Thursday, July 12, 2012


Hold me tight and don’t let go
Allow your true feelings to clearly show
Secure my secrets and ease my fears
Kiss away all of my tears
Be my shoulder to lean on
Make realities of my dreams I wish upon
Soothe my inner emotions
Drowning out any worldly commotion
Battling alone is no longer
As the strength of our love grows stronger
To my needs, wants and desires take heed
And become all I will ever need
In return, I can provide the same and much more
While to the next level of this commitment we explore


Brian Miller said...

smiles....pretty is this the engagement verse or part of the nuptual verse...or....smiles.

JStar said...

:-) none of those yet Brian, just about taking this commitment more seriously than ever before since we know this is real and exactly what we want for the rest of our lives