Wednesday, June 29, 2011


I remember
The first moment I felt you growing in my stomach
When I first laid eyes on your beautiful face
I still remember the first time you smiled
You learning how to hold your bottle
As well as crawling and then walking

I remember
The silly games we would play
The singing and dancing
And making crazy faces
Playing dress up and tea time
But hide and go seek was your favorite

I remember
Your first day of Kindergarten
And you forgetting to get off the school bus
The first picture you drew me of those spiders
All of your artwork I still have to enjoy your growth
The field trips to the pumpkin farm

I remember
Preparing you for your eight grade dance
And your transition to high school
Homecomings and track meets
Your first boyfriend and breakup
Now your first love and senior prom shopping

You have graduated high school
And heading off to college
You have just turned eighteen
And learning how to drive
Making me proud to be your mother

I wish
Nothing but the best for you
Although life is far from easy
You are a smart and strong young beautiful woman
And have the world right in front of you to enjoy to the fullest
Just know I will always be here for you, no matter what

Hello All! Today is my oldest daughters 18th birthday and I wrote this for her today...

Friday, June 24, 2011

Eye Gazing

Eyes deeply gazing, glossing and glowing
Sparking a green and brown combination
Peeking through my lashes
Clearly displaying the love pouring out of my heart and soul
My smile is relaxed yet sincere
Feeling secure and safe releasing my heart to you
Comforted by the support of your lap beneath my head
Facially expressing a woman happily in love

This poem was attempting to reflect the look in my eyes and how I was feeling at that particular moment in time.


I am testing out this new blogger ap from my android :) this wil make me not have any exuse to neglect my blog! I haven't been able to put together a whole poem lately but have posted random thoughts on my facebook. I will have to change that really soon

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Two Becoming One

Butterflies fluttering, tickling within
Chill bumps forming
Feathering across my skin
Forehead kisses trailing
Along my neck to the smalls of my back
Anticipation unveiling
Closed eyes, colors fading to black
Feeding off of senses
Sensuality liquidating
Whispers of tongues dispense
Ecstasy naturally sedating
Emotions intertwine
Timeless seconds sung
Love redefined
Two becoming one

Good Morning! This is my attempt to capture the beauty of love making...tastefully...

Wednesday, June 15, 2011


Your love is like a breath of fresh air
Making my senses alert and aware
In love with the way you love me
And rest assure my hearts plea
Healing my past pains
Finding that love inside that still remains
Teaching me how to let go and allow love in
Kissing my tear drops that flow within
My doubts and insecurities slowly disappearing
Heartache no longer fearing
Commitment standing above
Regardless, I will be loved

The last line is from Maroon 5, She Will Be Loved-One of my fav songs...I think its my favorite because I have desired to be loved for so long that I almost thought it wasnt possible...

Thursday, June 9, 2011

CONGRATS Tanaesha!

Congrats to my babigirl for graduating High School yesterday :) I am so proud of her! I know I have to let her grow into the woman she is fastly becoming. Letting go and allowing her to make her own mistakes is the hardest of all! But I will ALWAYS be there for her to guide her on her journey! CONGRATS Tanaesha Lashaye Leak! Enjoy the best life has to offer!


PS: I have been having issues with blogger on commenting on a lot of my fav blogs, but I do want you to know that I am reading...Even if I am unable to comment...

Tuesday, June 7, 2011


Fairytales do not truly exist
Although sleeping beauty is awaiting to be kissed
Prince Charming will indeed disappoint
Hopes and dreams will of course disjoint
But that’s the realities of life
Take comfort in promises of the afterlife
There is happiness that can only be found within
Don’t allow the issues of the world to get under your skin
God can release your burdens and take all your pain
As well as give you the strength to sustain
This God-given joy cannot be taken unless you allow
Enjoy the here and now
And everything else will fall in its rightful place
Once you love you and give God control
You will feel peace in your soul
Remain smiling when your train derails
Knowing life is never a fairytale

Friday, June 3, 2011


I am grateful for my struggles because they have made me stronger
Even if that means I have to struggle a little longer

I am grateful because I have made it this far even if my steps are gradual
My goals I keep up front and center in my visual

I am grateful for all of my pain and heartaches because they have made me wiser
I now seek God for guidance as my only advisor

I am grateful for my tears and depression because they have made me thankful
And appreciative of the peace in my heart that has made me truly joyful

I am grateful for the love my daughters have shown
And my downfalls are lessons learned for not me alone

I am grateful for Gods continuous mercy and grace
Even when my actions were displaced

I am grateful for each and every blessing I have been given
And that my sins with prayer are forgiven

I am grateful for each day I awake
Having another chance to correct my mistakes

Good Morning All!  This was inspired by todays inspirational morning message from Steve Harvey this morning. Its a reminder to me that no matter what, I have reasons to be grateful...From the good to the bad...Because in the end, everything has a purpose....In that pains and hurt, we need to look harder to find the true blessing...

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Distant Mind

Loved ones seem so distant
Their love is being so resistant
They don’t even know
Because my sacrifices haven’t shown
Their voices seem so far away
Their hearts led astray
But I am still pushing on
Even if they notice me withdrawn
Mind racing in constant thought
My battles have already been fought
Focused on my goals
Worrying about only that I can control

Good Morning All! I wrote this one about my teenagers and that teenage-know-it-all attitude...I love my girls...but this is the time they start pushing away...I am there, as always...but allowing them to feel themselves for the moment...