Thursday, April 21, 2011



Mind drifting to places unknown
Sighs float in the wind like a whisper
Smelling the fragrance of his cologne
Images are bright and getting crisper

Seconds and hours disappear
Time lost does not return
The past seems far but near
Feelings capture and do not adjourn

Moments embraced as the clock ticks
Words no longer able to say
Broken promises remain unfixed
Memories constantly replay

Good Morning All! Not quite sure where this one came from...Not really missing any one particular person...Maybe missing that feeling of love...Theses words to came to me and spilled onto the paper...It wasnt on my mind consciously...But it flowed directly from my heart...


Brian Miller said...

((jstar)) hope you are reminded today that you are loved, but i know what you are saying...

JStar said...

:) Thanks Brian!!! I DO feel very loved...I am actually very happy :) I truly have no idea where this one came from...Cuz I sure aint missing anyone right now lol

Just telling it like it is said...

I say ditto with Brian comment