Monday, August 30, 2010



At work unable to focus on the phone
I'm in my own little zone
Whatever they are talking about is unknown

My mind is in a trance
Focused on last nights romance

I am still feeling your love immersing my pores
My soul kissing yours

The sensual touch of your ecstasy
Bringing reality to our fantasies

Your kisses floating my senses
Naturally your love leaves me defenseless

My hearts pain you completely console
Your love seeping the depths of my heart and soul

My senses redefined and enhanced
Your love locks me in a total trance


Opaque said...

It is a nice feeling when you have found the one...

Jingle said...

lovely poem.
love the beautiful hearts.

Brian Miller said...

yes, please take care of yourself...and glad he knows now so he can help you remember. smiles. beautiful verse jstar...

25champ said...

Sounds like somebody had a great nite lol. Glad 2 no ur episode wasn't to serious. Didn't know romance could inspire such good poetry lmao Good Read!

Dulce said...


Who said she was in love?

This is so amazing so beautiful... the poem, your feeling and ah- that pic!
Feel so happy 4 u!!

♥ Dulce

Just telling it like it is said...

I'm so happy for you suga!

The Write Girl said...

What a beautiful poem for your sweetie...hope you feel better as well JStar!!

Senorita said...

So glad you have true love in your life.

And about the comment you left me on my blog, you have beatiful daughters. You should be so proud of what you've accomplished in raising them.