Monday, September 21, 2009

Options Narrow

Life changing decisions to be made
Choosing the wrong one, I am so afraid
Just because we are feeling each other
Doesn’t mean that we are right for one another
I have very good options but not sure which is best
One does stand above all the rest
I just hope he is the right man for me
Not necessarily wanting him on bended knee
I just want something real
I want to release all this love inside that I feel
I want this to be a lifelong commitment
A love that’s consistent
The one man that I chose to share my soul
The one I turn to, to be consoled
I know that nothing in life is guaranteed
Just tired of wasting my time with those who mislead
Not rushing into anything, patience is key
I am curious if he can keep me happy
And give a relationship that will continue to excel
I will never know unless I try; only time can tell

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