Tuesday, April 5, 2011



I am disappointed with myself, maybe I expect perfection
I choked in a moment of recollection
In the most important time, I was supposed to outshine
My true skills I needed to cosign
I was supposed to demonstrate my leadership
And prove I was well equipped
In which I am very much capable
And more than able
I just know could have done more
So upset at myself I wanted to fall out on the floor
And scream to the top of my lungs
I felt my story went unsung
But I can’t take back yesterday
Its only torture when I constantly replay
What I could have or should have said or done
My insecurities I need to outrun
And leave them where they belong
There was so much at stake; I have been in need for so long
All I can do is leave it in God’s hands
And be confident in His plans
Knowing He will provide my needs
And His will always supersedes



Brian Miller said...

coulda shoulda wouldas will kill you...move on...and while you are at it check out 'while i wait' by john waller

JStar said...

Nice lyrics Brian...Very inspiring...What other choice do I have? :)

25champ said...

#betterdaysareahead....but remember that God does give us some control...and next time I'm sure u will not leave words unsaid.

Reggie said...

You've got mad poetic skillz. Very nice.