Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Love Is...

Like the rays of the morning sun, awakening
Like the hunger from a pack of wolves, ravishing
Like butterfly wings, flying to you
Like the dense fog, blocking out the world around
Like the heat of the Sahara Desert, warming my soul
Like the cold of snowfall on mountain tops, making me feel alive
Like the stream of the rivers flow, constantly moving me
Like the chill bumps of springs nightly breeze, brushing my skin
Like the waves of the ocean, rippling within
Like the crisp white clouds in the sky, floating weightlessly
Like the voice of a poet, touching deep inside
Like the moon, brightly smiling back at me
Like the tears of heartbreak, at the thought of losing you
Like the rain drops, saturating me
Like autumns leaves, always changing colors
Like a tornado’s strength, devouring
Like the echoes of my heart, beating loud and clear
Like the shining stars above, falling for you
Like the newness of realizing, I do love you


Chadina said...

This made me cry very touching. You are growing and I love the short hair on you! Thanks for coming to see me

Brian Miller said...

wow that is some beautiful love...def love is a powerful and creative force and when you got it you can do most anything...

Terminally Ill said...

Followed 4sure
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Opaque said...

This is actually quite good... I mean, I have often wondered how to describe love and life...

The Write Girl said...

Amazing words JStar. What an inspiring love poem. Have you ever thought of compiling them into a book?