Friday, January 29, 2010

Friday's 55

He stole my heart like a thief in the night
I was open and couldn’t put up a fight

Trust overcame
Love has been proclaimed

Happiness is guaranteed
Monogamy agreed

Communication prevents misunderstandings
Although disagreements sting

They can be worked through
Into love we can again subdue

Making up is the best
Our hearts impressed


I miss you
Wish I could kiss you

Love you
Take care of you

I wish I could be with you
Expressing my love ever so true

The pain consumes me
and runs ever so deep

As long as we are apart
Nothing will ever mend my broken heart

It is hard living
without my heart giving

All of the love inside me
To my one and only true love for all the world to see

You will always be within me
No matter where life takes us you will forever be apart of me

Souls interlaced
Hearts locked in this race

Of life, not knowing where we are going to land
In your arms is where I am now banned

But dream of each day of my life
Wishing I was your wife

Living happily ever after
No more tears, only laughter

I really wish I could be with you
I truly miss you

I love you with all my heart and soul!!!!

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Wednesday, January 27, 2010


Around you I feel at home
Eager to turn each stone

I can be me, with no acts to fake
No impressions I need to make

With you, I am in my comfort zone
The undeniable love and trust set the tone

There is just about nothing we don’t know about each other
Yet, there is still more to learn about one another

When we met at the movie theater that day
I was numb and my mouth couldn’t form the words I wanted to say

When it was made known it was my number you wanted
We had no idea the bond being confronted

I looked in those eyes and had to have you
The closer we got, I became to love you

As teenagers, we were best friends
You became someone that I grew to depend

As adults, we missed our chances but became lovers
It’s good our secrets were never discovered

You are that someone that I could never let go
That one that always had my heart even when no one could know

Now life brings us another chance
To heighten things above this romance

I can no longer contain the uncontrollable
I am tired of running from the inevitable

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Tuesday, January 26, 2010


Unable to sleep, tossing and turning
Soul on fire and constantly burning

Thoughts and drama consuming
Fears and worries slowly resuming

Feeling totally frustrated
Anger being illustrated

Nothing being accomplished
Sanity being diminished

Wishing I would have prevented
And first of all repented

Prayer could have preserved
Energy could have been conserved

So, why stress over what cannot be controlled
Be patient and watch what unfolds

Everything is a part of His ultimate plan
Continue to trust, even if we don’t understand

Believe in His word and subdue
Things will work out as they are supposed to

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Monday, January 25, 2010



Good Morning All!  I had a revaltion at church yesterday about the situation I posted the other day about my man and female friend....My minister testified and her words touched my heart and made me realize that I am human....That I was in my thought process reverting back to my old way of thinking allowing doubt in my heart and my mind to play tricks on me...I am truthfully glad the two people that I love very much can be friends, thats important and will be more so when our relationship reaches other levels....I am ok now :)  and comfortable with my relationship and friendship with my very close friend.  I KNOW they would never do anything to hurt me...So I have let that jealousy go....

Well since its a nasty rainy day, I thought I would post this poem inspired by my daughter.

Life continuously throws us down bumpy roads
Pain takes over and implodes

We make mistakes over and over again
But we have to know when to say when

Learn how to overcome
Not allowing ourselves to succumb

To drama and dismay
Never being led astray

Once the rain clears
The beautiful rainbow appears

Note: This poem was inspired by my daughter Tanaesha, she came up with "No Rain, No Rainbow" This poem is to explain her phrase's purpose...

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Thursday, January 14, 2010


I am so tired of being alone
Tired of feeling like I am on my own

Tired of waking up to an empty bed
Wondering what’s ahead

My standards are high as ever
But I don’t want to be by myself forever

I want to feel the feeling of love
An no longer the lack thereof

I want someone to share my thoughts and dreams
Nothing is ever how it seems

Being alone does has its benefits
But it also has its limits

I miss being made love to all night
And all those feelings that excite

I miss hearing the words “I love you”
That kind of love that makes you feel brand new

But I am not willing to accept just anything
Definitely not looking for a meaningless fling

Been there, done that many times before
But my feelings I can no longer ignore

Lately I have constantly pushed good men away
Terrified of being betrayed

I know I need to let my guards down some
Or I will allow my loneliness to succumb

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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

I Still Want You...

I want you to kiss me passionately like you used to
I want to see you smile again when I am in your view

I want to feel the passion we once knew
I want to forget the troubles we have been through

I want sleepless nights next to you
I want our love to feel brand new

I want ecstasy to the fullest pursued
I want to feel safe to subdue

I want you to completely hold me within you
Feeling your love inside is long overdue

I want our love’s strength to always anew
Baby I still love and want only you…

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Tuesday, January 12, 2010


I want unconditionally…

Someone that tells and shows me how special I am to them
Someone that will make sure I am ok before he is worried about him
Someone who unconditionally loves me for me
Someone who encourages me to be everything I can be
Someone who for no reason brings me flowers
Someone who believes in unconditional love and its true powers
Someone who listens and truly cares how I feel
Someone who is patient and will comfort me as I heal
Someone who is man enough to tell me no
Someone who is secure enough to allow his love to clearly show
Someone who will treat me like a woman should
Someone who will jump hoops to do all he could
Someone that makes you want to rush home to
Someone nightly to make love to
Someone to hold me at night
Someone who no longer wants to argue and fight
Someone who would never put his hands on me
Someone who wouldn’t dream of cheating and only desires me
Someone that can’t imagine their life without me
Someone who is prepared to stand on bended knee

Does this man exist?
Is this too much to ask?

I am prepared to give the same in return and then some…

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Wednesday, January 6, 2010


I wrote and posted this back in July...

Sometimes I just want to be alone
To be invisible and unknown

In my own little space
No one to chase

No one around
Completely quiet, hearing no sounds

Not dealing with anyone’s attitude
Not having to show anyone gratitude

Just free to be me
No rules and no guarantee

Feeling only my own thoughts and dreams
No one hearing my inner screams

Dealing with self first and foremost
Mind escaping into the unknown, curtains finally closed

Going anywhere my heart desires
Feeding my soul with what it requires

Just completely loving me
Being free to just be me…

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Tuesday, January 5, 2010


Good Morning All!  I wrote and posted this back in August...Kinda goes with my New Year theme :)  I know I need to write something fresh...Not sure why I cant seem too...I havent even written in my journal since before Christmas...

Lying in my bed listening to the rain drops
Wishing they would never stop

Not wanting to leave these covers
Hiding and not wanting to be discovered

Enjoying being alone
Everything else can be postponed

Taking personal quality time
Not worrying about deadlines

Completely focused on me
And what it is that I need

Actually loving me in totality
Door knocks bring me back to reality

Ignoring everyone else
Only going by my own impulse

Being alone is actually not that bad
No one to get on my nerves and make me mad

Relaxing with everyone out of reach
Listening to my own inner speech

Not depending on anyone’s guarantee
Discovering that I do really love me

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Monday, January 4, 2010


I wrote this poem in the 90's but it goes with how I am feeling at this moment...Trying again to turn over a new hope that everyone had a safe, blessed New Years celebration...I stayed in and watch NY's ball drop and went fast asleep mins after :)

I am not like anyone you have ever met
But I am someone you may never forget

I take things as they come
I make sure the job gets done

At times I may cause unnecessary stress
But don’t worry it is just a test

I am a very thoughtful person
I like to discuss the problem from the start before things worsen

I don’t have time and energy for drama
Treat me like you would treat your momma

That should be with the utmost respect
Always come correct

I am very strong
I have been done wrong

I have been through too much in my life
I am still here despite

I will not tolerate ignorance
I love to keep you in suspense

I stand up for what I believe
I have many goals I plan to achieve

I am very sincere in my efforts
I am consistent in my endeavors

I am honest and open-minded
I do not walk around blinded

I see the people for what they are
I appreciate the bizarre

I am very dedicated and loyal
Myself I love to spoil

Take time to get to know me before you judge
I will always be there to give you that nudge

I don’t need anyone or anything to define
What flows through my spine

I will always be me
That I can guarantee

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