Monday, October 8, 2012

Judgment Day

It’s too late now to ask for forgiveness and repent
You rebelled living in sin, wasted given time spent
The final bell has chimed
Its judgment time
How will you answer when He questions your motives
While you lived like two colliding locomotives
Heading straight in the opposite direction
Random sex without protection
Not even caring about names more worried about the erection
Hurting those who got in your way
Running to the next while she was begging you to stay
Stepping on top of others to get ahead
Blood only bleeds red
Temptations have no restraint
Palpitations becoming faint
Your hearts now bled dry
Tears no longer able to cry
Life was a test of prejudgment
Today is the truths of your final judgment


Brian Miller said...

great last line is the truth of our final judgement....and we have to live with the decisions we make..

1manview said...

Very nice pice JStar, makes you ponder....

Reggie said...

Very nice JStar.