Saturday, November 24, 2012

Still I Remember

I still taste you on my tongue
Still breathe you within my lungs
I still see futures in my vision
Still tease my thoughts as I live in
I still feel your gliding touch on my skin
Still I embrace you within

I lie here reaching for you...remembering
Awakening to the warmth of your embrace
Tantalized by your excitement massaging my back
Glancing back to the smile of your lips
And the desires of your eyes
As you firmly grasp my hips
Welcoming the dawn of your sunrise
As I lean in so our lips can reconnect
Our tongues feverishly greet
Your gentle kisses feather my neck
Gliding over each inch of my back
Turning me so that we are now eye to eye
Repeating steps one through three
I escape a breathless sigh
Swirling your tongue hardening each nipple
As you cup and massage each breast
Slowly working your way past my stomach
Until you reach my sweet spot
I moan louder and louder
Until my voice leaves my lungs
And convulsions control my muscles

I still taste you on my tongue
Still breathe you within my lungs
I still see futures in my vision
Still tease my thoughts as I live in
I still feel your gliding touch on my skin
Still I embrace you within

As you slowly enter our secrete realm
Colors seem to take in a new brightness
As my eyes instinctively rolls back into my head
Visions start to blur
Breathing a new air of us
Attending to each and every curve
Each movement takes us to new depths
Clocks stand still the hands of time
Emotions entrap our minds
Lost in this space...of us
Ecstasy birthing an even deeper connection
Futures reflected
Embracing us mind, body and soul
Feeling every inch of you...within me
Yearning for more of you...even deeper within me
Tears stream from my eyes in pure pleasure
These sensations are beyond measure
New heights transformed with each stroke
Love within my soul you invoke
As we release in unison
Filling each other to the limits
Two joined together as one

I still taste you on my tongue
Still breathe you within my lungs
I still see futures in my vision
Still tease my thoughts as I live in
I still feel your gliding touch on my skin
Still I embrace you within

Friday, November 23, 2012


It's picture perfect clear to me what I am not to you
Or maybe I am but you can't accept and constantly deny the truth
Possibly your afraid to let go and give even a piece
Of you to another, scared to truly release
I just can't again take that chance
And disregard any thought of romance
I understand your not ready, so I stepped back
Maintaining my feelings and heart intact
But something keeps tugging at me not allowing me to let go
My emotions remain under lock and key not even for you to know
Distractions no longer distracting
It's only you I yearn for anything else is just acting
Just friends is all we can be
Disguising my heart so you can't see
Trying and failing at my own form of denial
Like my poker face is on trial
Smiling that familiar face
So instead I look as if my feelings are encased
This "you" and "I" is really me
And my battle with to love or not to be...


I have finally gotten over you and removed any love that was buried deep inside
Now you want to come back with your apologies and hidden truths confide
Expressing love and regret for the lack thereof
But it's too late because I released any ounce of love
I could no longer live in torture that you continued to demonstrate
When I poured my heart out you couldn't relate
So now your words fall on deaf ears
It's a shame we wasted all those years
I knew there was someone else that was caught in our path but you still deny
So why could I even begin to hear your lies
Maybe your words are sincere but that I will never know
For me, I had to let completely go
I can no longer allow my heart to linger in a love that only resided in me
If your love was true, you never let me in close enough to see
Words have no meaning when efforts aren't defined
How could you let me give all of me while you remained confined
Lead me on just enough for me to clutch onto
Without giving me all of you
Now you want to go back and rehash old faded memories in search of what was
My love doesn't work like that, and my heart can't hold on just because
Your finally ready to give me what i deserve
I haven't been sitting around waiting on you keeping my love reserved
I have moved past what could never be
And realized my self worth, my values are now clearer to see
I have to keep the past in the past
And only give time to those who have a true chance to last


Things just aren’t the same; I can’t quite put my finger on what happened
One day you were here clinging so tightly, then the next it was like we never were
Phone calls stopped being answered and texts ignored
Leaving my heart in limbo because you still haven’t called it off
Your words speak as if nothing is wrong; slowly killing me softly
Because I feel the change to the core of my soul
Piece by piece, moment by moment my heart is breaking in two
Missing what was and can never again be
Feeling alone, picking up the pieces of my heart shattered
Acting as if my world hasn’t came crashing down
Hanging onto the times we do have, wishing for more
Torturing myself with thoughts of where we went wrong
Whispering sweet nothings out of the blue
My heart skipping beats wishing your words were true
But I feel the truth and am still in denial
Trying to show you how much I care and need you
Lingering in your shadows trying to capture your love
Knowing deep down that I should just give up
But something in me just won’t allow me to
I want to believe and hope one day you will come back around
Breaking away and tucking my love back in my heart
But it has a mind of its own and is forbidding the thought
So I stay here looking over the edge, about to jump
Lingering in his love that once was

Sunday, November 18, 2012


I am tired of the random unfulfilling moments, shared by sweaty bodies just living in that moment
Emotionless kisses where only lustful passion exists, no true feelings consist
No special days, holidays or birthdays spent, when those moments pass not caring where they went
Those purposeless interactions only serve as temporary distractions
What I want rises way above, it's that thing called love
Anything else is time wasted, missing out on love tasted
If we aren't working toward something than we mean nothing
It takes true courage to let go and allow emotions to flow
Giving your heart to a person and embracing vulnerability to lurk in
To give your all, comfortable enough to completely fall
Into those blissful seconds where time no longer has presence
Finding the muse of your smile, making each breath worthwhile
Winds brushing your face, feeling weightlessly like your flying in space
That place where clocks stop, and the sound of their voice makes your heart drop
Sweet rhythms kiss your ears while tears of joy your soul adheres
Being ready to mind, body and soul claim you and shout on rooftops without shame
The one that is there when the world outside is in utter despair
The one who is willing to sacrifice picking and choosing battles despite
Loving that person for who they are and all they are, willing to stand strong when reasoning is afar
Not wanting to change their once cute but now annoying habits, instead embracing and look past it
You know that love that defies all expectations, clutching your inner being and needs no explanation
That love that is unexplainable, that hold that locks in and is no longer restrainable
Where passion is undeniable, you know that love that is always reliable
Stop being afraid, allowing fears and doubts to invade
When all you have to do is let go and in all truths let love know

Thursday, November 15, 2012


Words unspoken from my lips
While feelings remain within tightly locked
Nightmares of cherished moments woundingly haunt
Unable to release pent up emotions that increasingly bleed
A caged bird singing muffled melodies
Expressions no longer embodied
Smiles nonchalantly hide permeating pain
Once freely opened doors slammed shut
Displaying a strong defense convincingly unfazed
While tears drop only from my heart
Expectations reserved; hopes deflated
Yearning continues silent screams
Intensity fades into numbness
Sadness shadows the stars glow

Thursday, November 8, 2012


Darkness shrouds as a black cloud hangs over my head
Inside feeling completely dead
No longer looking at the road ahead
Paralyzed by past memories instead
Like a ghost haunting
Sadness torturing and taunting
Stuck in deep thoughts teasingly flaunting
Crippled in pain consuming my mind
Trapped in lost moments of time
Unable to find the joy that once was
Reliving feelings just because
Yearning for what can never again be


Just existing in this weaved web we call life
Entangled in thoughts trapped in my mind
Searching for purpose lost in answers
Plagued in disappointments and misunderstandings
Going through the routines and motions
Feeling numbness from head to toe
Emotions locked deep inside
No longer any point of releasing
Desires fading with the blowing wind
Motivations ceasing to exist
Consumed pain entraps my heart
Not allowing interference
Standing strongly on guard
Detained in my own world
Blocking out everyone and everything around
Sounds become muffled by my inner screams
Trapped in my own existence

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Missing you, missing us

I sit here alone with my thoughts
Missing you, missing us
Those days we couldn’t get enough
The yearning that burned deep inside
Just the sound of your voice made my heart flutter
On the phone all day and every hour of the night
Sacraficing sleep to talk about everything or nothing at all
The newness of exploration
The anticipation of looking into each others eyes
The warmth of your arms surrounding
Waking up next to you, smiling smiles never felt before
Feeling feelings I almost forgot existed
Getting to know each others depths
Discovering each like and dislike
How could some feelings not be caught up from times shared
We decided to take just one step back and put guards back up
To analyze and over analyze from a short distance
And instead take one step at a time
Trying to figure each other out
Without putting too much at risk
Pumping the breaks before they got out of control and overwhelming
But that’s almost like putting candy in front of a child
Because the desires are still felt
The yearning only strengthens
The wanting still pierces
I am missing what we were
Wondering if we will ever make it back to this place
Missing you, missing us