Friday, September 9, 2011


Cleansed my heart from past pains
My confidence I regained
The ability to trust
A clear vision to see past lust
Speaking what comes to mind
Biting my tongue has resigned
Stronger I stand
Respect I demand
Taking life one day at a time
Cherishing each journey I climb

TGIF!!!! This really wasnt heavy on my heart, but the words formed as they are. I am thinking someone needed a reminder of this strength and overcoming I have displayed...I dont question what comes out naturally...I hope everyone has a safe and blessed weekend!

Thursday, September 8, 2011


Awakening to your kisses
Your scent consumed as I breathe in
Last night’s passion reminisced
This is the way each day should begin
Smiling from the inside out
With that extra stride in my step
At the top of my lungs I shout
That next level overstepped
Love displayed in my eyes
Wearing my heart on my sleeve
Within emotions arise
Each day, a stronger love we conceive

Good Morning All! This is just how I am feeling this morning :) Just how those morning kisses set your day off... *wink*

Thursday, September 1, 2011


The ticking of the clock has my heart on edge
Pondering the evidence and truths you allege
Tired of the same old games
The reasons your actions claim
Being the only one to put forth sacrifice
While your appetite you continue to entice
Telling me the same as your telling them
After I put my heart out on the limb
Gave you another chance
An opportunity for us to advance
You’re only confessing because you were caught
With no account for my feelings left distraught
After my trust you promised never to again break it
But instead you chose to forsake it
The overwhelming feeling left me gut wrenched
Pain grabbed my heart and tightly clenched
Tears I refused to shed
Words remain to be left unsaid
My actions turning heartless and cold
Love now on withhold
The relief of you walking away I observe
Knowing the value I deserve
I can no longer accept you as a loved one
Since you can’t be honest, I am officially done