Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Too Late

Too Late

Where were you when I really needed you
When I wasn’t sure what to do
I needed your kisses to comfort me
To be my referee
When war on me was being waged
To hold me tight when my spirit was enraged
To have my back when times were hard
Help me be more on guard
But these things I handled on my own
Strength to fight battles all alone
So, what do I need you for now
When discomfort you allowed
You haven’t showed me that you were on my side
Weren’t the one I could confide
You’re not worthy to be my mate
No room to step in now, you’re a little too late


Brian Miller said...

a little too late...i think to me this speaks of inattentiveness...

JStar said...

Very much sooo Brian...He didnt have time for me when I really needed him...So what gives him any right to step in now...

Dulce said...

Out he must go- off your life
Well written!

The Write Girl said...

I hope you received my comment but I'm not sure so I'll say it again: Beautiful poem. Hope the right man enters your life and blesses you immensely.

Carlus Wilmot said...

Hello, I love how you display your strengths within your poetry, the power of being a strong mature woman. I am so glad your beyond that poor me crap I read from others often. Love your work. Carlus