Thursday, June 12, 2008

My Star

You are my star
Even though we are apart
I am always thinking of you
And the places I cant wait to take you
You are growing so fast
Each day that is past
I am missing you more and more
The world is yours to explore
Any way you choose
Problems along the way will introduce
Lessons to be learned
And spiritual growth will be returned
Success is yours for the taking
This is your world to be king
To conquer and rule
Just as long as you do good and stay in school
You are my jewel
My most prized possession
Be sure to follow your passion
Search for your destiny
You will always be the world to me
Your strength is inevitable
Knowledge is ignitable
As long as you are a believer
You will always be the achiever
Stay strong
Royalty is where you belong
Always remember who you are
My star

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