Wednesday, June 11, 2008

What Lies Within...

Crying deep inside
Trying my best to cover and hide
What I am truly feeling
The smile on my face is never revealing
Always make sure everyone else is happy
All the while I am the one feeling crappy
Inside I am screaming
Constantly grieving
Didn’t want to burden anyone with my troubles
Everything affects me in doubles
Emotions increasing
Confidence decreasing
Feeling as if I am about to explode
My home is not a humble abode
I am miserable
Happiness seems expendable
There is no safe way out
I have always done without
I need to redefine myself
Do it for me and no one else
Find the courage that lies deep within
I know it is there and I can always depend
On me, whatever it takes
I know I can locate my inner strength
The first step is recognizing the problems
Then trying to figure out how to solve them
It is going to take a lot of planning
It is definitely going to be demanding
I know I can survive
I am sure there is a way to revive my life
Despite what lies ahead
It has to be better than feeling dead inside
There is no one I can confide
What will it take to compensate
So now I contemplate
Searching for relief
Something to set my heart at ease
Free me from my tribulations
I know I can do it as long as I have true dedication

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