Friday, November 23, 2012


It's picture perfect clear to me what I am not to you
Or maybe I am but you can't accept and constantly deny the truth
Possibly your afraid to let go and give even a piece
Of you to another, scared to truly release
I just can't again take that chance
And disregard any thought of romance
I understand your not ready, so I stepped back
Maintaining my feelings and heart intact
But something keeps tugging at me not allowing me to let go
My emotions remain under lock and key not even for you to know
Distractions no longer distracting
It's only you I yearn for anything else is just acting
Just friends is all we can be
Disguising my heart so you can't see
Trying and failing at my own form of denial
Like my poker face is on trial
Smiling that familiar face
So instead I look as if my feelings are encased
This "you" and "I" is really me
And my battle with to love or not to be...

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Reggie said...

What's picture perfect is this post.