I am thinking of you
I can’t concentrate on anything else, and forget the things that I have to do
Your love consumes me
Your love sets my heart free
To explore every possibility to any depth
Our love is so strong nothing could ever intercept
You satisfy my every need
Anything I could ever dream you gratify me indeed
You are everything I will ever need for sure
Anything you throw my way I am ready to endure
With open arms, I accept it graciously
I will always be there for you waiting by your side patiently
I will go to any length to make sure you are satisfied
Any request I will gladly comply
Our love is as relaxing as a rainy day indoors
Making love all day long, tantalizing every core
Our love is not to be tainted with
Our love will live on like an old myth
From here on out we are considered as one
Everything we do we accomplish as one
Your love is something I could never live without
In my heart there is no doubt
Our love is forever
And forever we will be together

© copyright Tue Aug 04 17:55:19 UTC 2009 - All Rights Reserved


Valentine’s is a day to show the ones you love how much you care
A time that all the love inside should be shared

This should also be continued each and every day after
I hope your days are filled with love and laughter

Just wanted to let you know on this day, you are on my mind
With you I desire quality time

I want to learn everything about you
Reflecting on ways to please you, tease you, and love you

Hoping that you never drift afar
I hope your Valentines Day is as special as you are

Happy Valentine’s Day Baby!!!

© copyright Tue Aug 04 17:55:19 UTC 2009 - All Rights Reserved


I am desperately waiting for you to love me like I love you
Waiting for you to choose me
Waiting to be the one you come home to every night
Waiting to awaken in your arms daily
Waiting for you to make that ultimate commitment to
Waiting for you to see how much I really do love you
Waiting for you to see I got your back no matter what
Waiting for you to see I could never hurt you
Waiting for you to see how happy you could be

Baby, I am waiting on you…

© copyright Tue Aug 04 17:55:19 UTC 2009 - All Rights Reserved

Wanting You...

Light’s shimmering down on you
Admiring the energy flowing through you

From afar I see you spitting those rhymes
Wanting to be inspiration for those lines

Wantin to be in mind when you wrote that hook
I wanted you to be mine from the first look

Reminicin ‘bout last night
Wonderin what we are in for tonight

Giving meaning to spoken words
Embracing this love surge

Clinging and not wanting to let go
Within my love flows

Smokin this herb, chillin to the words of Floetry
Inside your love forms emotion into poetry

Not quite sure where things are heading
Naturally we create the perfect setting

Lovin and wantin you for you
And everything you aspire to do

© copyright Tue Aug 04 17:55:19 UTC 2009 - All Rights Reserved

What Lies Within...

Crying deep inside
Trying my best to cover and hide
What I am truly feeling
The smile on my face is never revealing
Always make sure everyone else is happy
All the while I am the one feeling crappy
Inside I am screaming
Constantly grieving
Didn’t want to burden anyone with my troubles
Everything affects me in doubles
Emotions increasing
Confidence decreasing
Feeling as if I am about to explode
My home is not a humble abode
I am miserable
Happiness seems expendable
There is no safe way out
I have always done without
I need to redefine myself
Do it for me and no one else
Find the courage that lies deep within
I know it is there and I can always depend
On me, whatever it takes
I know I can locate my inner strength
The first step is recognizing the problems
Then trying to figure out how to solve them
It is going to take a lot of planning
It is definitely going to be demanding
I know I can survive
I am sure there is a way to revive my life
Despite what lies ahead
It has to be better than feeling dead inside
There is no one I can confide
What will it take to compensate
So now I contemplate
Searching for relief
Something to set my heart at ease
Free me from my tribulations
I know I can do it as long as I have true dedication

© copyright Tue Aug 04 17:55:19 UTC 2009 - All Rights Reserved

Wish you were mine...

I wish you were all mine to claim
What is it that you share with her that you don’t with me
I have given you my soul and everything that goes along with it
But still it doesn’t seem to be enough
When we are together it feels like our personal section of Heaven
Reserved especially for us
Nothing could be more perfect
Still you don’t know the depths I would go for you, for us
Where there are no limits or restrictions
In your presence I feel as is we are the only two people on this earth
No one else exists or is even relevant
Almost like we are untouchable
But then reality sets in
And you are going home to her
You give me your heart just enough to loose myself in you
Then you snatch it back to share with her
My heart aches to be the only love in your heart
I realize we had issues before you and her reconnected
But we still share our love within us
Unable to completely let go
I don’t know how to move on when my heart is consumed with you
But loving you and not able to claim you as mine hurts even more
I just wish your love for me was just as strong and my love for you…

© copyright Tue Aug 04 17:55:19 UTC 2009 - All Rights Reserved


Do we give “us” another chance
Does our foundation have enough substance

Can we get past the things we’ve been through
Is there anything left to pursue

I know the feelings in my heart are real
Not sure if our hearts can heal

From the drama we’ve shared
You’ve proven how much you truly care

Emotions run deep
Without you next to me I cannot sleep

You consume my thoughts and dreams
Is anything as it seems

When you are not around I constantly miss you
And think of things I want to do for you

If only we can let go and give in
To what we cannot control and no longer pretend

That our love isn’t real
What we feel is too powerful to conceal

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A woman violated
Feels very isolated

Alone and scared
Thinks no one cares
Too afraid to share

Dirty and tainted

Very Embarrassed
Constantly asking why was I the one harassed

How could a man do that to a woman
Not a true man

Just so he could feel powerful
In control because she is doubtful

Guess he has something to prove
She is now too scared to move

Guess you are a big man now
To her every second seems like an hour

Belittling a woman who is smaller than yourself
She is wondering why no one has came to help

Your cheap thrills
Send her chills

She will never ever be the same
Now self respect and self-esteem is hard to claim

She can never forget or get past
Her entire life terror and fear will last

And taunting

Breaking down in tears
Constant fears

No cure for the depression
Maintains absolute discretion

All from one man’s actions
His satisfactions

But what about her temple
It has been violated just that simple

And now nothing can take it back
She will always remember and relive the attack

There is nothing she can do
To ever construe

A woman violated can never get back what has been taken
And will always feel forsaken

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You are Truly a Wonderful Man

You are wonderful in every way
You truly know how to make my day
You are an amazing man
Beside you is where I will always stand
You give me everything
Anything I need you bring
Without expecting anything in return
My every desire you have learned
Without even asking, just a mere thought
And you have already brought
The resolution
You are my only solution
You have no limits or boundaries
You are just so astounding
Everyday I thank God for giving you to me
Giving me the opportunity to love you unconditionally
Into our future filled with love is where we merge
It is hard to put it exactly into wordsJ
ust how unbelievable you really are
You are my star
I still can’t believe you actually exist
Everything about you I just can’t resist
Everything I will ever need, with you I have found
Where ever I am I want you always around
When it comes to you I will always find the time
To cherish, honor, and thank God you are all mine

You have always shown me a love that is so true
I am honored to show the same amount of love back to you

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You are my Everything

You are my everything
You make heart sing
This love we have will last
There is nothing that we cannot mask
My love is so strong
I could never do you wrong
My heart you hold
In your hands, nothing will go untold
Every second that we are apart
It breaks my heart
I hate to be away from you
Our love is so true
I long for your gentle touch
Baby I miss you so much
From the moment I looked into you eyes
I cut all ties
And devoted my life to you
There is nothing I wouldn't do
I am yours and you are mine
Our love will stand the test of time

© copyright Tue Aug 04 17:55:19 UTC 2009 - All Rights Reserved

You Complete Me

With you my thirst is quenched
My heart is replenished

My soul is refreshed
I am finally free of stress
I feel so blessed

You fulfill me
Mentally, spiritually and physically

You are the water in my fountain
You are my will to climb that rough mountain

My search has ended
Your greatness will always be commended

With you at my side
It is only tremendous satisfaction that fills my eyes

I feel we can accomplish anything
My weakness is now mending

You brought life to my lonely ambiance
A stronger foundation within our alliance

You have brought pleasure to my pain
Only felicity and strength remain

You fill my emptiness
You guaranteed my happiness

Daily you prove your loyalty
With you I feel like royalty

Nothing else could ever compare
I know for sure you will always be there

I cannot imagine life without you
This love we share is ever so true

With you at my side I feel whole
My every need you console

You are wonderful indeed
You definitely complete me

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Only YOU

Your touch soothes my soul
Calms me and makes me whole

Your strong arms are a comforting guarantee
Leaving feelings of security surrounding me

Your sexy, inviting eyes look deep inside
With you, secrets I confide

The sound of your voice captures my attention
Vibes flow within with just a mere mention

Your kiss sends chills from head to toe
You got Niagara flowin below

Your scent memory recalls
Relaxing to my hearts applause

Your heart demonstrates your love so freely
Got me wanting to trust you completely

Your love blinds me from the daily stress
Your love I crave, my hearts confessed

I will always love and want you
Baby, you and only YOU!!

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Before you can expect someone to love you
You have to love yourself and accept you for YOU
First and foremost you need to love where you came from
The road has not always been easy or fun
But these lessons you learn along the way
Make you a better person for the next day
Don’t ever be ashamed of who you are
You’ve made it this far
Not to let anyone dictate what you feel inside
What is in your heart is not a lie
Don’t let others make you feel less a woman
You don’t have to answer to no man
Stand up and be proud
Let your words be felt aloud
Make sure that you take care of self
First before you can care for anyone else

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You're Breathtaking

Your looks…
You are lookin soo damn fine
Too many thoughts runnin through my mind
You are the sexiest man I have ever seen
You are the man of my dreams

Your smell…
You smell good enough to eat
Into your dimensions I cant wait to retreat
Your shirt I love to sleep wrapped in
Your unique scent I smell within

Your touch…
Your touch feels like heaven
Keeps me beggin
For more, touch me here; touch me there
Your love never lets me prepare

Your taste…
You taste like the sweetest honeydew
I just can never get enough of you
Body fluids being transferred
In our utopia we are transformed

Your sounds…
Your moans and sighs are refreshing
Your satisfaction is replenishing
Making me want to please you more
Our fantasies we explore

Your soul…
Your soul speaks to me
In so many ways, sometimes I just cant believe
Your soul is connected to mine
Makes me want to press rewind
This love is defined
Our love is forever intertwined

© copyright Tue Aug 04 17:55:19 UTC 2009 - All Rights Reserved

You're Loss...

You had it made and you just didn’t realize
I would have taken care of anything you could idealize

I had your back no matter what went down
I was your queen and your wore my kings crown

If you said jump I would ask “How high”
There was nothing for you I would deny

I was your shoulder to lean on
Made you feel special from dusk to dawn

There were no limits to my love for you
My love was always pure and all so true

In the beginning our love was like a fairytale
Anything that came our way we could prevail

To my shock, out the blue things just turned to hell
Not sure what really happened, but with my love you started to rebel

I never did anything, but you were never able to completely trust me
With your reasons I could never agree

I understand people have done you wrong
But to you my mind, body and soul I belonged

I was your wife, your soul mate
But our vows you chose to desecrate

The things you done in return could never be forgiven
You left me no choice to go the route that you were given

We thought our love was forever
Now there is no turning back ever

The true me, to you I could never get across
I tried everything possible to make it work now our love we have crossed
There was nothing more I could do to convince you, baby it’s just you’re loss

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You're Not Ready...

You’re not ready for the depths of my love
And all it consists thereof

You’re not ready to let go
And truly discover love at its plateau

You’re still not ready to leave those others alone
When you’ve been offered the crown to my king’s throne

With every desire and fantasy fulfilled
And long years of bliss as our foundation continued to build

You’re not ready for a lifetime of pure and true happiness
Ending all disappointments and any emptiness

The memories we have made I will continue to relive
Because you’re still not ready for the love I have inside to give

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It is torture loving someone that I cannot have as mine
Wanting to be in your arms all the time

Wanting more than you are ready to give
Each moment with you I constantly relive

The depths of your love has pierced my soul
Sharing a bond for life together; mind, body & soul

Letting you go to see if you’ll find your way back to me
Now, is our only destiny…

© copyright Tue Aug 04 17:55:19 UTC 2009 - All Rights Reserved


Unable to trust
Cant move beyond lust
Always skeptical
Tired of giving
Game detectable
Heart torn
Wanting love felt
My heart mourns
Playing cards that are dealt
Unable to give all of me
My love lies enclosed
Unable to set free
True feelings not disclosed
Unable to trust…

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Monday, June 9, 2008

Inner Flame

Again you made love to me and made my heart skip a beat
With your love felt inside no other man could ever compete

All the love you continue to demonstrate I happily reap
Now as I lay next to you, watching you peacefully sleep

Thinking of all the ways I want to please you
Giving to you well deserved happiness that is long over due

What we share is unexplainable with words spoken
You fill the holes in my heart that was once broken

There is no one true definition of our love
The depths you have taken me were undreamed of

I urge to break down my barriers and my whole heart allow you to claim
With only you to share the intensity of this undying inner flame

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My Thoughts Personified...

Sitting at the computer feeling the vibe
Surging through my mind and spills out in strides
My feelings, thoughts and what ever is on my mind
Not sure of how it will turn out I grind
The keyboard, my mind overflowing
Not knowing
Exactly what will appear
My words form clear
All these unspoken words inside
I cannot deny
I feel a desperate need to release
My emotions increase
Flooding the page
In a constant rage
Cannot control myself until these words are spoken
It is for me, my token
It feels so good to get this out of my system
And put it into rhythm
A part of me is shared
Doesn’t matter to me if anyone cared
It is my relief
It is only my belief
That I speak, only my needs that I need to meet
My personal retreat
Much to elate
Emotions intoxicate
My mental escape

© copyright Tue Aug 04 17:55:19 UTC 2009 - All Rights Reserved

My Deep Ocean of Thought

Always in deep thought
Mental stimulation
Everything coming to a halt
Intoxicating penetration
Into the unknown
Thoughts erratic
Feelings shown
Almost like an addict
Actions amplified
For reasons untold
Body numb and mummified
Under mind’s control
Spirit boasting
Strengthening my mind
Heart afloat
Thoughts and desires intertwine
Mind always in a race
Hidden and secure
My secret place
Answers within I ensure
My escape Into my own little world
Invading this is called mental rape
This is my space twirled
Around the real me
My thoughts run deep as an ocean
My own personal retreat, mental relief
Desires put into motion
All in my head
Lying there untouched
Pure, never tainted or misread
Securely clutched
Always true to self
First and foremost
For my personal health
My personal toast
No one could ever truly understand
The vibes that flow within
Emotions dealt with, and stronger I stand
My thoughts will never end
And are always constant
Until you have walked in my shoes
You could never relate
But listen closely to all my clues
While I attempt to intoxicate
A distraction to deter
And make sure my thoughts and feelings
Are always secure, and un telling of what may occur
My private dealings
Are my own
Never for others to be let completely in
They are meant to be left to the unknown
Only to reside deep within

© copyright Tue Aug 04 17:55:19 UTC 2009 - All Rights Reserved

Missin You

Missin you, your touch
The way you make me feel inside and out, I miss so much

Your eyes gripping my soul
You complete me and make me whole

The depth of your spirit
Your love is intense, not only can I feel it but I hear it

When I close my eyes, I hear the love
Pure as a white dove

Filling my anatomy, consuming my heart
I hate this being apart

Every moment without you is like and eternity
Causing momentary insanity

Our foundation is strong
Together is where we belong

I am here missin you
Lovin only you

© copyright Tue Aug 04 17:55:19 UTC 2009 - All Rights Reserved

My Big Brother

Childhood memories of you
And all that we have been through

Constant fights
Hair pulling and arm bites

Teaching me to tell time and tie my shoe
What to or not to do

Teaching me how to love what’s inside
Worries and concerns with you, I confide

Taking day trips to amusement parks
Watching in amazement lights and firework sparks

Teaching me how to drive
With you by my side I always felt alive

Teenage mistakes
Giving me back what life takes

Disagreements and arguments forgotten
No more revenges plotting

Both young parents together learning
Giving our children the love they are yearning

The lessons you have taught
I pass onto my children, what is most sought

Your guidance taught me, me
I truly wish you didn’t have to leave

Me alone, not knowing, lost
Your journey for love has cost

And left me without my big brother
Your soul still fills me enough to smoother

I feel you within and around
Your words of wisdom and experience still surround

I miss your strong arms comforting my fears
Your gentle hands wiping away my tears

Even after 10 years, I know somewhere you are still here
I just can’t accept your gone, I just miss you oh so dear

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Just Once More...

Lying here in this bed next to him
Wanting him to touch and love me until my knees go numb
Longing to feel his soft kisses on my neck
Loving me all the way down past the small of my back
His hands caressing my thighs as gentle as a feather
Making my senses alert and sensitive to his touch
Craving to feel him inside
Taking me to our special sensual place
Indulging into pure ecstasy
Falling asleep in his arms, awakening to his much desired kisses
But instead
I lay next to this man I love with every molecule of my body
Hurting, missing the love we shared
Both knowing we cannot be, not now
But the love we share is so powerful and keeps pulling us back
Now we lay here as two friends would
Pretending we don’t want to give in
Just once more…

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Fuck You...

You think I am so fuckin dumb
I know all you want to do is cum

Maybe a lil company here and there
If you know it’s not going anywhere

Why do you pretend to love me so much
Because you know I crave your touch

You know how much I love you
But don’t lie and say you do to

I know what you do when I am not around
I am used to how your lies sound

You seem to forget women are smarter
Your continuous lies are ambition to scheme harder

Pay back is a mother fucker
Fuck you…

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I am completely addicted to you
Just as you are to me
To the way we love
What we are together
But we are not right for one another
Giving in time and time again; only setting ourselves up
Knowingly starting something when we cannot be
Knowing how intense our feelings are for one another
But we still are addicted and can’t stop
Just can’t get enough of you, of us…

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My mouth is dry but I cannot quench my thirst
In a pool of thoughtlessness I am immersed

The world is going on around me
My inner screams are dying to be free

But I choose to remain allusive
Leaving my love and feelings for my own exclusive

Insecurities and heart entwined
Raging their own wars

Not allowing the other to win
And the other not willing to ever give in

Lost hopes and dreams
Are causing two extremes

Emotions remain unfazed
Inside my eternal love is about to set a blaze

But the one that deserves it has not revealed his face
So until he shows himself, I have removed my taste

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