Friday, November 18, 2011


I have lost my motivation
My need for a standing ovation

Its hard to write when things are down
And even harder to reverse this frown

Everything is hitting me all at once
Piling up for months

My faith is constantly being tested
My mind is restless

Confusion invades
Scattered thoughts persuade

A strong need to release
And again find that inner peace

Rebuking these constant attacks
Forcing my motivation back

Thursday, November 3, 2011


Well I am going to try to read two of my pieces tonight. Trying so hard to get over my stage frieght. I am going to read "Whisper" and "Real" that have been recently posted. Please pray that I can get through this..this time


Soft whispers in my ear
Ignoring the sounds that I hear

Heading in the direction I feel
Forgetting nightly to kneel

Stressing because nothing is going as planned
And I don't understand

Not happy with the person I became
But still I don't hear Him calling my name

Daily He makes his presence known
The inevitable postponed

Until I had no choice but to turn to Him
Bringing light to what was once dim

Overwhelming feelings
Of an inner healing

Letting go of personal expectations
No longer worrying about complications

My path is now clear
Allowing His word to adhere

In His joy I rejoice
Reconizing His voice

Wednesday, November 2, 2011


A wordsmith left speechless
Unable to capture the intensity of feelings felt
No rythmn can display the beating of my heart
The depths of this love no one can envision
Justice not conveyed in the simplicity of words


I love from the core of my soul,
With everything in me

Freely given yet sometimes stolen,
At times my mind and heart don't agree

I haven't always made smart choices,
Giving my love to those that didn't deserve

Ignoring the signs and inner voices,
Even went years with my love on reserve

Ran from true love staring me in the face,
Scared to again be hurt

Although my heart was still beating at a rapid pace,
My one and only I chose to dessert

But without his love I couldn't breathe,
Feeling totally empty and alone

As much as I denied true love was already concieved,
Chill bumps formed from just his tone

My whole heart is only his to claim,
All the love inside that I have to give

Since the day we met I have never been the same,
That love we once shared I want to relive