Thursday, April 14, 2011



Spaces in between and out of time
Lost in thoughts absorbing the mind

Spaces where hours seem long
When you're tired of singing the same song

Spaces where words have no meaning
While each letter is hurtfully screaming

Spaces with no one to fill
Like your moving when you're lying still

Spaces where nothing matters
Talking tends to sound like chatter

Spaces that are crowded but empty
As is treatment with no remedy

Spaces that are deep and dark
Adding no fire to the spark

Spaces with endless faces
Depression provoked mind erases


Brian Miller said...

space can seem so vast and empty...this smacks of feeling alone to me...sorry jstar.

JStar said...

Yes Brian, alone in my own spaces...Kinda like my out of body experience...That "time" we take from time to time to get our mind and focus back on track...This was written from a dark place...But the great thing is I was able to snap right back out of it...Life dissapoints...

I even thought about not writing anymore...Wondering if anyone really even cares..But I cant stop writing...Its so natural

The Write Girl said...

I am glad you are out of that state. I know I've felt this way before. But you should always keep writing and expressing everything you are feeling. Keep the faith and God bless!!