Saturday, August 25, 2012

Stars Glow

I am the addict and you are my drug of choice
Feigning to connect to the sound waves of your voice

Heightening my senses causing the stir of emotions
Like riding the rippling waves of the ocean

Craving to feel your fingertips feathering across my skin
Absorbing the pulsating beat of your heart deep within

Wanting to taste the kiss of your lips and each motion of your tongue
Creating the beats to our melodies and words to our songs yet to be sung

Your arms holding me tight, never wanting to let go
The moons face smiling back at us while we feel each stars glow

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I think I felt that that.

Brian Miller said...

a little bit of magic in that kinda addiction....

Reggie said...

You are gifted with the ability of turning a phrase well JStar.

JStar said...

Thank you all! This definately feels like magic!