Thursday, January 23, 2014

Be my muse

Inspire the words of my poetry's rhyme 
Giveth me those oh so special times
Where I hang onto each moment, each second and hour
Make me bloom like the freshest gardens flower
Dance with me in the rain
Hold my hand while the world around goes insane
Make love to me like no other can
Walk with me along the oceans sand
Force my tears away by bringing me the worlds brightest smile
Spend quality time with me making each moment worthwhile 
Show me constant affection and attention
Your name my lips only mention
Be the inspiration of random thoughts of you in my mind 
Of the way our hearts so gracefully intertwine
Demonstrate the depths of your love for me
Open my eyes to new visions my soul can see
Give me reasons to need you 
Wanting to hold you and only desiring you 
Make my soul yearn for your touch
And each moment not in your presence make me miss you ever so much
What we have within each other never wanting to lose
Be my now and forevers muse