Friday, June 24, 2011

Eye Gazing

Eyes deeply gazing, glossing and glowing
Sparking a green and brown combination
Peeking through my lashes
Clearly displaying the love pouring out of my heart and soul
My smile is relaxed yet sincere
Feeling secure and safe releasing my heart to you
Comforted by the support of your lap beneath my head
Facially expressing a woman happily in love

This poem was attempting to reflect the look in my eyes and how I was feeling at that particular moment in time.


Brian Miller said...

nice...i can see it without seeing the pic...what a love filled look...

Ella Blue said...

Love it!

Freckles said...

Looking into love is wonderful. I am so with you J. I miss you btw.

Mr. Writer said...

Nothing like love...there is no greater feeling.