Thursday, June 16, 2011

Two Becoming One

Butterflies fluttering, tickling within
Chill bumps forming
Feathering across my skin
Forehead kisses trailing
Along my neck to the smalls of my back
Anticipation unveiling
Closed eyes, colors fading to black
Feeding off of senses
Sensuality liquidating
Whispers of tongues dispense
Ecstasy naturally sedating
Emotions intertwine
Timeless seconds sung
Love redefined
Two becoming one

Good Morning! This is my attempt to capture the beauty of love making...tastefully...


Brian Miller said...

snort. i may have been a little less eloquent today in mine...smiles. but yours is very sensual and alluring...

1manview said...

Enjoyed this Jsatr. It was love making instead of straight out sex. Alluring indeed... I think I shall ty this style on my second blog...