Friday, April 22, 2011

Thank You-Prayer

Thank You-Prayer

Thank you Lord for continously blessing our lives
Thank you for opening our eyes
To your promises and guarantees
Thank you for putting our troubles and worries at ease
Please give us strength to bear adversities
Fill us with the Word that accompanies
Your love and grace
Our hunger for your knowledge embraced
Thirst for your spirit overcomes
Guiding us to being the best we can become
Teaching us your Word as it empowers
Your glory and love continuously showers
Cleansing away our sins
Continue to walk with us as our journey begins
Help us overcome the devils constant attack
Fill us with the confidence we currently lack
Thank you again Lord for always having our back
Thank you for keeping our lives on track
Even when we thought we didnt have the strength to continue
Thank you for your love that always renews
Thank you Lord, Thank you
In Jesus name Amen

Good Morning All! Since it is Good Friday, I thought this would be fitting to repost...I just want to thank Jesus for his sacrafice so that we could be free! I hope everyone has a safe and blessed holiday!


Reggie said...

Very fitting, nice post.

Dulce said...

And thank YOu for this beautiful Good friday post... moving and holly

Brian Miller said...

this is a great repost...your gratitude is beautiful jstar! have a great easter!

The Write Girl said...

This is such a beautiful poem...I wish you a Happy Easter. God Bless.

Don said...

Beautiful post for me to read on this beautiful Easter Sunday.

Thanks for sharing, it must've been meant for me to read on this day.