Monday, October 14, 2013

The knowing... of knowing

Dreams tasted upon his lips of yesterday's promise
Today's rain soothed in the whispers of his voice
Trusting the waterfalls of obstacles that present 
Knowing at the end our hands will still be interlocked 
Hearts forever intertwined
A bond that is inseparable 
Security only found at the ending of rainbows
Lilies wildly grazing the fields 
Land sliding through pockets of mud and debris
Reunited by magnetism of souls connected throughout space
Comic attractions penetrate surfaces 
The density of emotions sincerity
History builds foundations for futures  reward 
His aura surrounds my vision 
The one my soul searches for 
The only home I know 
Comfort found in just knowing
Resolution of commitment
A lifetime of preparations for co-existence 
If time allows sacrifice
Efforts of togetherness breed actions
Voiced verbal notes that flow the same beat... on repeat
The knowing... of just knowing...  

Friday, October 11, 2013

To be one

want to inhale his breath as his soul fills my lungs
To be the taste he salivates for  
The scent that his nose craves to smell
A part of his genetic make up
As he resides within each layer of my skin
The sun that shines in his pupils so bright that dilation sets in
Tingly sensations instantly rise chill bumps
Butterflies fluttering from head to toe 
Words get lost without the ability to be spoken
Tongues whisper a language only known to one another
Eyes connected reading each other's thoughts 
The kiss that produces electrical infusions 
Strength that defies human force
To the realm of which spirits dance in harmony 
Creating symphonies of shooting stars
The light that illuminates within
As each touch erupts volcanoes
When brain waves become parallel 
The merging of two beings
To be one 

My reasons

He encompass my sea of tranquility
The calm within my storm
Peace that comforts me
The moons glow glimmering in my eyes
Steadiness that balances my equilibrium 
Shifting planets in the atmosphere
The rushing of the waves that collide directly into my love
Reasoning that defies senses
My gardens of desires fertilized
Nurturing growth within my spirit
Baring fruits of labors reward
Injections of rainbow colored energies
My breath of fresh air
That breezes my flesh
Wishes upon fallen stars
Flowered fragrances the fill my scent
Tap dances of rhythms that palpitate inspirations
With the intensity if lighting strikes
That rejuvenate my soul
Infusing life
For breathing
He is my reason

Thursday, October 3, 2013

Into the light

It's taken me some time to get used to this
There were many opportunities to just dismiss
But what has already been established keeps our energies connected
Going with what hearts have selected
With communication and compromise
Our passion is like waves about to collide
You make me see the glass half full
Motivating me to be better, reminding me that I already know which
strings to pull
Freeing my mind of doubt and stress
Taking comfort in the ability for secrets to confess
My past misjudgments and heartaches made it hard for me to trust
But truth is, my love for you goes far deeper than the obvious lust
You bring light to my darkness
Allowing me to release any fear that I harnessed
Bringing different shades of color to my rainbow
When the stars fall, you are in the moons glow
The reason for the morning sunshining so bright
Taking my spirit to new heights
The rapid rhythm in my heartbeat
Appreciating the beauty in its occasional offbeat
You are the scent I inhale
The images in my visions veil
You are in my smile and the reason for my bounce
I so naturally allow you to be the holder of my heart, every ounce
Making a decision to trust isn't a decision that comes easy for me
Just handle it with care is my only plea
Letting go while hands are held tight
Walking into the light

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Sweet Dreams

The clouds are getting dark and the sky looks as if it's falling 
I can barely breathe, the walls are slowly closing in
The screams are becoming silent and rigor has set in
Unable to move, muscles become limp
Mind searching muddy waters 
Bloodshed dreams massacre sights 
Tasting salt filled tears
Uncontrollable shaking persisting convulsions 
Heart beating out of my chest 
Sweat streaming puddles of escape
Ocean tides sweeping me under
Drowning disappointments and pain
Scratching the ground as the dirt suffocates    
I just want one more view of the sunlight 
Witness the trees blowing 
Smell the roses
Feel my hair flowing in the wind
The sun tainting my skin
To kiss the one I love one more time
I opened my eyes
And exhaled
I must rest

Wrongfully Misled

Blindsided by slick persuasion
Disregarding his public evasion
Captivated by his tongue
Thinking you’re the only one
While in fact you’re just one of many
Brushing off red flags thinking the other women are just in envy
The periodic glances and sly brushes weren’t your imagination
Just discretion used in their flirtations
Not giving much phone conversation because that’s not really his thing
You’re envisioning dresses and rings
Making future plans that he has no intentions on keeping
Your love to deeper depths continues seeping
Putting a commitment on hold while promising soon to come
Into his lies you succumb
Stringing you on just enough to get your attention
His true motives are beyond your comprehension
Guaranteeing pleasures to remain the same
Still believing that one day you will bare his last name
Keep your eyes open at all times
The pieces of the puzzle will eventually fall in line
All the signs were previously misread
Feeling like a fool for giving your all because you were being wrongfully misled

Tuesday, October 1, 2013


Tiptoed a dance around the seams 
Even appearing in dreams
At each hour that passes
Desire floating flames
Tasting roses blooming your palate 
Serenading your temple
Purple hues of sun rays
Singing love melodies of memories
Air walking on clouds
Reaching for the sun
Blinded by attraction
Souls emulate action 
A rhythms sync
Basking in the light
The chill bumps that rise
Altering the beat of hearts 
Depths of seas encased passion
Each moment stolen treasures engrave
A sketch of the physique  shadow silhouettes
Awakening dreams control thoughts and emotion
The heart tells the stories of its intent
And contains a hold onto your skin
Down to the core element that never dies
Interlocked in its webs
Care free and secure
Intensity at its extreme
Free falling within its realms
The oozing of a vampires bite
In a trance that has no ending
Embracement of love