Sunday, August 26, 2012


It seems like I have always known you, eventhough its only been a short while
I cant get you off my mind, each thought brings me the brightest sincere smile
I find a comfort with you that is unexplainable, everything just has this natural flow
Feeling like I have been unexpectidly been struck by cupids arrow
Throughly enjoying each moment of our given time
You are my muse, giving me inspiration for each bar and line
You make me want to take another chance
Wanting to pursue the heights of this romance
In this short time you have completely swept me off of my feet
When the time is right wanting to tell the whole world, no longer being discreet
Unable to shake this just knowing feeling
Only time can determine if love is revealing
You are someone that I have always searched for
Standing way above any other, giving so much more
Our connection and passion was instantaneous
Our lust has proven to be very dangerous, hoping this remains continuous
Above our heads the stars are shining so bright
But taking our time trying to get this one right
These overwhelming feelings are very true
I already know what I want and its only you
Riding the waves of this rapture
My full and undivided attention you have captured
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Reggie said...

Very nice JStar, very nice indeed.

JStar said...

Thank you Reggie :-) I am glowing with joy!

Brian Miller said...

not a bad way of getting caught at know...smiles...really nice jstar

Big Mark 243 said...

This was a gem of a poem!! Good, good stuff!!

Miss Daja said...

When this feeling happens, you know you've been captured! Ahh I love it.

Glad to see you're still writing doll.

Sincerely Daja