Thursday, November 8, 2012


Just existing in this weaved web we call life
Entangled in thoughts trapped in my mind
Searching for purpose lost in answers
Plagued in disappointments and misunderstandings
Going through the routines and motions
Feeling numbness from head to toe
Emotions locked deep inside
No longer any point of releasing
Desires fading with the blowing wind
Motivations ceasing to exist
Consumed pain entraps my heart
Not allowing interference
Standing strongly on guard
Detained in my own world
Blocking out everyone and everything around
Sounds become muffled by my inner screams
Trapped in my own existence


Brian Miller said...

scary place to be...captured well....we have to be careful turning so far inside we lose ourselves to ourselves a bit...

JStar said...

And the sad thing Brian, its my most comfortable place...I feel protected...guarded

Big Mark 243 said...

I don't think this can really be a place of comfort and tranquility if you feel "trapped".

I know that your work is sometimes autobiographical... but this is not worth the constant back and forth, stealing from your heart... that is my opinion...

Anonymous said...

very familiar. nice writing as always.

Reggie said...

I love your writing style, very nice.

Anonymous said...

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