Tuesday, August 31, 2010


Art by: Monet


His touch awakens, as a breath of fresh air
His kiss evokes feelings deep
Way beyond a casual affair
With my heart at ease, comes peaceful sleep
His heart soothes inner fears
His eyes confirm sincerity
Wiping away stains left from trails of tears
Walls tumbling, leaving room for prosperity
His personality completely comforts, emotions ignite
His hands guide in new undiscovered directions
Withstanding disagreements, previews a different light
Willingly demonstrates truth behind affections
His voice fills my ears, profoundly outspoken
Words dont give justice to an unwritten lyric
With him, love prevails the unspoken
His love fully awakens my spirit

Monday, August 30, 2010



At work unable to focus on the phone
I'm in my own little zone
Whatever they are talking about is unknown

My mind is in a trance
Focused on last nights romance

I am still feeling your love immersing my pores
My soul kissing yours

The sensual touch of your ecstasy
Bringing reality to our fantasies

Your kisses floating my senses
Naturally your love leaves me defenseless

My hearts pain you completely console
Your love seeping the depths of my heart and soul

My senses redefined and enhanced
Your love locks me in a total trance

Thursday, August 26, 2010


Claude Monet-Waterlillies


Everytime you walk into a room, I feel you
I feel the strength of our hearts pursuit

When I close my eyes, you are on my mind
Feelings take over, chills run up and down my spine

Yearning to feel you deep inside
Wanting to feel our passions fully collide

Craving to feel your kisses caressing me
From head to toe, setting me free

The depths of these feelings my hearts confessed
Thoughts of you leave me completely breathless


Wednesday, August 25, 2010


Good Morning All!  I am reposting this poem because I have been neglecting everyone from my poetry long enough.  I couldnt come up with anything, so I am resharing this one...I am still not feeling good at all.  I have a feeling that I am getting the flu :(  Maybe from moving and the fact that my air condition works in my new place....Before the air didnt work in the back two bedrooms...I guess after two years of living without air I have to get used to it again...Plus its that time of year for my sinus's to act up :(  Last night I kept waking up in cold sweats then waking up freezing...And I have been wide awake since 3am...I am not really sure when I wrote this one but I suspect earlier this year....This fits with the mood that I am in right now...I have been through hell and back...literally...and my world is changing around me (for the good) and I am scared...terrified to fail again...But I reflect of what all that I have overcame thus far and my strength reminds me that its all going to work out...


My world is flipping upside down
But I see the pieces of the puzzle falling into place
Listening to the sounds
Of your voice and recognizing your face
Leading me through the fires
Protecting me from harm
No longer living through desires
Not falling for the devils charm
Finding strength within
That I never felt before
You are the only one I can depend
To open closed doors
I never thought possible
Each day no matter the circumstance, I praise your name
And you show miracles that were once impossible
Now, my life will never be the same

And these two ladies right here are the source of my strength....My reason for breathing...The ARE my everything...

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Blah Blah Blah

Ok, I am posting this picture for no particular reason at all...Its me and my brothers....My brother to your left hand side with the darker brown hair...The one that looks like my twin...Thats my brother Joe that passed away that I have written about many times here...He passed away July 9th, 1996 of AIDS....This picture was taken almost exactly a year before he passed.  This picture was taken right before he got really sick...Its really one of the last pictures he took, if not the very last one before he got sick...We actually used this picture for his obituary and cut me and my youngest brother out...Look at me now lol...I was rockin that bob now LOL....I was so young, innocent and naive back then....I turned 20 a few months later :)  I sure havent changed much at all...

Monday, August 9, 2010

My Choice

Good Morning All!  My mind is quite scattered so I am suprised I was able to write this in 5 mins...I wanted to write something but had planned on some ramblings today...This poem reflects where my mind is at right now.  I am quite focused on what has to be done...

My Choice

Mind scattered
Disregarding things that once mattered
Finding new direction
Not allowing my mind to be mislead by affection
Choosing my destiny
Maintaining my sanity
Not allowing life to affect my mood
Feelings no longer seclude
Depression no longer has control
Taking back what life has stole
Regaining my own voice
Happiness is my choice

Friday, August 6, 2010

One-Friday's 55

Good Morning All!  I was struggling to write this one so I could post a 55...My mind is just scattered right now...


You are the only man I desire
The one that sparks flames to my fire
I breathe your scent and become high
Like a kite floating in the sky
Embracing the comfort of your touch
These feelings I clutch
Deep within my being
While guaranteeing
Pure serenity
Revealing loves identity
Soothing my soul
Becoming one

Thursday, August 5, 2010


You evoke feelings I never knew existed
Feelings of happiness
The love I feel flowing through your veins
Bleeds straight into my heart
With a pulsating rhythm
Just waiting to explode
Taking us to higher levels
Of ecstasy and intimacy
To a plateau of our very own
Reaching new heights with every second
Where time doesnt even matter
Nothing else matters anymore
But the feelings being produced
Between the two of us
The creation of
Our own rhythm of love

Wednesday, August 4, 2010


Hungers burning desire
Hearts shooting flames of fire
Sparks of electricity no longer deniable
Constant eruption always reliable
Lightning strikes felt within the soul
Lives brought together with a common goal
Insatiable beams of light
Irresistible to fight
Two hearts connected as one
True love can never be undone
Every emotion explored
But there is always a hunger for more

Tuesday, August 3, 2010


Your kisses make my heart flutter
To where there are no words for my lips to utter
Like a therapeutic healing
Words dont give justice to this feeling
Bringing my body shivering cold chills
Like the world is spinning but I am lying still
Thoughts disappear from my mind
While feelings are redefined
In a total state of bliss
By your gentle, loving kiss

Monday, August 2, 2010


Thoughts of you bring a smile to my face
And warmth to my heart
You are always on my mind

Thoughts of you bring chills to my body
And tingles within
You are always on my mind

Thoughts of you bring butterflies to my stomach
And dizziness to my feet
You are always on my mind

Thoughts of you bring solitude to my mind
And focus to my destiny
You are always on my mind

Thoughts of you provoke feelings never before felt
And at times irrational thoughts
You are always on my mind