Tuesday, April 26, 2011


Exhausted physically
And drained mentally

But I still have fight left in me
Displaying my smile for all to see

I have business to administrate
Plans and goals to create

Figuring out what’s next to begin
Not allowing exhaustion to set in

Friday, April 22, 2011

Thank You-Prayer

Thank You-Prayer

Thank you Lord for continously blessing our lives
Thank you for opening our eyes
To your promises and guarantees
Thank you for putting our troubles and worries at ease
Please give us strength to bear adversities
Fill us with the Word that accompanies
Your love and grace
Our hunger for your knowledge embraced
Thirst for your spirit overcomes
Guiding us to being the best we can become
Teaching us your Word as it empowers
Your glory and love continuously showers
Cleansing away our sins
Continue to walk with us as our journey begins
Help us overcome the devils constant attack
Fill us with the confidence we currently lack
Thank you again Lord for always having our back
Thank you for keeping our lives on track
Even when we thought we didnt have the strength to continue
Thank you for your love that always renews
Thank you Lord, Thank you
In Jesus name Amen

Good Morning All! Since it is Good Friday, I thought this would be fitting to repost...I just want to thank Jesus for his sacrafice so that we could be free! I hope everyone has a safe and blessed holiday!

Thursday, April 21, 2011



Mind drifting to places unknown
Sighs float in the wind like a whisper
Smelling the fragrance of his cologne
Images are bright and getting crisper

Seconds and hours disappear
Time lost does not return
The past seems far but near
Feelings capture and do not adjourn

Moments embraced as the clock ticks
Words no longer able to say
Broken promises remain unfixed
Memories constantly replay

Good Morning All! Not quite sure where this one came from...Not really missing any one particular person...Maybe missing that feeling of love...Theses words to came to me and spilled onto the paper...It wasnt on my mind consciously...But it flowed directly from my heart...

Wednesday, April 20, 2011



Why do I run from what I want most
Always dodging chances at love
The ability to release all that’s locked in my heart
That one to share life experiences with
That someone to hold me at night

Instead I sleep alone
Dealing with loneliness each day
Feeling incomplete
Missing companionship
Yearning to love

Scared of being hurt
Or wasting time when it doesn’t work
Not wanting to be disappointed
Expecting one who is perfect
Knowing that’s not reality

I need to allow love in
Stop reflecting on what may never happen
Take a chance that I may not regret
Learn how to feel again
And no longer ask myself why

Thursday, April 14, 2011



Spaces in between and out of time
Lost in thoughts absorbing the mind

Spaces where hours seem long
When you're tired of singing the same song

Spaces where words have no meaning
While each letter is hurtfully screaming

Spaces with no one to fill
Like your moving when you're lying still

Spaces where nothing matters
Talking tends to sound like chatter

Spaces that are crowded but empty
As is treatment with no remedy

Spaces that are deep and dark
Adding no fire to the spark

Spaces with endless faces
Depression provoked mind erases

Thursday, April 7, 2011



Forming a plan to devise
A smooth lateral transition
My strategies I will advise
To accomplish the target mission
My capabilities will go above and beyond
Anything ever expected
Forming lasting relationships as I correspond
Honored to be the one selected
Now it’s my time to shine and uplift
To demonstrate perfection
My decisions will charge each shift
Time to share my ideas and projections

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Too Late

Too Late

Where were you when I really needed you
When I wasn’t sure what to do
I needed your kisses to comfort me
To be my referee
When war on me was being waged
To hold me tight when my spirit was enraged
To have my back when times were hard
Help me be more on guard
But these things I handled on my own
Strength to fight battles all alone
So, what do I need you for now
When discomfort you allowed
You haven’t showed me that you were on my side
Weren’t the one I could confide
You’re not worthy to be my mate
No room to step in now, you’re a little too late

Tuesday, April 5, 2011



I am disappointed with myself, maybe I expect perfection
I choked in a moment of recollection
In the most important time, I was supposed to outshine
My true skills I needed to cosign
I was supposed to demonstrate my leadership
And prove I was well equipped
In which I am very much capable
And more than able
I just know could have done more
So upset at myself I wanted to fall out on the floor
And scream to the top of my lungs
I felt my story went unsung
But I can’t take back yesterday
Its only torture when I constantly replay
What I could have or should have said or done
My insecurities I need to outrun
And leave them where they belong
There was so much at stake; I have been in need for so long
All I can do is leave it in God’s hands
And be confident in His plans
Knowing He will provide my needs
And His will always supersedes


Monday, April 4, 2011


Life is moving so fast, I am trying to keep up
Looking through a magnified glass, close-up
Not allowing anything to pass me by
My goals are reaching the sky
Although life is moving at a fast pace
Each second I embrace
Plans consuming my mind
Constantly on my grind

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Love is Mine

Soaring above the mountains
Deeper than the ocean
Brighter than color
Louder than sound
Yet as calm as the waves
Rippling in my heart
My love is real and untainted
And is unconditionally given
To the one who is worthy
Of the great honor
To be called mine


Friday, April 1, 2011



My life is going through a major change
Focus and priorities are being rearranged

Personally and professionally revamping majorly
In His wisdom I feed savorly

Praising God for these blessings coming my way
Learning the values of obedience each day

Strong enough to withstand the devils attacks
My faith wont allow me to feel the impact

Instead I relish in His peace
Knowing all the fires will soon cease

Confident that everything will work out
And I will remain standing throughout

My highest honor is serving
After all my struggles in this change I feel deserving