Friday, November 18, 2011


I have lost my motivation
My need for a standing ovation

Its hard to write when things are down
And even harder to reverse this frown

Everything is hitting me all at once
Piling up for months

My faith is constantly being tested
My mind is restless

Confusion invades
Scattered thoughts persuade

A strong need to release
And again find that inner peace

Rebuking these constant attacks
Forcing my motivation back


Brian Miller said...

sorry you are having a rough time jstar...sounds like you are under a lot...

how have the readings been going?

JStar said...

Yes things are coming at me and this shows my inner struggle but my faith gives me my motivation to keep pushing. These thoughts got the best of me last night and wouldn't let me sleep until I wrote it :). It is motivation for reminder that I can get through whatever is thrown my way

I chickened out of my last reading. Scared myself into a panic attack lol. But I will try again...maybe Dec 29th

J said...

Hang in there J!

Remember when reading, people are there to see you read and hopefully, leave changed or touched by the experience from you and the other poets and performers.

Own your power and poetry is power. You are blessed.

Anonymous said...

I know how this feels. I stopped blogging for months and months because I just wasn't feeling it. I tried a few times to get back what I used to feel but to no avail. Then one day out of nowhere I felt compelled to start my new blog!

So just be patient.