Wednesday, June 11, 2008


A woman violated
Feels very isolated

Alone and scared
Thinks no one cares
Too afraid to share

Dirty and tainted

Very Embarrassed
Constantly asking why was I the one harassed

How could a man do that to a woman
Not a true man

Just so he could feel powerful
In control because she is doubtful

Guess he has something to prove
She is now too scared to move

Guess you are a big man now
To her every second seems like an hour

Belittling a woman who is smaller than yourself
She is wondering why no one has came to help

Your cheap thrills
Send her chills

She will never ever be the same
Now self respect and self-esteem is hard to claim

She can never forget or get past
Her entire life terror and fear will last

And taunting

Breaking down in tears
Constant fears

No cure for the depression
Maintains absolute discretion

All from one man’s actions
His satisfactions

But what about her temple
It has been violated just that simple

And now nothing can take it back
She will always remember and relive the attack

There is nothing she can do
To ever construe

A woman violated can never get back what has been taken
And will always feel forsaken

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