Monday, July 16, 2012


Woke up with the brightest smile thinking about his love
Feeling like the clouds I am floating above
Walking in the shadows of tunnel vision
He is all that my heart could ever envision
No one could ever fulfill that place in me his love resides
Like we are two halves to a whole and perfectly coincide

Friday, July 13, 2012

Intensity- voice recorded


I want to taste the scent of his cologne on my tongues tip
Passionate and slow kisses from my neck to my lips
Lifting me off of the bed and pinning me against the wall
Into his secure arms I fall
Body heat rising causing dripping sweat
His whispers in my ear making me soaking wet
Our hearts palpitating creating rhythm to our beats
Vibrations exploding making my knees weak
Almost like each time we are competing with our last session
Seeking to charter the depths of our loves confessions
Reinventing the script with each and every movement
Discovering previously undiscovered improvements
The instant our locking eyes initiate
The electrifying intensity together we naturally create

Thursday, July 12, 2012


Hold me tight and don’t let go
Allow your true feelings to clearly show
Secure my secrets and ease my fears
Kiss away all of my tears
Be my shoulder to lean on
Make realities of my dreams I wish upon
Soothe my inner emotions
Drowning out any worldly commotion
Battling alone is no longer
As the strength of our love grows stronger
To my needs, wants and desires take heed
And become all I will ever need
In return, I can provide the same and much more
While to the next level of this commitment we explore

Thursday, July 5, 2012


I am disappointed each time the phone rings
And it’s not his ringtone sounding
The inner emotions that just his voice brings
Memories of relived moments compounding
Missing the warmth of his hugs
And the chills of his kisses
Images flashing and my heart constantly tugs
Each second without him I reminisce
In his love, I retreat
As dreams come to life and magically appear
Suddenly my heart skips a beat
While his ringtone sings a lullaby in my ear

Hello All! I KNOW I have been slacking...esp, on the writing end. I have been really busy with work lately and I have been doing a lot of performances and I also did a few voice recordings on Soundcloud. My next venture is to record some youtube videos :-)

This one is admittidly a forced write lol..but hey, its what is on my mind at the moment....I miss him each and ever second we are apart...Even when he walks into the next room