Thursday, June 12, 2008

Love See's No Color

Our love is beyond the color of our skin
Our love comes from within
Didn’t realize that was such a sin
If we are happy what does it matter to anyone else
Just as long as we are true to what is felt
We are not trying to please anyone but our self
Why cant people just be happy for us
Instead of making such a fuss
This is not just lust
This is real love
The long lasting type of love
The kind of love that was sent from above
Why do others feel the need to hate
What difference does it make
To you, why are you so up in arms and acting so irate
I am not in this to hurt you
I am in a love that is so true
Didn’t mean to offend you
I should be entitled to love that is due
And I wish the exact same for you

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