Saturday, October 20, 2012


The sun eclipsed into nightfall as our lips greeted
Our tongue wrestles left me breathless and defeated

With closed eyes feelings defying the laws of attraction
Redefining the meaning of true satisfaction

The feathering of gentle kisses caressing every inch of we
Our eyes captured in pure passion as loves detainee

Hands interlocking sending electric vibes pulsating
Moans whispering confessions of pleasures elating

New positions with each turn invented
Nothing inhibited or prevented

Dissecting emotions naturally created as two souls connect as one
Inner flames burning hotter than the heat of the sun

Tasting secretions of desires endlessly flowing
Succumbing as two stars beam rays of light continuously ever glowing

Loves faces displayed as the intensity climbed volumes reaching undefined heights
Gravitating above the earth as climaxes unite


Brian Miller said...

well got quite the heat going on here jen...smiles...and a nice beat as well...a united that is a cool trick when it works...smiles.

Reggie said...

You've certainly got mad skillz JStar.

Big Mark 243 said...

I agree with the previous two commenters... makes me want and yearn myself for this kind of event..!

Freckles said...

yes please.

1manview said...

All from a simple kiss.. Very nice write Jstar ...