Friday, November 23, 2012


Things just aren’t the same; I can’t quite put my finger on what happened
One day you were here clinging so tightly, then the next it was like we never were
Phone calls stopped being answered and texts ignored
Leaving my heart in limbo because you still haven’t called it off
Your words speak as if nothing is wrong; slowly killing me softly
Because I feel the change to the core of my soul
Piece by piece, moment by moment my heart is breaking in two
Missing what was and can never again be
Feeling alone, picking up the pieces of my heart shattered
Acting as if my world hasn’t came crashing down
Hanging onto the times we do have, wishing for more
Torturing myself with thoughts of where we went wrong
Whispering sweet nothings out of the blue
My heart skipping beats wishing your words were true
But I feel the truth and am still in denial
Trying to show you how much I care and need you
Lingering in your shadows trying to capture your love
Knowing deep down that I should just give up
But something in me just won’t allow me to
I want to believe and hope one day you will come back around
Breaking away and tucking my love back in my heart
But it has a mind of its own and is forbidding the thought
So I stay here looking over the edge, about to jump
Lingering in his love that once was


Brian Miller said...

hard place to be...a bit in limbo...unsure if its forward or back...and wondering too just how long you wait...

hey hope you had a great thanksgiving...

Big Mark 243 said...

Having move on as much as I can both physically and intellectually, it is the spirit of what never was that keeps Nebraska in my heart.

But it never rises to the level of an action. There are enough real and tangible things for me to deal with, not to mention having a new person in my life who adores me and whose sons enjoy my presence in their lives.

But why, why do people linger over the love that no longer loves them back? I don't know myself, at least not to give advice as to how one can move past such a thing, but I do know that I will. Have to... I always have so there is no reason to think that I won't again.

Reading your poems makes me wonder what are you experiencing and how you are dealing with these feelings that are set free in your heart? Take care of yourself and believe that what is meant to be is far, far better than whatever is the source for such profound and moving writing...