Thursday, June 12, 2008

Let's See...

Even though we just met, you’ve got my attention
Got me contemplating future decisions

Not sure what will come our way
Making me curious enough to stay

All other contender’s go unnoticed
To see where this will lead takes higher focus

Not making expectations, just going with the flow
Everything about you, I wanna know

Time is of the essence
Right now, I’m just enjoying your presence

The more time is given, the more is craved
Around you it’s hard to behave

The first attraction was physical
But I want to also stimulate the mental

Learning the depths of your soul
Making happiness the highest goal

Willing to see this through
When you are not around, you got me missing you

Curiosity is getting the best of me
Slowly following your lead

Opening locked doors
With you I may want to explore

I hope you are also feeling me
Just where this goes, let’s see…

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