Saturday, December 1, 2012


Just being in the presence of your essence sends electric tingling sensations liquidating each one of my pores

Even before your touch an influx of vibes bursting the rush of my excitement floating in my own sea-like shores

Your kiss gravitates me to elevations of our naturally created utopia where we are the only two in existence

Undeniably breaking down and eliminating the trenches of any form of persistent resistance

Feverishly panting as sweat beads on my forehead form like an addict you are my new drug of choice

Sexy whispers sing melodies to my ears pulling me into your trance controlling me with the tone of your voice

Drunken by the scent released in the creases of your neck as your pheromones hypnotize

Looking into your soul trapped in your eyes as your thoughts instantly paralyze

Your finger tips gently feathering each inch of my skin has my natural flow pulsating

My eyes close as you enthrall in the visions of your touches affect leaving me captured as your drug has me sedating

Your lips caressing my clit while your tongue circulates each crevice thirst quenching as you drink from me

Heightened senses causing uncontrollable muscle spasms as to you I release all of me

Returning the favor with tongue swirls and tickling glides up and down in gentle rhythms as you gasp for air

Tasting the salt from your warmth trickle as explosions erupt leaving nothing to spare

Feeling your width expand to the walls of my innermost depths reaching the end of my rainbow to my buried treasures of gold

Our heartbeats in sync as breathless moans increase with each flip and turn of new pleasures unfold

The strength of your hardness has pulses convulsing in repeated orgasmic fires igniting

Splashing in and out of my wetness while my walls tighten persisting another release even more inviting

Pinching my nipples and massaging my clit with each stroke causing the inevitable chain reaction

Louder gratifications escape our lungs emerging mutual eruptions in a unison of lust filled satisfactions

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Still I Remember

I still taste you on my tongue
Still breathe you within my lungs
I still see futures in my vision
Still tease my thoughts as I live in
I still feel your gliding touch on my skin
Still I embrace you within

I lie here reaching for you...remembering
Awakening to the warmth of your embrace
Tantalized by your excitement massaging my back
Glancing back to the smile of your lips
And the desires of your eyes
As you firmly grasp my hips
Welcoming the dawn of your sunrise
As I lean in so our lips can reconnect
Our tongues feverishly greet
Your gentle kisses feather my neck
Gliding over each inch of my back
Turning me so that we are now eye to eye
Repeating steps one through three
I escape a breathless sigh
Swirling your tongue hardening each nipple
As you cup and massage each breast
Slowly working your way past my stomach
Until you reach my sweet spot
I moan louder and louder
Until my voice leaves my lungs
And convulsions control my muscles

I still taste you on my tongue
Still breathe you within my lungs
I still see futures in my vision
Still tease my thoughts as I live in
I still feel your gliding touch on my skin
Still I embrace you within

As you slowly enter our secrete realm
Colors seem to take in a new brightness
As my eyes instinctively rolls back into my head
Visions start to blur
Breathing a new air of us
Attending to each and every curve
Each movement takes us to new depths
Clocks stand still the hands of time
Emotions entrap our minds
Lost in this space...of us
Ecstasy birthing an even deeper connection
Futures reflected
Embracing us mind, body and soul
Feeling every inch of you...within me
Yearning for more of you...even deeper within me
Tears stream from my eyes in pure pleasure
These sensations are beyond measure
New heights transformed with each stroke
Love within my soul you invoke
As we release in unison
Filling each other to the limits
Two joined together as one

I still taste you on my tongue
Still breathe you within my lungs
I still see futures in my vision
Still tease my thoughts as I live in
I still feel your gliding touch on my skin
Still I embrace you within

Friday, November 23, 2012


It's picture perfect clear to me what I am not to you
Or maybe I am but you can't accept and constantly deny the truth
Possibly your afraid to let go and give even a piece
Of you to another, scared to truly release
I just can't again take that chance
And disregard any thought of romance
I understand your not ready, so I stepped back
Maintaining my feelings and heart intact
But something keeps tugging at me not allowing me to let go
My emotions remain under lock and key not even for you to know
Distractions no longer distracting
It's only you I yearn for anything else is just acting
Just friends is all we can be
Disguising my heart so you can't see
Trying and failing at my own form of denial
Like my poker face is on trial
Smiling that familiar face
So instead I look as if my feelings are encased
This "you" and "I" is really me
And my battle with to love or not to be...


I have finally gotten over you and removed any love that was buried deep inside
Now you want to come back with your apologies and hidden truths confide
Expressing love and regret for the lack thereof
But it's too late because I released any ounce of love
I could no longer live in torture that you continued to demonstrate
When I poured my heart out you couldn't relate
So now your words fall on deaf ears
It's a shame we wasted all those years
I knew there was someone else that was caught in our path but you still deny
So why could I even begin to hear your lies
Maybe your words are sincere but that I will never know
For me, I had to let completely go
I can no longer allow my heart to linger in a love that only resided in me
If your love was true, you never let me in close enough to see
Words have no meaning when efforts aren't defined
How could you let me give all of me while you remained confined
Lead me on just enough for me to clutch onto
Without giving me all of you
Now you want to go back and rehash old faded memories in search of what was
My love doesn't work like that, and my heart can't hold on just because
Your finally ready to give me what i deserve
I haven't been sitting around waiting on you keeping my love reserved
I have moved past what could never be
And realized my self worth, my values are now clearer to see
I have to keep the past in the past
And only give time to those who have a true chance to last


Things just aren’t the same; I can’t quite put my finger on what happened
One day you were here clinging so tightly, then the next it was like we never were
Phone calls stopped being answered and texts ignored
Leaving my heart in limbo because you still haven’t called it off
Your words speak as if nothing is wrong; slowly killing me softly
Because I feel the change to the core of my soul
Piece by piece, moment by moment my heart is breaking in two
Missing what was and can never again be
Feeling alone, picking up the pieces of my heart shattered
Acting as if my world hasn’t came crashing down
Hanging onto the times we do have, wishing for more
Torturing myself with thoughts of where we went wrong
Whispering sweet nothings out of the blue
My heart skipping beats wishing your words were true
But I feel the truth and am still in denial
Trying to show you how much I care and need you
Lingering in your shadows trying to capture your love
Knowing deep down that I should just give up
But something in me just won’t allow me to
I want to believe and hope one day you will come back around
Breaking away and tucking my love back in my heart
But it has a mind of its own and is forbidding the thought
So I stay here looking over the edge, about to jump
Lingering in his love that once was

Sunday, November 18, 2012


I am tired of the random unfulfilling moments, shared by sweaty bodies just living in that moment
Emotionless kisses where only lustful passion exists, no true feelings consist
No special days, holidays or birthdays spent, when those moments pass not caring where they went
Those purposeless interactions only serve as temporary distractions
What I want rises way above, it's that thing called love
Anything else is time wasted, missing out on love tasted
If we aren't working toward something than we mean nothing
It takes true courage to let go and allow emotions to flow
Giving your heart to a person and embracing vulnerability to lurk in
To give your all, comfortable enough to completely fall
Into those blissful seconds where time no longer has presence
Finding the muse of your smile, making each breath worthwhile
Winds brushing your face, feeling weightlessly like your flying in space
That place where clocks stop, and the sound of their voice makes your heart drop
Sweet rhythms kiss your ears while tears of joy your soul adheres
Being ready to mind, body and soul claim you and shout on rooftops without shame
The one that is there when the world outside is in utter despair
The one who is willing to sacrifice picking and choosing battles despite
Loving that person for who they are and all they are, willing to stand strong when reasoning is afar
Not wanting to change their once cute but now annoying habits, instead embracing and look past it
You know that love that defies all expectations, clutching your inner being and needs no explanation
That love that is unexplainable, that hold that locks in and is no longer restrainable
Where passion is undeniable, you know that love that is always reliable
Stop being afraid, allowing fears and doubts to invade
When all you have to do is let go and in all truths let love know

Thursday, November 15, 2012


Words unspoken from my lips
While feelings remain within tightly locked
Nightmares of cherished moments woundingly haunt
Unable to release pent up emotions that increasingly bleed
A caged bird singing muffled melodies
Expressions no longer embodied
Smiles nonchalantly hide permeating pain
Once freely opened doors slammed shut
Displaying a strong defense convincingly unfazed
While tears drop only from my heart
Expectations reserved; hopes deflated
Yearning continues silent screams
Intensity fades into numbness
Sadness shadows the stars glow

Thursday, November 8, 2012


Darkness shrouds as a black cloud hangs over my head
Inside feeling completely dead
No longer looking at the road ahead
Paralyzed by past memories instead
Like a ghost haunting
Sadness torturing and taunting
Stuck in deep thoughts teasingly flaunting
Crippled in pain consuming my mind
Trapped in lost moments of time
Unable to find the joy that once was
Reliving feelings just because
Yearning for what can never again be


Just existing in this weaved web we call life
Entangled in thoughts trapped in my mind
Searching for purpose lost in answers
Plagued in disappointments and misunderstandings
Going through the routines and motions
Feeling numbness from head to toe
Emotions locked deep inside
No longer any point of releasing
Desires fading with the blowing wind
Motivations ceasing to exist
Consumed pain entraps my heart
Not allowing interference
Standing strongly on guard
Detained in my own world
Blocking out everyone and everything around
Sounds become muffled by my inner screams
Trapped in my own existence

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Missing you, missing us

I sit here alone with my thoughts
Missing you, missing us
Those days we couldn’t get enough
The yearning that burned deep inside
Just the sound of your voice made my heart flutter
On the phone all day and every hour of the night
Sacraficing sleep to talk about everything or nothing at all
The newness of exploration
The anticipation of looking into each others eyes
The warmth of your arms surrounding
Waking up next to you, smiling smiles never felt before
Feeling feelings I almost forgot existed
Getting to know each others depths
Discovering each like and dislike
How could some feelings not be caught up from times shared
We decided to take just one step back and put guards back up
To analyze and over analyze from a short distance
And instead take one step at a time
Trying to figure each other out
Without putting too much at risk
Pumping the breaks before they got out of control and overwhelming
But that’s almost like putting candy in front of a child
Because the desires are still felt
The yearning only strengthens
The wanting still pierces
I am missing what we were
Wondering if we will ever make it back to this place
Missing you, missing us

Saturday, October 20, 2012


The sun eclipsed into nightfall as our lips greeted
Our tongue wrestles left me breathless and defeated

With closed eyes feelings defying the laws of attraction
Redefining the meaning of true satisfaction

The feathering of gentle kisses caressing every inch of we
Our eyes captured in pure passion as loves detainee

Hands interlocking sending electric vibes pulsating
Moans whispering confessions of pleasures elating

New positions with each turn invented
Nothing inhibited or prevented

Dissecting emotions naturally created as two souls connect as one
Inner flames burning hotter than the heat of the sun

Tasting secretions of desires endlessly flowing
Succumbing as two stars beam rays of light continuously ever glowing

Loves faces displayed as the intensity climbed volumes reaching undefined heights
Gravitating above the earth as climaxes unite

Friday, October 12, 2012


From not hearing your voice, I cried real tears
Losing you became real, realizing true fears
Discovering how important you are to me
And how my feelings for you run deeper than the seas
Waves felt as if they were wiping me away
Setting my pride aside revealing how I need you to stay
Yea, we may drive each other crazy at times
But what we feel for each other can’t be described within rhyme
Our hearts are feeling true and undeniable feelings
Each day a new layer is peeling
I don’t want to imagine my life without you
Admitting that I do love you

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

How do I let go

The flashing images haunting
The memories constantly taunting
Fear preventing sleep
Even after decades the pain resides deep
Shaking in terror remembering that night
These demons still unable to fight
As much as I try to block it all out
Nightmares unable to sleep without
Fighting to hold back tears
In my sight every detail of his face appears
His laughs still echo loud
Remaining his victim I allowed
Only disguising the pain so others won’t know
But how do I forget and let go

Monday, October 8, 2012

Judgment Day

It’s too late now to ask for forgiveness and repent
You rebelled living in sin, wasted given time spent
The final bell has chimed
Its judgment time
How will you answer when He questions your motives
While you lived like two colliding locomotives
Heading straight in the opposite direction
Random sex without protection
Not even caring about names more worried about the erection
Hurting those who got in your way
Running to the next while she was begging you to stay
Stepping on top of others to get ahead
Blood only bleeds red
Temptations have no restraint
Palpitations becoming faint
Your hearts now bled dry
Tears no longer able to cry
Life was a test of prejudgment
Today is the truths of your final judgment

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Love is...-voice record

Love Is... by Poetically JStar on SoundCloud

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Love Is...

Like the rays of the morning sun, awakening
Like the hunger from a pack of wolves, ravishing
Like butterfly wings, flying to you
Like the dense fog, blocking out the world around
Like the heat of the Sahara Desert, warming my soul
Like the cold of snowfall on mountain tops, making me feel alive
Like the stream of the rivers flow, constantly moving me
Like the chill bumps of springs nightly breeze, brushing my skin
Like the waves of the ocean, rippling within
Like the crisp white clouds in the sky, floating weightlessly
Like the voice of a poet, touching deep inside
Like the moon, brightly smiling back at me
Like the tears of heartbreak, at the thought of losing you
Like the rain drops, saturating me
Like autumns leaves, always changing colors
Like a tornado’s strength, devouring
Like the echoes of my heart, beating loud and clear
Like the shining stars above, falling for you
Like the newness of realizing, I do love you

Monday, October 1, 2012

You deserve more

I really wish you would have seen the signs a year ago
You didn’t want to believe, but now you know
It was clear as day what he was about
He is no good without any doubt
Tried to control your every move
You followed your heart even though I disapproved
Using others because he can’t stand up and be a man
Lost without a viable plan
He is nothing more than a squatter
I can’t believe you allowed him to hurt your daughter
When he put his hands on you
He proved how much he truly loves you
I don’t know how you could take the blame
Holding your head in shame
But you are still not ready to see
Still wanting him to kneel on bended knee
As long as you’re with him your future is cursed
In time it will only get worse
You’re worth more than your demanding
You don’t deserve this hurt you’re withstanding
This drama is totally uncalled for
You deserve so much more

Find your own

Why are women interested in someone else’s man
That's the jealousy right there I just can’t stand
Your disrespectful attitude will make me step in
I am secure in my relationship, but my patience is wearing thin
More than confident he will set you straight
What’s not necessary is all the hate
I know he is very attractive so I expect you to look
His kind heart and politeness you mistook
Don’t think twice and please don’t get it twisted
No matter how much you persist
He doesn’t want you; he is more than happy at home
He only has eyes for me and will never roam
You are nothing but a desperate fan
Leave mine alone and find your own man

Why you mad

We were nothing; you made no effort to step up
It was what it was; nothing more, nothing less
Who you are; is not what I wanted in my life
Not what I needed or even desired
We had our moments
But the moments passed in the wind
Quite some time ago
Conversations even ceased to exist
So why now; do you pop up out of nowhere
With lies of how you miss me
How you need me
How you love me
Really, who are you trying to fool
When I tell you I am seeing someone else
Telling you that I am very happy and don’t want another
Why are you begging to be just a friend
Like I don’t know what it is you really want
I would have respected you more if you were honest
But it’s obvious you never respected me from the jump
Coming off at me like you would a whore
Knowing damn well that’s not me at all
You knew from day one
What I expected and wanted
So why are you trying to come at me sideways
Like all of a sudden I will accept your games
I didn’t back then, so why would I now
I know it’s killing you to see me happy
But it’s time to man up
And realize you lost a good woman
Since you claim that’s what you want now
Sorry, I am not the one
So, please move on
And spit your game to another
Because I will no longer entertain your nonsense
But I have to ask
Why you mad

Sunday, September 30, 2012

Next to me

Written by JStar featuring Starchasr Shai Carter

Each morning I glance over to the empty pillow next to me
The imprints of you in my bed where you once laid
Missing the rays of sunshine in your eyes
Longing for you’re good morning greetings
Still tasting your kisses on my lips
Feeling your chest beneath my head
Impatiently anticipating your next visit
I thoroughly enjoy each second invested…in us
I see futures reflected, hoping this is more than a dream
Feelings of happiness never before felt
You have been there without hesitation when I needed most
Your voice calms my mood…and brings peace to my spirit
As if you are right here…next to me

And I promised I would never leave...without you I can't breathe... Without embrace your lips and diving in our eyes...the star cry as I forget to believe. That I cheated fate finding you...found everything divine in once
and died thousand times for you...
With my world pulsating,
And my mind vibrating,
my thoughts taint the grounds
whenever I'm not around you.
Your voice bent the night. Listening to your starry plea,... the world cease to exist when I reach for you, I attempt to break the axis bringing you back next me...

Your words comfort me…and remind me that you are still near
Even though you are physically miles away
Day by day feelings growing in intensity…and I miss you more and more
Yearning for your touch and embrace
Your warmth warming my soul
Knowing this day will be soon…my heart palpitates
Beating to your rhythm
Enticed by our daily conversations
Every second I can’t hear your voice…ringing bells in my ear
I feel my heart in the pit of my stomach…gasping for air
I just can’t go another day…wanting to jump on the next plane
Just to have you in my sight…
Visions of you entrance my mind
As your words encase my heart...
And makes me feel as if you are right here
Standing by my side…next to me

My fingers are swallowed in the night
as I attempt to grasp a star.
Kissing the notes of your melody
entrancing me from afar...
and when I can't hear your voice
in the winds newborn noise.
I fall from grace
my night is scarred.... You define enchantment, embracing a hopeless romantic,....
throwing the star you stand on in the void of night,...
and it rained meteors as I glanced back at it,.
I suck in your tears,
I inhale your cries
Shelter your mind from harsh glares.
You’re the answer to the question why.
When you look out the window.
With Falcon's eyes
Tasting the dawn
Feeling me inside
Life is just around the corner...
Take your steps in stride. The Northern Star dew south...

next to you,..I’m alive....

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Just asking why-voice record

Just Asking Why by Poetically JStar on SoundCloud

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Speak to me-voice record

Speak To Me by Poetically JStar on SoundCloud

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Speak to me

Speak to me
Tell me everything about you
Speak to me
Tell me all of your dreams
Speak to me
Tell me all of your secrets
Speak to me
Tell me your fears
Speak to me
Tell me your deepest regrets
Speak to me
Tell me each and every thought
Speak to me
Tell me every detail of your past
Speak to me
Tell me all you want in your future
Speak to me
Tell me all of your fantasies
Speak to me
Tell me how your day was
Speak to me
Tell me about all of your disappointments
Speak to me
Tell me all that you want and expect
Speak to me
Tell me something you have never told another
Speak to me
Tell me your hearts desires
Speak to me
Tell me how you feel
Speak to me
Tell me how you miss me
Speak to me
Tell me how I make you feel inside
Speak to me
Tell me how to love you
Speak to me
Tell me all of you
Speak to me...

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Just Asking Why

I just want to ask why
Why do you care so much
The side remarks and dirty looks are uncalled for
The last time I checked
It was my choice of who I want to be with
My choice of who I want to love
I just want to ask why
Does this affect you
He chose to be with me
He chose to love me
You fit nowhere in this equation
Therefore your opinion does not really matter
Who cares that there is a race difference
We obviously don’t
We are together
Because of how we feel about each other
Because we love one another
For whom we are
Everything we are
Race is not a barrier in our world
We can see beyond those limitations
Keep your narrow minded opinion
To yourself, please
I just want to ask why
Our love makes you so angry
I was always taught to love
A person for who they are
And not the color of their skin
Or any other prejudices
Why do you feel so much rage
What does it matter to you
I just want to ask why

Monday, September 24, 2012

Me in You-voice record

Me In You by Poetically JStar on SoundCloud

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Me in You

Entangle me in your inner thoughts
Share your deepest secrets
Trust me with your heart
Sprinkle me with your caress
Finesse me in your pursuit
Wrap me in the security of your arms
Kiss my tears
Remove any fear
Encase me within your depths
Allow our heart beats to sync
Taste my love
From my soul unselfishly drink
Swim in my seas
Electrify my emotions
Tickle my touch
Embrace my clutch
Tantalize each of my senses
Make sweet love to me
Mind and body
Explore all of me
As I you
Entrust me within
Close your eyes
And feel my pressence
Enjoy the me in you

Friday, September 21, 2012

Holding onto…your voice

Jumping for my phone with each ring
A sigh of relief my heart releases
As the sound of your voice I cling
Palpitations increase
Your breaths sing lullabies in my ear
From my eyes a tear escapes
Wishing you were near
Shadowing sadness drapes
Clutching faded images remembering
Your reassurance calms
My worries and doubts dismembering
Yearning for the connection of our palms
I am missing your kiss tasting my lips
Your touch feathering my skin
The way your hands caress my hips
Expressing my longing through my pen
Looking forward to the next time
I am awakened to your face
Anticipation day by day climbs
For your warming greeting within my space
Our hearts traveled miles
Distance invades
Your voice brings inner smiles
Contentedness persuades
And rests my fears at ease
Memories tightly clung
Each conversation breaths a tease
Holding onto each syllable that drips from your tongue

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

One day at a time…

Pain churning in the pit of my stomach
Feeling your uncried tears brush my lips
Wanting take your disappointments away
But you put a distance in between
I feel like one step back has been taken
But yet I still feel you holding on in the distance
Unsure and now questioning
Pushing away dealing alone
Wanting to reassure
But standing back
Trying not to overwhelm
But I refuse to let you give up just yet
I will give you a short space to breathe
All the while letting you know that I am still here
My feelings are real and true
I see potential in us
Foreseen my future in your eyes
Felt that connection
The first time you parted your lips
But I will take things at your speed
Never giving up
Never letting you go
Instead I comfort smoothly
Proving the sincerity residing inside
Not wanting to rush a thing
Showing restraint in my pursuit
Taking it moment by moment and one day at a time


A Better Me

I have lived, loved and lost
For my mistakes I paid the highest cost
Learned from each and every situation
Released all my past pains and frustrations
Taken the time I needed to heal
No longer allowing my love to be concealed
No longer allowing my past to hold me back
My life is finally back on the right track
Allowing myself to feel things previously unfelt
My emotions checked and feelings dealt
No longer jumping the gun, learning to relax
Knowing my reaction to others impacts
Releasing the pressures of expectations
Taking others feelings into consideration
Free of drama and my mind is at peace
Each part of me, is a complete puzzle piece
Living each day to its fullest potential
True inner happiness is essential
Taking each day given as a blessing
Each step I take outcomes constantly assessing
I am no longer held back or scared
My heart is pure and ready to be shared
I am ready to be all that I can possibly be
I am ready to share the true me
For direction I pray on bended knee
I am now a better me

Tuesday, September 18, 2012


You never gave me a chance to again fall in love with you
Excuse after excuse and all the lies you construed

I gave you decades to get it right
But you slept with my best friend that night

And after time passed I allowed you back into my life
With false promises of making me your wife

But I wasnt worth your time
I felt like just a lover scheduled part-time

I was supposed to be yours
The one you loved and adored

But your life you didnt allow me to be a part of
Affection and time there was a lack thereof

I waited patiently month after month to no avail
You didnt know how to be my man and all that entailed

You pretended to care
But didnt have my back when you should have been there

I was supposed to be your one and only
But I mines well be single since nightly I was home alone tired of being lonely

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Got Away

I loved you but didnt want to admit it until it was too late
I was scared to love you, terrified to allow my heart to dictate

I did everything to push you away
While you did everything to make me want to stay

I was scared to trust just to get hurt again
I refused to let your love completely in

Time and time again you took me back
But our foundation I cracked

I used distance and your career as an excuse
Your heart I didnt mean to bruise

Because I did love you, I just didnt know how to love
And all my fears rise above

Our history was a learning lesson for me
I learned to again take that chance instead of being love's flee

I had to let you go because my welcome was overstayed
But you will always be, that good man that got away...

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Monday, September 17, 2012


Time with you makes me feel like the world outside is standing still
My feelings are like a stream constantly flowing uphill
With you, I want to take a chance and allow true feelings to grow
With our hearts reaching the peeks of the highest plateau
I am not looking for a perfect fairytale
I want to take our time to figure out each and every detail
Reality is that everything in life doesnt always run smoothe
But together any opposing force can be soothed
I am not looking to rush a single moment given
I'd rather relish and progress these feelings as we live in
I do know the difference between love and lust
But with you, my heart I entrust
I cant shake these feelings that I feel
And I cant honestly ever conceal
Tomorrow I am looking forward to
Being a major part of my life, I chose you
Eventhough we have no clue what the future holds
I am eager to be a part as the story unfolds
I want to follow this journey to see where it leads
Without any untruths or misleads
I want to be open with you and bare my soul
As hand in hand along this path we stroll
I know it will take time for us to completely know each other
But lets take this time to grow in love with one another
I do already know its only you that I want by my side
And with you, my inner feelings I am comfortable to truthfully confide

Saturday, September 8, 2012


As I sleep, I am comforted by the warmth of his body next to mine
Cradling me in the security of his arms, the only place I want to be
Feeling the sensation of his breaths gracing my face, wanting to stop the clocks of time
Opening my eyes to discover him watching me
Inspiring an instant smile felt deep within
Captured by the love displayed through the depths of his eyes
Embracing his kisses on every inch of my skin
Feeling like I am floating above the clouds high in the skies

Never wanting him to leave my side
Making me a believer that true love does exist
Riding the waves of this high tide
With him, a forever I enlist
Crying tears of joy, pinching myself to make sure he is not just a dream
He is everything I have ever wanted in a man
Whiping away my tears that stream
Praying that we are a part of our Fathers divine plan

Enjoying every moment of him and I...becoming we
Encompassing the grips of our joining hands
Grasping tight to our hearts silent plea
Making plans together of future expands
Holding onto each second of time spent
But taking our time allowing a natural progression
A love like this is Heaven sent
Every word expressed here is my hearts truthful confession

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Friday, September 7, 2012

Fallen Stars Debut

I thank your father for planting the seed and your mother for giving birth
And thanks to the days of your first breaths and cries as you graced your presence on this earth

Always looking up and chasing the stars that lead your mind astray
Growing from joys, pains and life experiences into the man you are today

Learning the cruel lessons of this world yet discovering how to disengage
And the words that flow from your veins so gracefully onto the page

I thank you for the visions and glimpses only seen through your eyes
The pictures you paint carry and deliver an untimley apprise

I am thankful for God allowing us to cross paths and the strengths of the forces that bind us
The values and morals internally you were taught in one way or another to posses

I thank you for being true to self and at all times just being you
And since "life is just around the corner", I am thankful for a fallen stars debut

Sunday, September 2, 2012

To you I bare

I am falling but secure your arms are below to catch me and hold tight
Feeling an inner glow, allowing me to bask in your direct sunlight

Kissing my heart in ways never before kissed
Realizing what all a I have missed

Providing me a comfort level that is unexplainable
Emotions from my soul overflowing and unrestrainable

Making me want to give you all of me, promising to be faithful and true
Satisfying each need and desire, in every way completely spoiling you

Thinking of new ways each day to make you smile
Going above and beyond constantly reaching for that extra mile

Missing you every moment that your not by my side
With you every dream, secret and mistake I confide

Seeing great potential in a brighter tomorrow
Forgetting past pains which left sorrow

Looking forward to building something beyond real with you
A true love that is long overdue

I am entrusting you with my heart so please treat it with care
To you my soul I unselfishly bare

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Missing Him

Yearning to hear the sound of his voice in my ear
His pressence adorning my atmosphere

His gentle touch on my skin
The pitter-pat of my heart within

As my lips he kissed
My love never dismissed

His forever welcoming arms
Protecting me from harm

His eyes locking into my soul
Like the last piece to the puzzle making us whole

Feeling his essence in every limb
Anticipating each moment with him

Missing him...

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The youthfulness of adolescence has completely faded more and more over the decades
Thier adult-like behavior is sad but society continues to invade

Babies raising babies defying the morals and values once taught
Leaving the futures of tomorrow helpless and distraught

The music of today is partly to blame
Teaching our kids to except disrespect and shame

Young girls thinking its cute to be called out thier name
Becoming sexual objects exposing thier bodies in disdain, looking for love in vain

Deflowering thier temples in sin at such a young age
While boys are just looking for thier next conquest to upstage

No longer having to earn his way in between her legs
The goals of our youth are infected with an incureable plague

Filling my spirit with worry, rage and sadness
Wondering if there is any hope for this madness

Where did we go wrong, asking our Father why
For my own daughters and grand daughter, I cry

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Saturday, September 1, 2012


Rain drops saturating my cheeks, closing my eyes feeling its pour
Refreshingly cleansing me to my inner core
Holding his hand and kissing his lips
As the back of my head he grips
Loosing ourselves in each other
Forgetting to take cover
Careless and free
Bringing back a flush of memories
Its almost like the sky is releasing inner tears and pain
Dancing in circles chasing one another in the rain
Then opening my eyes
Its only a dream I tearfully realize

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Sunday, August 26, 2012


Captured by Poetically JStar on SoundCloud

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It seems like I have always known you, eventhough its only been a short while
I cant get you off my mind, each thought brings me the brightest sincere smile
I find a comfort with you that is unexplainable, everything just has this natural flow
Feeling like I have been unexpectidly been struck by cupids arrow
Throughly enjoying each moment of our given time
You are my muse, giving me inspiration for each bar and line
You make me want to take another chance
Wanting to pursue the heights of this romance
In this short time you have completely swept me off of my feet
When the time is right wanting to tell the whole world, no longer being discreet
Unable to shake this just knowing feeling
Only time can determine if love is revealing
You are someone that I have always searched for
Standing way above any other, giving so much more
Our connection and passion was instantaneous
Our lust has proven to be very dangerous, hoping this remains continuous
Above our heads the stars are shining so bright
But taking our time trying to get this one right
These overwhelming feelings are very true
I already know what I want and its only you
Riding the waves of this rapture
My full and undivided attention you have captured
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Saturday, August 25, 2012

Stars Glow

I am the addict and you are my drug of choice
Feigning to connect to the sound waves of your voice

Heightening my senses causing the stir of emotions
Like riding the rippling waves of the ocean

Craving to feel your fingertips feathering across my skin
Absorbing the pulsating beat of your heart deep within

Wanting to taste the kiss of your lips and each motion of your tongue
Creating the beats to our melodies and words to our songs yet to be sung

Your arms holding me tight, never wanting to let go
The moons face smiling back at us while we feel each stars glow

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Friday, August 24, 2012

Visions of You

I see you watching me, watching me…
Watch you
Barely able to open my eyes
Engulfing the visions before me
Embracing each second of this moment
Captivated by my view
Our facial expressions reveal
The feelings being felt so clearly to see
This star is crying tears
Of immense joy with each stroke
Begging you daddy please
Never take it out
Wanting more and more
Of these feelings your intensity evokes
Your name in your ear louder and louder I shout
Niagara’s flow on your lips I pour
Shaking uncontrollably
Body completely limp
Tasting your release
Within my soul
Satisfactions displayed visibly
I see you watching me, watching me...
Watch you

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Mental Stimulation

Mentally massaging the brain stems in my frontal lobe
Into my thoughts and feelings you so gently probe
Stimulating my mind in ways never before penetrated
Searching every detail for the previously unstated
Discovering the secretly hidden uncharted pathways
Tucked away desires you revelry graze
Mental attraction exceeds the obvious physical attraction
Tantalizing foreplay through only verbal interaction
Wanting to know even more, each and every piece that makes you, you
Enjoying every second of this daily and constant pursuit
Never too much to say in our honestly riveting conversations
Reaching the depths sea of mental stimulation

Wednesday, August 1, 2012


Expectations reserved for later dates
Allowing whatever is meant to naturally create
Enjoying the present time spent
Following the trails scent
Not sure where it is leading
Or even worried about superseding
Nonetheless a friendship is being built
Without lies or preceding guilt
Even after years, I still feel the passion of our kisses
Now secret daily glances and chances of near misses
Conversation intrigues a deeper curiosity
Attractions measured in their velocity
Sitting across from each other on the train
Normal cool unable to maintain
Smiles and blushing clearly display
Undeniable flirtatious foreplay

Monday, July 16, 2012


Woke up with the brightest smile thinking about his love
Feeling like the clouds I am floating above
Walking in the shadows of tunnel vision
He is all that my heart could ever envision
No one could ever fulfill that place in me his love resides
Like we are two halves to a whole and perfectly coincide

Friday, July 13, 2012

Intensity- voice recorded


I want to taste the scent of his cologne on my tongues tip
Passionate and slow kisses from my neck to my lips
Lifting me off of the bed and pinning me against the wall
Into his secure arms I fall
Body heat rising causing dripping sweat
His whispers in my ear making me soaking wet
Our hearts palpitating creating rhythm to our beats
Vibrations exploding making my knees weak
Almost like each time we are competing with our last session
Seeking to charter the depths of our loves confessions
Reinventing the script with each and every movement
Discovering previously undiscovered improvements
The instant our locking eyes initiate
The electrifying intensity together we naturally create

Thursday, July 12, 2012


Hold me tight and don’t let go
Allow your true feelings to clearly show
Secure my secrets and ease my fears
Kiss away all of my tears
Be my shoulder to lean on
Make realities of my dreams I wish upon
Soothe my inner emotions
Drowning out any worldly commotion
Battling alone is no longer
As the strength of our love grows stronger
To my needs, wants and desires take heed
And become all I will ever need
In return, I can provide the same and much more
While to the next level of this commitment we explore

Thursday, July 5, 2012


I am disappointed each time the phone rings
And it’s not his ringtone sounding
The inner emotions that just his voice brings
Memories of relived moments compounding
Missing the warmth of his hugs
And the chills of his kisses
Images flashing and my heart constantly tugs
Each second without him I reminisce
In his love, I retreat
As dreams come to life and magically appear
Suddenly my heart skips a beat
While his ringtone sings a lullaby in my ear

Hello All! I KNOW I have been slacking...esp, on the writing end. I have been really busy with work lately and I have been doing a lot of performances and I also did a few voice recordings on Soundcloud. My next venture is to record some youtube videos :-)

This one is admittidly a forced write lol..but hey, its what is on my mind at the moment....I miss him each and ever second we are apart...Even when he walks into the next room

Wednesday, June 6, 2012



This one is close to my heart since drug abbuse and alcoholism runs deeply with my family.

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Inner Tears

Good Morning All! This sound clip here has a lot of emotion within. It was a deep dark place in my life, in which I am glad I found closure on...But this place, I am sure most can relate at some point in there life.

Inner Tears

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

SoundCloud-Voice Recordings

Hello Everyone! I surely miss everyone. I havent written much of anything lately. I have been really busy with work and doing my poetry readings. I have taken the time to record some of my poetry on SoundCloud. Please stop by and check out my postings there.

Please leave me comments, they surely help boost my confidence. I am still quite nervous and sensitive about my poetry.

I hope everyone is doing well. I will try to start blogging more often if possible. But feel free to email me anytime

Thursday, May 3, 2012


I love it when you kiss me there, yeah there ...and there too
And the way you ever so gently tug on my you do
The passion felt by the love in your eyes
Intensifying sensations causing the volume of my moans to rise
Uncontrollable shaking as I release all of me...onto your lips
Vibrations piercing the depths of my hips
Wanting to feel your inner touch
Flipping and the headboard I clutch
Lightly licking the small of my back with each breath
Making me want to recite Shakespeare's Macbeth
Tears form in my eyes because the emotions overwhelm
Floating above the atmosphere... into a whole other realm
Demonstrating and fulfilling each and every desire
Explosions erupt...sparking ablaze our fires
Collapsing in each others embrace
Inner feelings permanently encased
Subliminal messages true love delivers
Truths confessed in whispers

Wednesday, April 4, 2012


I want to go back to sleep, just to bring you out of my dreams to wake up next to
With you being the first voice I hear and eyes I look into

Being serenaded by your kisses
Feelings of total bliss

Lying purely naked, with my thoughts, fears and raw with my love
Giving me in totality, and all else thereof

Not wanting to get out of bed, not wanting to leave your side
No wants or desires ever denied

My heart at ease and safely released to you in its entirety
Shields and barriers broken down entirely

To fall asleep in the security of your arms
Comforting and protecting me from any harm

Senses and emotions you constantly reawaken
Each and every day, next to you is where I want to awaken

Monday, March 26, 2012


May God rest his soul, but Trayvons purpose was to change laws by being a martyr
For all of the other senseless murders and souls lost
I am reminded of my dear friend shot in the head in front of her 6 yr old daughter
An argument over ten dollars had a higher cost
And all of the other thousands that are never covered in the news
The lady I never knew but the gun shots and her screams still echo in my head
Hate and racism is bred, and society is our muse
It can happen to anyone, so please to allow that invincible attitude to have you mislead
It's hard to fear your daughters being raped and your sons being killed
Just by hanging with friends or going to the store
All we can do is pray over our kids and be confident in the lessons we instilled
As we send them out to learn the cruel lessons of this world as they explore
Tears drop and my heart breaks for every parent that has lost a child
For them my heart bleeds as I clutch my own
Words can't fully express all the feelings inside of emotions compiled
Just opening our front door is sending our kids out into the unknown

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

All I Need

My heart is already spoken for and taken
Yes, I am a flirt by nature but dont ever be mistaken

You truly have no chance
I am completely satisfied in my romance

In each moment, he takes my breath away
No temptation can ever lead me astray

He fulfills in places I didn’t know existed
Wondering why for decades I resisted

He has that power over me that no man can compare
It was always so much more than a casual affair

I have wanted him since I was a kid, so now I am holding on tight
With a future together within sight

My expectations he always exceeds
He is and always will be all I will ever need

Monday, March 19, 2012

Move on

You get on my damn nerves thinking you ran this
Now all you can do is sit back and reminisce

You tried to step up only after I stepped off
You took my kindness and thought I was soft

The thing is, I know my self-worth and love me
No sense in prolonging what's already clear to see

No, you don't get the satisfaction of one last time
You can't bribe me because I don't want you to spend another dime

I am tired of the texting and calling
Thinking for your tricks and lies I am falling

I have moved on and my happiness is killing you
Disregard the plans and schemes you are trying to construe

I am so over you, you just don't know
My standards for my man, your so below

Be lucky and grateful for the time you did have
But your tears and begging are so sad

This conversation has been permanently adjourned
Find someone else to harass and please move on

Wednesday, March 7, 2012


Hello All! I have been soooo busy lately! With work, and my poetry readings have been very consistant. ALSO I am a grandmother now :-) Haylee Lanae was born 2/29/12 and was 7 lbs and 5.6 oz She is the joy of my life. I have been asked not to post pics so I will post just two of her hands and feet. I so need to write. So much has been going on I havent written since my last post a little over a month agao.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012


This is a fresh one that I just wrote this morning...Enjoy...


This feeling is so amazing words get stuck escaping my lips
So natural and unconditional like a perfectly written script
The passion takes over and directs each movement and action
Constant explosions almost like a nuclear reaction
Just by the first kiss and the locking of our eyes
Arms surrounding as his hands firmly grip my thighs
Soft and gentle kisses following my neck arising each and every sensation
Emotions intertwine liquefying a naturalized sedation
Following his lead, unclothed to our bed
Words replaced by moans of satisfaction while each desire is so carefully fed
Stretching and expanding the true definitions of love
Reaching plateaus that were previously undreamed of
A plethora of mixtures seeping from depths of uncharted territories
Love that is incomprehensible and rewriting untold stories
We were each other’s first, and now we will be our last
Since the obvious is no longer deniable we are rediscovering that these feelings are unsurpassed
After two decades we have overcame the childish phasing and appraising
And can now enjoy a true love that is beyond amazing

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Business Card

I just made up some business card to do some networking at my poetry readings. Whatcha think?

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Tune in to my interview

Tune in to Intimate Lyrics to hear Persia Red and Insight Seeker interview yours truly : -) today at 12pm.
Part two will be next Saturday at 12pm

To chat with Intimate Lyrics-Persia Red and Insight Seeker on Facebook

Friday, January 20, 2012

Feb 11th Performance

I meant to post this flyer instead of a past one lol...


I soo applogize for neglecting my blog. Its hard, I have been crazy busy. Doing a lot more on the poetry scene. I recorded for the first show of Intimate Lyrics which airs this saturday at 12pm check me out :-) I have two more readings lined up Feb 11th at Island Cafe, then Feb 14th at the DC Soundstage. So I am excited about those events.

Thursday, January 12, 2012

My Forever

Mind and heart focused and in a zone
Although our future is unknown
Truth is that I've been yours from day one
We can't take back the past and all that we have done
Realized the grass was never greener after many mistakes
Both causing the other pain and heartaches
But the passion we share has a hold on our souls
Resisting is useless because it's no longer within our control
Since we have yet again reconnected, I feel comfort within
Emotions overflowing leaving my head in a spin
I've lost my breath as my heart skips a beat
My knees are weak, making me lose the balance of my feet
The feelings being felt are beyond explanation
Now it's time to expound upon our foundation
To discover what this is that keeps our attention
The depths are beyond any comprehension
After it all, we have grown stronger than ever
You have always been my one, my forever