Sunday, November 18, 2012


I am tired of the random unfulfilling moments, shared by sweaty bodies just living in that moment
Emotionless kisses where only lustful passion exists, no true feelings consist
No special days, holidays or birthdays spent, when those moments pass not caring where they went
Those purposeless interactions only serve as temporary distractions
What I want rises way above, it's that thing called love
Anything else is time wasted, missing out on love tasted
If we aren't working toward something than we mean nothing
It takes true courage to let go and allow emotions to flow
Giving your heart to a person and embracing vulnerability to lurk in
To give your all, comfortable enough to completely fall
Into those blissful seconds where time no longer has presence
Finding the muse of your smile, making each breath worthwhile
Winds brushing your face, feeling weightlessly like your flying in space
That place where clocks stop, and the sound of their voice makes your heart drop
Sweet rhythms kiss your ears while tears of joy your soul adheres
Being ready to mind, body and soul claim you and shout on rooftops without shame
The one that is there when the world outside is in utter despair
The one who is willing to sacrifice picking and choosing battles despite
Loving that person for who they are and all they are, willing to stand strong when reasoning is afar
Not wanting to change their once cute but now annoying habits, instead embracing and look past it
You know that love that defies all expectations, clutching your inner being and needs no explanation
That love that is unexplainable, that hold that locks in and is no longer restrainable
Where passion is undeniable, you know that love that is always reliable
Stop being afraid, allowing fears and doubts to invade
When all you have to do is let go and in all truths let love know


Big Mark 243 said...

Reading this caused much reflection behind the prism of my eyes... each time I tried to translate the information I was receiving from your words, I could not help but internalize and personalize the message.

Nebraska immediately came to mind, as I now live in the state from which I appropriated the "name" for her in my blog... today I was thinking about her and the Dickinson poem "I could not wait for Death..." kept floating in my thoughts...

I was disappointed in how she seemed to put our relationship on hold, constantly making it a wait on "stand-by" in her life. The moments we did share in one another's presence was often in conflict, disputing one thing or another...

People in relationships that are in conflict often talk to others about how they won't stand for this or that... and they speak about what it is they want in their lives... but when the opportunity comes into their life, what do they do..?

So I tend to act according to my value to myself and weigh it against their value in my life... and recently I made such a measure when I made a rare post about our relationship...

The past decade of my life has been an existential experience of sorts... I introduced philosophies and thinking that I had previously dismissed along with dealing with certain personal challenges... and some of the old and new philosophies have melded into a new approach to love and living...

The few moments of living in bliss with Nebraska was not worth the many moments of anguish that she brought into my life. And while it is easy to say that you will be better off for dealing with and moving beyond these feelings, I do think that it is true.

I think you are a beautiful woman with amazing daughters. There is no reason that your soul should be able to pull these words out and have the emotional resonance that they do... and I may be overstepping my bounds by adding this... that they do to you and your current state of mind.

Take care and be well. I do feel you and care for you, even if you do work for the DMV and hassle me when I don't bring all the paperwork I need for my new ID card! :0)

Love & Rockets!

Reggie said...

This is true......