Saturday, December 1, 2012


Just being in the presence of your essence sends electric tingling sensations liquidating each one of my pores

Even before your touch an influx of vibes bursting the rush of my excitement floating in my own sea-like shores

Your kiss gravitates me to elevations of our naturally created utopia where we are the only two in existence

Undeniably breaking down and eliminating the trenches of any form of persistent resistance

Feverishly panting as sweat beads on my forehead form like an addict you are my new drug of choice

Sexy whispers sing melodies to my ears pulling me into your trance controlling me with the tone of your voice

Drunken by the scent released in the creases of your neck as your pheromones hypnotize

Looking into your soul trapped in your eyes as your thoughts instantly paralyze

Your finger tips gently feathering each inch of my skin has my natural flow pulsating

My eyes close as you enthrall in the visions of your touches affect leaving me captured as your drug has me sedating

Your lips caressing my clit while your tongue circulates each crevice thirst quenching as you drink from me

Heightened senses causing uncontrollable muscle spasms as to you I release all of me

Returning the favor with tongue swirls and tickling glides up and down in gentle rhythms as you gasp for air

Tasting the salt from your warmth trickle as explosions erupt leaving nothing to spare

Feeling your width expand to the walls of my innermost depths reaching the end of my rainbow to my buried treasures of gold

Our heartbeats in sync as breathless moans increase with each flip and turn of new pleasures unfold

The strength of your hardness has pulses convulsing in repeated orgasmic fires igniting

Splashing in and out of my wetness while my walls tighten persisting another release even more inviting

Pinching my nipples and massaging my clit with each stroke causing the inevitable chain reaction

Louder gratifications escape our lungs emerging mutual eruptions in a unison of lust filled satisfactions