Thursday, November 15, 2012


Words unspoken from my lips
While feelings remain within tightly locked
Nightmares of cherished moments woundingly haunt
Unable to release pent up emotions that increasingly bleed
A caged bird singing muffled melodies
Expressions no longer embodied
Smiles nonchalantly hide permeating pain
Once freely opened doors slammed shut
Displaying a strong defense convincingly unfazed
While tears drop only from my heart
Expectations reserved; hopes deflated
Yearning continues silent screams
Intensity fades into numbness
Sadness shadows the stars glow


Brian Miller said...

ouch...there is def danger in holding it in...the numb will fool you cause its really not the numb you need....

AVY said...

I know the feeling, but I'm learing to live with it. This is how I am.


Reggie said...

You're quite the poetress.