Sunday, August 26, 2012


Captured by Poetically JStar on SoundCloud

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It seems like I have always known you, eventhough its only been a short while
I cant get you off my mind, each thought brings me the brightest sincere smile
I find a comfort with you that is unexplainable, everything just has this natural flow
Feeling like I have been unexpectidly been struck by cupids arrow
Throughly enjoying each moment of our given time
You are my muse, giving me inspiration for each bar and line
You make me want to take another chance
Wanting to pursue the heights of this romance
In this short time you have completely swept me off of my feet
When the time is right wanting to tell the whole world, no longer being discreet
Unable to shake this just knowing feeling
Only time can determine if love is revealing
You are someone that I have always searched for
Standing way above any other, giving so much more
Our connection and passion was instantaneous
Our lust has proven to be very dangerous, hoping this remains continuous
Above our heads the stars are shining so bright
But taking our time trying to get this one right
These overwhelming feelings are very true
I already know what I want and its only you
Riding the waves of this rapture
My full and undivided attention you have captured
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Saturday, August 25, 2012

Stars Glow

I am the addict and you are my drug of choice
Feigning to connect to the sound waves of your voice

Heightening my senses causing the stir of emotions
Like riding the rippling waves of the ocean

Craving to feel your fingertips feathering across my skin
Absorbing the pulsating beat of your heart deep within

Wanting to taste the kiss of your lips and each motion of your tongue
Creating the beats to our melodies and words to our songs yet to be sung

Your arms holding me tight, never wanting to let go
The moons face smiling back at us while we feel each stars glow

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Friday, August 24, 2012

Visions of You

I see you watching me, watching me…
Watch you
Barely able to open my eyes
Engulfing the visions before me
Embracing each second of this moment
Captivated by my view
Our facial expressions reveal
The feelings being felt so clearly to see
This star is crying tears
Of immense joy with each stroke
Begging you daddy please
Never take it out
Wanting more and more
Of these feelings your intensity evokes
Your name in your ear louder and louder I shout
Niagara’s flow on your lips I pour
Shaking uncontrollably
Body completely limp
Tasting your release
Within my soul
Satisfactions displayed visibly
I see you watching me, watching me...
Watch you

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Mental Stimulation

Mentally massaging the brain stems in my frontal lobe
Into my thoughts and feelings you so gently probe
Stimulating my mind in ways never before penetrated
Searching every detail for the previously unstated
Discovering the secretly hidden uncharted pathways
Tucked away desires you revelry graze
Mental attraction exceeds the obvious physical attraction
Tantalizing foreplay through only verbal interaction
Wanting to know even more, each and every piece that makes you, you
Enjoying every second of this daily and constant pursuit
Never too much to say in our honestly riveting conversations
Reaching the depths sea of mental stimulation

Wednesday, August 1, 2012


Expectations reserved for later dates
Allowing whatever is meant to naturally create
Enjoying the present time spent
Following the trails scent
Not sure where it is leading
Or even worried about superseding
Nonetheless a friendship is being built
Without lies or preceding guilt
Even after years, I still feel the passion of our kisses
Now secret daily glances and chances of near misses
Conversation intrigues a deeper curiosity
Attractions measured in their velocity
Sitting across from each other on the train
Normal cool unable to maintain
Smiles and blushing clearly display
Undeniable flirtatious foreplay