Monday, October 1, 2012

Why you mad

We were nothing; you made no effort to step up
It was what it was; nothing more, nothing less
Who you are; is not what I wanted in my life
Not what I needed or even desired
We had our moments
But the moments passed in the wind
Quite some time ago
Conversations even ceased to exist
So why now; do you pop up out of nowhere
With lies of how you miss me
How you need me
How you love me
Really, who are you trying to fool
When I tell you I am seeing someone else
Telling you that I am very happy and don’t want another
Why are you begging to be just a friend
Like I don’t know what it is you really want
I would have respected you more if you were honest
But it’s obvious you never respected me from the jump
Coming off at me like you would a whore
Knowing damn well that’s not me at all
You knew from day one
What I expected and wanted
So why are you trying to come at me sideways
Like all of a sudden I will accept your games
I didn’t back then, so why would I now
I know it’s killing you to see me happy
But it’s time to man up
And realize you lost a good woman
Since you claim that’s what you want now
Sorry, I am not the one
So, please move on
And spit your game to another
Because I will no longer entertain your nonsense
But I have to ask
Why you mad

1 comment:

Big Mark 243 said...

If it isn't, then it reads very autobiographical... and I can imagine asking that once-someone, "Why... why ARE you mad?"