Friday, January 29, 2010


I miss you
Wish I could kiss you

Love you
Take care of you

I wish I could be with you
Expressing my love ever so true

The pain consumes me
and runs ever so deep

As long as we are apart
Nothing will ever mend my broken heart

It is hard living
without my heart giving

All of the love inside me
To my one and only true love for all the world to see

You will always be within me
No matter where life takes us you will forever be apart of me

Souls interlaced
Hearts locked in this race

Of life, not knowing where we are going to land
In your arms is where I am now banned

But dream of each day of my life
Wishing I was your wife

Living happily ever after
No more tears, only laughter

I really wish I could be with you
I truly miss you

I love you with all my heart and soul!!!!

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Anonymous said...

Another perfect poem by you Jennifer, You are a poetic genius.


JStar said...

Awwwww@Secretia...Its all effortless...I always thought this particular poem was a lil cheesy....but it demonstrates my frustration in the years of wanting him, tasting him in my dreams...So close but coulndt have him as mine....Feels soooo good to have him now...again :)

E's said...

A very sweet poem, J. Glad you're free to run toward what you love too. Much love...

JStar said...

:) Thanks E!

Dulce said...

Love and pain so well depicted here! Why!

JStar said...

Yes Dulce...All from bad choices...Glad my choices are clarified now :)

Anonymous said...

hope your car is doing better, and this is yet another great love poem. why don't you write a poem book?

JStar said...

YES thank God it was still under warranty :)

I am working on it Elizabeth...I still have more yet that I want to write thats the only reason I havent gone to publishing yet...