Tuesday, May 20, 2014

As one

Next to you is the softest place on earth
My safe haven where we are untouchable 
The world around seems invisible 
Our shield is invincible 
Floating high within our private plateau 
Where life's simplicity is euphoric 
A natural aphrodisiac we create with each kiss
Every touch electrifies the rays of the sun
The moons glow reflects inside of each eye glimmer
Smiles brighten the density of the sunrise 
Magnifying the sensations of sensitivity 
Like an echo bouncing from mountain tops
And screams go unheard deep in the forests fog
A glimpse of paradise cultivates in each moment of togetherness 
Fingernails trace poetic inspirations 
Sounds of breathless sighs 
An aura of violet and indigo hues surround two joining bodies 
Glistening textures of fluidic streams
Transforming dreams to realities 
A cluster of lustful clouds linger in silence
Interlocking fingers caress heartbeats 
Beating as one 
Spirits combined into a private dance
Where each move naturally  choreographs symphonies 
Rain dances tiptoe through the depths of love
Emotions played out with each actions intensity 
Amplified beyond the tides surf
Riding the rhythms of each wave
But yet as one